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  1. Looking for email contact with the Moosehorn NWR! Interested in a couple months there and what duties they have and amenities they offer?



    Thanks in advance

  2. IMO Photo Bucket is using the same tactic as Ransom Ware! I will personally find another way to add photos to my blog.
  3. bayou signet state park
  4. Anyone been to this park? Looking for some incite to what to expect here?
  5. I find State Parks reluctant to sign us up a year in advance!
  6. We call full timing in our old motorhome " The Halfway House between conventional living and the Old Folks Home" !
  7. Found our way to Graham Cave SP and deep in a Missouri Woods, in the spring time. Reviews on this park talk about the highway noise here but after being in the deserts of west Texas the frogs out do the highway! Park is geared toward medium size rigs and has a lot of tree issues for those that are not sure of their clearances. Several trails here for hiking. Read More:
  8. Ok we got it! Jacks down, break on. Thanks for the tips and safe travels
  9. Ok assume everything is working right. And I don't understand how to turn the keys, parking break, Jacks down. Can some tell me all the steps to operate the slides? I'm thinking I am missing a simple step!
  10. If anyone is passing through Missouri on hi way 70 in a medium size rig looking for electric only wooded site for the night this month stop into Graham Cave SP and ask for Lois and George
  11. I assume a kitchen slide would be hwh since that is what the Jacks are.
  12. I had it running. Is there an unlocking switch? ¥
  13. New 05 33' Hurricane with kitchen slide and bedroom slide. The salesman opened them when he sold me the unit! Now I can't figure out how to open them. I have a key, battery is up and break is set! But they don't work? What am I doing wrong?
  14. Pictures are worth a thousand words!
  15. Nope