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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRHiWyCIvpE
  2. Stainless is part of the problem with the price! It is also too tall for my installation.
  3. I have never been in the desert before. Humidity is from 10 to 20 present. My air conditioner does a good job but there is no water dripping out of it?
  4. Is there long term full hook ups at Big Bend If so how much? And what locations?
  5. I for one and I'm sure I am the only one would not have four down! Many reasons, I wont start a food fight here, but one thing I like is I can simply buy a new front wheel drive car and not suffer with more modifications.
  6. Its like a 32" flat screen, not very heavy at all. Want to be able to let it down a couple foot!!! Looking for some ideas....
  7. I have taken out my huge old TV over the dash and mounted a wall mount Flat Screen. Now I would like to find some ideas to create the ability to pull that TV down into eye level when setting. Any Thoughts?
  8. Not the water. The last two hoses I have bought both smelled and tasted bad. I am guessing I am buying too cheep. This last "Drinking Water" hose from Lowe's, I'm sure even plants would turn up there noises at it.
  9. I bought a white hose from Lowe's that says RV Water Hose. It smells and taste bad. I also bought a yellow hose form Walmart that also smells and taste bad. What am I doing wrong?
  10. Is the bus an option once on the ride or do we have to say the bus up front?? Does the bus cost more?
  11. We want to get on the round trip on May 8th. Can we just walk in and get tickets? Is it a slow time of year? Can we get tickets a day or two in advance? If we have to make a reservation how do we know where we want to sit? What type of car? If we don't make it can we get another date or money back? And help here would be appreciated?
  12. Lois has found a recipe for cooking Cactus!! So the way I figure it we can survive here in the desert for a very long time. Because every bush seems to have thrones on it. Hueco Tanks is a very different place from anywhere we have been. The Rangers here at the park are very knowledgeable about plants and animals, and they love to show and tell. Read more:
  13. We are headed out the end of the month form El Paso up the west side of NM and CO to the north west corner of UT. I am hoping someone might email me with some exact GPS quadrants for spots along my route. homelesshartshorns@gmail.com If anyone is interested in such spots on the Texas Coast I have some to offer! PS: Im looking for spots I can get a large motor home in and out of.
  14. Good point!
  15. On my Class A 37' do I want mud and snows? Back in the day I used steering tires on a tractor to find out that they wore out faster than mud and snows. I assume steering tires all around would be better traction for wet roads! But off road I would need mud and snows? I assume there rougher riding but last longer? Any thoughts?