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  1. Pretty much the same reasons for me.
  2. I also have that one. 2 years so far, so good. Had terrible luck with Colemans. They just rotted out too soon.
  3. Great, I can't wait. As long as I can tow with it.
  4. Good, they'll just need more power plants to provide all that free electricity.
  5. Man, the stuff you guys put up with.
  6. It will be law by the end of the year.
  7. There are much better options than that.
  8. I'm glad that I have California out of my system. Lived there for 7 years while in the Navy. One other thing, A lot of "new" Texans are California re-plants. They will do the same thing to Texas that was done to California. Texas is on the decline now. The only problem that I see about the magazine law is when I do visit there, which will only be after National Carry passes soon, is that I will need to find 8 round mags. That's the only impact I see.
  9. Big5er, again well said. My father (WW2), my son and I are all combat vets. I have been tased and so has my son, who now is a highway patrolman in MO. As with my son, PTSD for him was due to guilt of not being able to save some of his guys in Afgahnastan during his 2 tours there. He never hesitated to kill the enemy who was shooting at them. Alot of this has nothing to do about what happens to the enemy, but more about not being able to protect those dedicated at protecting you. A little hard to explain.
  10. Big5er, Could only add that I will and have protected my little dogs too. Shot a pitbull that came on my property and grabbed my dog. No hesitation here. Saved her life. I was also able to sue the pitbulls owner and won. In MA. of all places. National CCW is coming soon. It will pass even with many DEM's on board, especially from southern states. Why not, you can drive in every state and its not even a right. Cars have killed far more than licensed CCW holders.
  11. Stupid for not securing his gun. If only someone was carrying on the London Bridge last week or in all of the places where bad guys know are gun free. I will always carry! Soon we will be allowed to carry legally in every state. Bad guys do target remote places, so protect yourself. Bad guys will never give up their weapons. EVER! I got it, call 911 you'll be all set, Right?
  12. Might as well buy some more "gigs" for all of the future updates from Microsoft. They're constantly having them.
  13. A-10's are the reason my son is still with us. Several times over.
  14. Can you put the 303 on tires?