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  1. Ok we got it! Jacks down, break on. Thanks for the tips and safe travels
  2. Ok assume everything is working right. And I don't understand how to turn the keys, parking break, Jacks down. Can some tell me all the steps to operate the slides? I'm thinking I am missing a simple step!
  3. If anyone is passing through Missouri on hi way 70 in a medium size rig looking for electric only wooded site for the night this month stop into Graham Cave SP and ask for Lois and George
  4. I assume a kitchen slide would be hwh since that is what the Jacks are.
  5. I had it running. Is there an unlocking switch? ¥
  6. New 05 33' Hurricane with kitchen slide and bedroom slide. The salesman opened them when he sold me the unit! Now I can't figure out how to open them. I have a key, battery is up and break is set! But they don't work? What am I doing wrong?
  7. Pictures are worth a thousand words!
  8. Nope
  9. I have been to two BLM offices and found neither to be very helpful. Maybe because the maps they sale have colored splotches on them, and I am color blind. Or that the map is not pointing to spots, as in x marks the spots. And going up to gates that are closed and going in! In Missouri you get shot doing such things. I guess because it is so hard to actually find the spots is why fellow campers are so secretive about ones they do find. As for myself I have a map on my web site that shows some of the beaches and free spots we have been too over the last few years. And if anyone has questions about any spots we been too, all they have to do is write with questions. I am an open book.
  10. My interest was to find secondary road maps with out the confusion of Interstates all over the place. I have discovered that if I avoid the Interstates with the GPS she will may times take me down farm roads that I might of other wise avoided. I'm looking for a quick look map to discover more roads like US 54, US 71, US 67 US 50 or US 90. I would suppose these roads would be called Truck Routes. Good roads just not Interstates. And yes I can continue to pick my way over an a map on my own but I think am looking for a Hwy Map that is pre Interstate HWy?
  11. MY Bolts are in the door itself. The hand and linkage are good at the center. But it seems I may have to pop off end of door to gain access to the bolt. My bolt mechanism look like the ones on the link you displaced but my assemble is buried in the door frame.
  12. 2000 Itasca plastic basement door bolts wont move. Tried oil, is there a spring? How do you get the bolt assembly out?
  13. Looking for a map of us with non interstate routes?
  14. Ok so they turn the engine around do the cars run up and down the mountain in the same direction? What side of the car is the valley side and is that the same case up and down the pass?
  15. IM looking for BLM sites on HY 54 in NM. Would appreciate GPS Co-ordinates for locations that can handle a 40' rig....