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  1. I also carry a 15' and 10' sewer hose. I also cary 35' and 2x 25' water hoses.
  2. Quality vs speed. Payroll will kill any company. So it is a fine line to get the quality that is wanted in a cost effective manor. Personally I think a lot of manufacturers are moving to fast and cutting corners. If they just slowed down a little bit, they would save a TON in warranty work. I would think that would even bring there costs down over all, even though they might be paying the factory workers a little more per unit.
  3. So your current slides do not have a rubber seal system to keep water out when extended? I will agree that it does help keeping debris off of the slide. I go up on the roof and blow that slides clean with an electric leaf blower before we pull them in for travel.
  4. I researched and looked into getting slide toppers. I opted not to install them. I have seen many of them flap in the wind and even people putting beach balls under them. Why are you looking into getting them?
  5. Mine so far is -102 to -108. But every location will be different. I test different places before I settle on a location. I get the best results with the sticker facing out.
  6. I bought a 110 volt adapter on eBay.
  7. It could be about confirming your identity. When I activated mine they had to see my drivers license. With so much fraud happening in today's world, they are just trying to protect themselves. My take on the situation.
  8. The store will more then likely know NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING about the $20 unlimited plan. You will more then likely have to call them from the store so they can walk the associate through some or all of the steps. Good luck as it can be frustrating process. Not like it is rocket science activating a hot spot.
  9. Was it not activated and ready to go out of the box? Especially if you got it from AT&T. But if it is not activated, call Connected Car, division of AT&T at 866-595-1222. 9 out of 10 that answer the phone know about the $20 unlimited plan. I activated mine by going to a corporate AT&T store and called Connected Car at the store.
  10. I agree. I did warranty work at Independent shops I worked at. They would pay us by credit card over the phone. A wiper motor should be an easy and quick replacement.
  11. I just got an email from AT&T saying, Same plan. Same data. More video. Stream Saver will enable you to stream more video on-the-go with your same data package. It allows video to stream at quality similar to DVD (about 480p)* so you can enjoy more of what you love on your smartphone or tablet. Best of all, Stream Saver will automatically be added to all eligible lines with qualified plans on your account at no extra cost, and you won't have to do a thing. Plus, you're in charge of Stream Saver — you have the control to turn it off or on at anytime. The choice is yours. Beginning this month, we will be turning on Stream Saver for the eligible devices on your account. We will let you know when Stream Saver is ready to use.Go to att.com/streamsaver for more information.
  12. http://www.goodsamclub.com/search-by-map/#latitude=44.579476931378785&longitude=-85.19124188202403&zoom=7&features=0&list=false
  13. I agree with you completely. If you are with in your GVWR, then you are good to go. My point was that a DRW handles much better and is more stable in corners then a SRW. I always would prefer to have to much truck. I have seen so many people give the advice of just put bigger, more load capable tires and air bags on the suspension and you will be fine. But driving skill and experience also play a factor also when handling/driving loads. On a side note, how many people do you think weigh there set up once loaded with there stuff to see what the weights really are and if there load is balanced?
  14. If you do your research on this, you will see many advantages of a DRW has over a SRW. I researched this when we went fulltime 2 years ago. DRW are more stable in the wind and around corners. As a going camping once or twice a year a SRW would be fine as long as you are in your GVWR ratings. But if you are full time and traveling with it all year, I would HIGHLY recommend a DRW. Your weight will be higher when going fulltime as you will need to carry a lot more stuff. I would hate to drive white knuckled fulltime. To me it is a piece of mind well worth the compromise. "but I really dislike going through the drive through, ATMs, parking in the city, etc, etc. It's just so darn wide." Just change your habits and walk in and get your food and cash. As far as parking, if you are getting the same chassis configuration they would both be the same length so parking a SRW crew 8 foot bed will be a pain to park in the city also. I just Park at the far end of the parking lot and walk a little more to go to the store. just my point of view. Best of luck.
  15. You must not watch much through the Firestick as steaming video eats up data FAST. I think at a rate of 1-2 gigs an hour depending on what you are watching it on, 1080dp, HD OR SD. I use 10-12 gigs a month just surfing and my wife with Facebook. I think I have used about 50 gigs so far with my Firestick in about 2 weeks. I'm not saying this to start a debate about what you use, but I just did not want the original poster of this thread to think he can stream and surf for a month on 8 gigs of data. Nov 6, 2014 - According to Netflix, using their “High” data usage setting runs through 3 GB per hour when streaming High Definition (HD) videos and 7 GB per hour for Ultra HD. The “Medium” setting only uses 0.7 GB per hour for a Standard Definition (SD) video