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  1. If it's of any consolation our sicks and bricks had a few water leaks as well. Required a complete make over of the entire roof. So it's not just an RV issue.
  2. Water leaks are never easy. Well ours weren't. Water can travel a long distance. Where it appears can be a long way from where it enters. Our last motorhome had a wet spot in an overhead cabinet. Was there for years before I found the source. Turns out it was a clearance light that had never been sealed. It was about 15 feet from where the leak was seen in the cupboards. My advice it to start high and work your way down. Look for the smallest pin holes where water can accumulate. Think about the most illogical place it could be and start there. regards
  3. There is the 'old' RV Ranch south of Burleson on I35W. Right on the interstate and noisy. It's now a Jellystone and mostly for weekenders. (Now has a waterpark and lots of cabins). We have stayed there a lot. On 67 just near Cleburne is RV Ranch. We looked at that a number of times but never stayed there. Looks ok as you drive by. regards
  4. Any hose will affect the water if the hose sits in the sun while full of water. You can use a green garden hose as long as the water is moving. So the question is - "is your hose sitting in the sun for long periods without water flowing through it?" Caution - I'm not saying use a garden hose. But water flow is key in many cases. regards
  5. We were there mid April last year. (13th - 19th). Couldn't get tickets for the 5 days were staying in Durango! Also check when the trains makes the through run to Silverton. It only goes halfway there and back in the off season. (May also be affected by snow depth etc). If it were me I would go there and back on the train. So much to see and if you are on the 'wrong' side going you may miss the best of the scenery. My advice is to book and book early. regards
  6. I only mention the 'privacy' issue as a 'maybe'. It 'maybe' covered in the terms of membership. I don't know. I'm just asking the 'what ifs'. regards
  7. SWharton this idea may well be a breach of privacy. "Since all our email addresses are available to them a broadcast email saying there was going to be a dramatic change would have minimal been appropriate." I maybe wrong but the inappropriate use of personal detail could be a problem with some folks. regards
  8. Kirk we have been stopped at the check point just west of El Paso a number of times. And we have been asked about guns and 'other' illegal items. Drugs. They do ask. Or at least they have asked us. They have also check passport details. Maybe it just us aliens! Question - Who is responsible for looking for drugs coming north? Law enforcement, boarder patrol, dept of ag? Just asking as it could well be a grey area. regards
  9. Yes I agree Barb. Communications is always key. But hindsight is a great teacher. I'm sure those responsible would love to have their time over. But you can't unscramble the egg. We ALL need to accept the change and make the best of it. Backward steps are never a great idea. regards
  10. Remember if you get too close to the Mexican boarder you will come across many boarder control check points. regards
  11. Kirk we have been through the 'boarder' check stations a number of times. As foreigners we always have some concerns. Most times we just wave our passports at them and they wave us on with a smile. Once we had oranges confiscated. (The good natured officer thanks us for his lunch!!). A couple of times we have been asked about guns etc. But the only time we have ever been searched was trying to cross Hoover dam in 2010. The officers are trained to spot suspicious behaviour. Act normal you are ok. (Maybe some folks better not act normal. ) regards
  12. Barb I understand some of the frustration. But I wonder how the membership could have been consulted. I'm not sure how many folks use this forum but I would bet everyone has a different opinion. I would have been a nightmare to 'consult' with members re any changes. As for instructions I have my doubts about that even. David Sand has been posting help yet some folks choose to still have issues. Besides how many people 'read' instructions and where would they have posted them? I'm a member of many forums. Many of them have changed over the years. All without the reaction I have seen here. I really wonder what those responsible would have done differently. (FWIW I was involved with a large RV club who found that a forum was simply too much work trying to keep everyone happy. So it was closed down. Don't let that happen here). Give them time. regards
  13. I also like it. Works for me exactly as it always has. Those who don't like change need to have a good look around. Television is now colored. Cars are better. They even have a thing called the internet. Those things, along with many thousands of other things, have all evolved through change. The world is always evolving. Maybe sometime too quick for some folks. But nonetheless change is inevitable. I'm positive those behind the change never sat around a table and figured out how to deliberately annoy the members. Their intent was for ALL of our benefit. Give them some slack and let them do any fine tuning that needs to be done. Read what David Sand is posting before jumping in with more issues. Keep in mind, it's always easier to criticize than create. regards
  14. Don't we all hate new shoes? Until we break them in. Give it a chance and see before being too quick to judge. regards
  15. If all the global warming folks have their way we will all be on bicycles so no need to worry about fuel. Or roads. Electric cars that will replace today's cars are still many many years away. There is no answer. Politicians will continue to kick the can down the road. Pun intended. regards