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  1. I am not sure how the billing for out of network care works today but a few years I had to have out of network surgery. My insurance paid in network prices but the hospital charged the full rate without any discount. I was responsible for the difference. The bill was staggering. The surgeon's bill alone was $18,000! My neighbors son was told his share of the ER bill in the example I gave above is $4,000. I don't know what his insurance situation is. Another time I went to an in network surgeon and an in network hospital but the hospital assigned an out of network anesthesiologist. I didn't even know to check. Once again the insurance paid in network prices but the anesthesiologist charged full price. My DW's doc wrote her a prescription last year. The price was $13,200 a month. Even the insurance discount of nearly 50% left some huge bills for the insurance and us. Luckly we have found an alternative but the bill after discounts to the insurance is several hundred dollars a month. My experiences are somewhat limited but I think we need to find a way to rein in these costs. Insurance left to pay these kinds of bills can't be cheap under any plan.
  2. I don't see how medical insurance costs can be lowered substatially untill medical costs are lowered. I am sure most of us can quote many outrageous bills associated with fairly routine care and my neighbors story is the latest I have heard. His adult son dropped a pipe on his foot. He took his son to the ER. They x-ray ed his foot and told him it was broken in 2 places. They recommended he see a specialist. The bill for an x-ray and ER visit $4,000. The specialist he took his son to x-rayed his foot, manipulated the bones followed by another x-ray and cast for a total cost less than $300. Any insurance company paying ER bills like this will have to charge high rates.
  3. Colorado seems to rate pretty high but there are many area here where health care is limited. In fact people living in Park County do not have a doctor in the county. People need to drive an hour or more over high mountain passes to see a doc. During bad weather the roads may not be passable. While Denver has a number of health facilities. Location location.
  4. I had a similar problem before it just wouldn't start at all on the road. Turned out to be a bad battery cable. The cable had internal corrosion that was not obvious. New cables fixed the problem. Checking the voltage at the starter versus at the battery while trying to start finally pin pointed the problem.
  5. Some of the current and former politicians have suggested we need to spend around a trillion dollars to upgrade roads and more. There are about 242 million adults in the US. Those numbers show how much that is on a more personal basis.
  6. We had our mail forwarded and received a jury notice late. Called no problem. Then I received a jury notice for Federal District Court. For Colorado it is handled out of Denver which is 250 miles from our home. We were out of state again. They would not accept phone calls. Everything must be in writing. I checked residing in another state and included an explanation. They only provide a check one type of answer. I received a threatening letter followed by a letter excusing me.
  7. I built my attached garage with 14' walls so the roof matched the house. If I were to do it again it would be taller. Our 5er just fits if I open up the 13' door to absolute maximum. When we bought the latest 5er we had to pass on some because of height. The matching roof looks nice but a couple of feet would be much more pratical and probably look just fine. I also prefer 5.5" to 6" concrete with rebar.
  8. I pay for my food, I pay for my shelter, I pay for my cloths and my other expenses. As much as I would like someone else to pay for my insurance, I think it is everyone's responsibility to provide for themselves if possible. Why is insurance different?
  9. I have seen pipeline trucks used in some serious off road situations. As long as the front axle is not buried these trucks can be used if there is enough weight on the rear axle(s). A locking differential certainly helps. I have also wondered about wider front tires but I would also be concerned about handling. Our truck has 2 lockers and I have tried to move as much weight as possible to these axles. So far it has suprised me how well it performs in less than ideal situations. Generally it will pull our trailer about as well as 4x4's LDT's pull trailers in murky situations. Sometimes a lot better. In our case the truck is heavier than the Teton and I think that helps. As an example LDT's need to go to 4 wheel drive to back a 5er up our steep drive into our garage. The Volvo will back our 5er up the drive without locking the differentials or even the drive axles together.
  10. Each state is different. I may get flamed for this but relying on a cop may lead you down the wrong path. It did me a few years ago. The way we use HDT's is not a popular and a well understood use. Many cops are not familar with these laws. I was also misled by the drivers license people. You need to read and understand the laws for your state. Finally, once you know these laws many suggest you carry copies with you as these may help you avoid a ticket and the need to defend yourself.
  11. We have bought and sold items on Craigslist. Bought a RZR, chairs tools and more. Sold a 5er and a welder for example. Use caution as with any type of ads. If I am going to look at something I prefer to have another along. If I am selling I also like another along. If it looks iffy move on but usually it is just another wanting to buy or sell something. I prefer craigslist ads with pictures for buying and selling. When selling it is not uncommon to get some off the wall responses. I just ignore these as these are usually scams and be careful accepting any type of check. I dont accept checks.
  12. Your doctor may be able to help but many areas require a local doctor to oversee treatments. We move between a couple of areas but stay for extended time. We use local doctors in each area and they send notes back and forth. However, the local doctor oversees the treatment at each location and each makes slight adjustments. Our schedule is planned at least a month in advance so we can see the doctor as required before treatment begins in the new area.
  13. I sold a HDT a number of years ago and the bank was asking similar questions. My memory is not what wish but as I remember only some truck dealers had access to the NADA info for trucks. We finally got some info but it took a lot of digging. The bank completed that loan but said they would no longer loan on trucks for private parties. As others have said HDT loans are difficult.
  14. MrSeas, I don't use additives but I do oil samples evey other oil change. Oil analysis has been good. The misses are minor but I can hear it and it bugs me. Had the shop do an injector cut out test and it passed. A couple of years ago I removed the fuel filter and added Seafoam. That helped some so I guess the injectors may be a little dirty. I am going to try the oil and fuel additive.
  15. MrSeas, You asked about the oil I run in my Cummins. It is an ISX and I use Rotella T 15-40 dino. Why do you ask?