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  1. When we farmed we only started the engine when we needed to. Some of our equipment was pretty old but still ran fine. I have read that the correct method to start a deisel engine that has not been used for awhile is to cutoff the fuel and crank it to allow the oil to circulate before starting it. I don't start our truck unless I am going somewhere. We have owned it for a number of years and the last time it was started it ran fine.
  2. Where we live professional help of any kind is usually hours away. In fact a few years ago someone broke into our garage and took a number of items from our boat. When I found it the criminal was long gone so the sheriff told me it would be a few days before someone would be in the area. A plan to protect ones family is a personal responsibility. That doesn't necessarily mean a gun if you are not willing and able to use it. I believe a gun may be more of a problem than a solution for some but nonetheless we are on our own. Waiting for a problem to devise a plan may not end well. Where we live guns are common and most have them. Many carry but most are not trying to be a hero and hope they never have to use a gun on another person.
  3. We title most of our assets in a partnership, including our cars. Our insurance is also in the name of the partnership and we are the drivers. We have used a few different insurers and never had a problem.
  4. Our Teton had a similar problem that made trying to fill the water tank very difficult. In our case the fill and vent were just inches above the tank. The fill was in the front and the water tank was in the rear over the axles. It helped to raise the front of the 5er before filling. I have since moved the water fill up on the side and this solved the problem but the low spot in the vent buried deep in the wall somewhere still gurgles.
  5. Our Teton came with LT tires. We have owned a number of 5ers after buying our first in 1988. I have had experience with both LT and ST tires and I avoid ST tires. I won't own another set. We have been using Michelin XPS Rib LT tires and we are on our 3rd set. The XPS Ribs have never failed us.
  6. ala0043, We are in Colorado but as others have stated any boat or fiberglass repair shop should be able to do it. RV and boat fiberglass repair is a common thing. The local shop also mixed some gel coat to repair a couple of dings on our boat fiberglass with a lot of gold flake. Last time I was there they were fixing a MH that was in a pretty serious accident.
  7. A good fiberglass repair shop should be able to repair this and match the gel coat very close to the rest of the trailer. The shop near us fixes RV's and boats and usually the repair matches and can't be easily detected. They mixed some gel coat for me that matched nearly perfectly. Unless you are looking for it it isn't easily detected.
  8. Most dogs are not mean and will not attack but there are a few. A few years ago a good friend was walking his hunting dog on a leash to his boat to go fishing. A dog ran out from beneath another RV and attacked his dog. The owner of the atacking dog along with others finally got this mean dog off of our friends dog. Our friends dog required 40 some stiches. After the vet our friend returned only to find the mean dog and it's owner long gone. We arrived the day after this so I didn't see it but he and I removed the stiches. I used to walk our dog nearly every day and I have encountered a few out of control dogs. Our dog was my cattle dog until we retired and was very well trained and would stay behind me on command. A dobbie came running at us through an open gate and I commanded my dog to get behind me. This dog obviously meant business. I slowly backed away talking sternly. Finally we got away. A couple of houses down a guy told me I was lucky. This dog had killed one dog and bitten a person. I have had a few other encounters so I now carry pepper spray and often a tool at my side. I have never had to use these but I am prepared if necessary.
  9. Thank you both for the suggestions. Using these he has already found one he is interested in.
  10. Our neighbor asked us to help him find a 4x4 camper van. He hopes to find something under $50,000. I don't t know where to direct him. Looking for suggestions? Any help you can provide will be appreciated.
  11. The exact wording in the first sentence here may be a little "technically" incomplete but the rest of this advice is consistent with my understanding. Often times to isolate a fault it is necessary to open both the hot and nuetral on each circuit until the fault is found. A nuetral or hot leakage to a ground on any circuit will trip a GFCI. Even if that individual circuit is not powered but the nuetral is connected. Electrical heating elements is where I have found many ground faults. Especially in RV electric hot water heaters. As John T stated a very small circuit fault is all that is needed to trip a GFCI.
  12. I am unable to figure the size of the air bag in the picture but it looks small. To obtain the best ride it is recommended to keep the operating pressure somewhere around 40 to maybe 70 psi. If more than that is needed a larger air bag or maybe a differ hitch might work better. At pressures above 70 psi the ride can be pretty stiff.
  13. When we tried to use the black flush on our new to us 5er it also didn't work. Turned out to be a clogged spray head in the tank. The tank had to be removed to get the spray head out as it was about an inch from the frame, with just enough room to connect the supply pipe. Hopefully your problem is simple.
  14. Denver and the Front Range is proclaimed by many to be the hail capital of the world. However there are only a few storms that produce damaging hail and more likely later in the year than during your trip. Could it hail, yes but not likely. This week rain is possible mostly from Tuesday through the end of the week and there is a slight chance of a little snow in the lower elevations based on the forecast. Most likely you will encounter some annoying rain but little else unless the forecast changes.
  15. It might be possible to remove the trailer saver and drill a hole in the plate under it if nothing else works. Typically the plate is 1/2" or thicker and that may provide the most secure mount and it should be close to the proper height. Most goose neck trailers have adjustable height hitches but some only offer limited movement.