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  1. I'm actually sitting here chuckling...... only because I've done the same thing.....
  2. Are you sure the park pedestal had power? Many of the breakers I see for 20amp service on a Park hook up are turned off.
  3. LMAO...
  4. I was informed of the delivery method by e-mail..... "By the way, your check was mailed this morning"....... No option was given.... Next line was- Please send the address of your current RV so we can schedule a towing service to retrieve it" My reply given was, As soon as I have our money, I'll decide when you can pick up the RV.
  5. Nice!
  6. Check with Wholesale Warranties. Most people use the factory and component warranties the first year then buy the extended plan.
  7. Wasn't my choice.... believe me... That's why I'm trying to figure out how long it will take. Blue Sky and their underwriter do NOT have a wire transfer service either......
  8. Alright, people smarter than me... How long will it take a letter mailed in Akron Ohio to be delivered in Sioux Falls South Dakota? Assume that the letter was mailed- dropped in the outbox today. 3 days?
  9. On an FL60 you probably need to place the hitch over the axle or close to it. Most hitch plates run 47-48" off the ground.
  10. Our truck- 1998 610 Overall truck length with bed is 24'6" Wheelbase is 182" Our hitch -Center of Jaws- is located 39" forward from the rear of the bed or 11" behind the rear axle. We use our truck as a daily driver and it does fine for us. It can be cumbersome in small areas like the French Quarter New Orleans, but we managed.... Having driven and ridden in trucks with a little longer wheelbase 200-226", the longer wheelbase is smoother on rough roads.
  11. Head lifting device to remove cylinder head from block....
  12. Well, the good news is all the cameras and cabling came out with much issue. The bad news is one camera lost its connector inside the rear cap. When we get the new rig, I'll take the time to solder everything.
  13. I use ours all the time while in traffic. Our rear camera is mounted high on the back cap. With a 120* angle of view, when I can see the vehicle I passed in the camera, I have 6-8' clearance in front of you. The side mount camera's are great for backing in on the blind side, as well as seeing just how close to the curb the tires are rolling.
  14. DT(Mike)- Next week when we pick ours up I 'll get some dry- fresh from the dealer lot weights- and I'll pull measurements as well.
  15. Voyager is another good brand to look into.