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  1. Same. Only drive monthly for a 55 mile loop. JohnnyB
  2. The names can be confusing. RV Armor is applied outdoors without removing the AC Units. RV Flex Armor is installed on our 45' Rig and is simply amazing. Best roof for the money, Hands Down. The cost runs about $180 per linear foot and includes all aspects of the installation. Had ours done in Green Cove Springs, FL near Jacksonville, FL. JohnnyB
  3. Our 2014 Truckers Atlas lists I-10 and I-45 intersection as 13'6". This may be out of date? We verified with a Truck Driver in 2014 and decided to take the 610 Bypass around Downtown. JohnnyB
  4. Is the bridge that was 13'6" fixed in downtown?
  5. Well, Desert Trails it is. Thanks, JohnnyB
  6. Folks, Looking for recommendations on Tuscon RV Resorts. My wife and I enjoy nice places with nearby outdoor recreation. Hiking, Running, Mountain Biking. Would enjoy your inputs. Thanks, JohnnyB
  7. Go to the HDT forum and you'll see what others have done for their rigs. HDT's are far safer for traveling than Class 7 or Pickup Trucks. And sometimes less expensive. Good luck. JohnnyB
  8. This is a thread I started while investigating this company. Please give them my name, John Bruns, as a Referral. Thanks, JohnnyB
  9. Wow. Great ideas. I like having a spare water pump also. Thanks, JohnnyB
  10. That is an interesting solution! Thanks
  11. Folks, Looking for recommendations for a portable water pump I can use while boondocking. It will be used to pump from 5 gallon bottles into my potable water tanks. Prefer 12VDC but other options possible. Thanks, JohnnyB
  12. Stay at Cherry Hill Campground. It is very nice and about 2 miles from the College Park Metro on the Green/Yellow Line.
  13. Nuke-E, Great presentation. I want you to do a Lithium Install on my ShowHauler when you have a solid and time-proven installation! This would be a great line of work for you! RV'er need your expertise. Thanks, JohnnyB
  14. Nuke-E, Please post your HDT Rally presentation. JohnnyB