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  1. Heck no Kirk. Lizards around here can and do eat insects. Cats, dogs and any unwanted small kids! (Daughter has a bearded dragon and a cage full of live cockroaches. At meal time you first have to catch the cockroach to feed the lizard. That's fun). By the way. Our lizard is nolonger with us. I'm afraid he has passed onto greener pastures. Sniff. He was about 3ft long. Australian Waterdragon for those wondering what we are on about.
  2. A pet lizard would solve a lot of problems!!
  3. These threads make me wonder how the world worked when tow vehicles were much less powerful. Or maybe the hills have gotten steeper and our patience has gotten shorter!!! Semis may be slow up hills and we accept that. But an RV? We go all crazy. And what about that farmer in his old pickup tootling along the highway? Do we get mad and say he should be driving a 1 ton, 400hp pickup? Granny going to church at 30mph each Sunday. Do we get mad at her to? Or should we get mad at everyone who is not doing what we are doing? And on the flip side what about the 'loonies' doing 90mph towing a 45ft 5th wheel behind a 1 ton dually? Do we get equally enraged about going over the speed limit? As long as it's legal I think we should all calm down and take another patience pill. Now lets talk about the sanity of triple towing. regards
  4. Reality TV. Hmmm. I would be very careful about the what you see in any of them. (I have seen behind the scene in their making). Why would you live in a tiny house when for less money you could get a 'better' equipped, used, 5th wheel? Great dream but is it really sensible?
  5. Jimalberta it's only a 'silly question' for your chosen lifestyle. Many others may not see it that way. Being different is what makes us all 'different'! regards
  6. Lots of folks out there camping in tents! Albeit not fulltime. Think about those submariners and how they lived a 'smelly' life. But now they smell nice But I think if I tried to sell the idea of no shower/toilet to the better half I would be cut in half. There are lots of folk fulltiming in older van conversions. It's just a mater of how comfortable you would be in one. regards
  7. Go online and try the Progressive site. (They have an online quote facility). good luck
  8. A few more comments. Our compressor was a 12 volt Danforth. A high efficiency compressor is paramount. But there are many other ways you can help. Many manufacturers build the fridges into cabinet work. Fridges create heat and in those cabinets the fridge gets hotter and hotter and has to work harder. So ventilation is very very important. Our bus conversion was custom built for us. I designed it with the fridge in the center of the bus away from walls. The afternoon sun on the outside wall can be a real battery killer. If you are stuck with a fridge inside a cabinet and against a wall then do as much as possible to ventilate the cabinet. Then see how you can shade the outside wall where the fridge is located. Keep your fridge as full as possible. Full soda, or beer, cans will hold their temperature for a long time. Air wont. Put solid shelves in the fridge so it is harder for the cold air to 'fall' out of the fridge when you open the door. I could go on and on. It's a management issue as much as a technology issue. This is one of those situations where there is no silver bullet. It's a combination of a few degrees here and a few degrees there. regards
  9. FWIW we had a residential fridge in our bus conversion. The compressor had been replaced with a high efficient 12 volt compressor. I used to bent spoons 'stealing' ice-cream all year round!!! In reality you can choose any fridge. The trick is balancing the panels with the battery storage. Also keep in mind the huge variety of panels and battery types. There is no one answer as it will also depend on lights, fans, micro waves etc etc etc etc. regards
  10. I would rather repair a 'plastic' side then a aluminium one. I doubt there are even many folks out there that can even repair a 'tin' side!
  11. I went into one of the large box hardware stores and asked them to cut up a thick piece of ply into 12" x 12" squares. The layers in the ply help prevent splitting. And you can stack as many as you like under each jack.
  12. Some really nice parks in Maggie Valley. Close to everything!!! regards
  13. So. So if you have to put 'enough' water in to ensure a flush then wont you be filling the tank up earlier and thus ensuring you have to dump? Besides whats 'enough' water? I would never risk more than a few weeks. I've tried to flush a tank full of solidified $%%#@ and I'm telling you now a quick trip to the dump point is worth every minute spent there. Those bits and pieces never break down. They are suspended in the water. And sooner or later they will sell on the bottom of the tank. regards
  14. OK folks. I concede to your combined wisdom. However I've seen with my own eyes what can happen. regards
  15. Sorry folks. 'Stir' as in move around up and down the road. Not with a spoon!!!!!!! Take my word for it. In the hot weather it will soon solidify. regards