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  1. Photobucket's business model depended on ad revenue for survival. It has been hugely popular with 40% of the market for picture hosting. Problem is, with the advent of ad blockers and 3rd party viewers, neither of which generate any ad revenue, their business model crashed as the vast majority of their users generated 0 revenue. They seem to be in survival mode. (Interesting that the company, located in Denver with only 60 employees, was bought by Fox Media for $250 million in 2007) I'm not condoning what or how Photo bucket reacted, but it is a sign of things to come to the thousands of other services with the same ad viewing dependent business model. Interesting article on Yahoo Finance: It can be tempting to write off this sad saga as one company’s mismanagement. But Photobucket isn’t the only smaller site to find that online ads don’t yield enough revenue while, as the music-sharing site SoundCloud just reported, subscriptions don’t cover their bills either. Not all of these sites will be so easy to blame for their fates. ( https://finance.yahoo.com/news/big-lesson-learned-photobuckets-ransom-images-debacle-191026772.html ) Unfortunately, Google also got their business model challenged. The recent Google debacle over Adsence and Utube advertising cost Google in $1 Billion in lost ad revenue overnight (Google retains 40% of that) which is a $400 million hit to Google's revenue stream (And a $600 million hit to revenue available to Utube content providers). It's that revenue stream that funds things like Google Docs & Google Spreadsheets on which I depend for the operation of our business. I'm waiting for Google to start a "Premium Service" or some such to drive some predictability in their revenue stream. In the meantime, we back-up to a local drive extremely frequently all data retained in online companies that are based on the free model. It really is a shame as Google has been a huge innovator of online services. I only hope they can continue funding all their unique ideas for new services.
  2. IInteresting statement. What is meant by "really do live there", There are 250,000 RVrs that don't really live where their permanent address says they do and many selected their domicile for tax reasons.
  3. Free is still Free. Doesn't work - dump it. If it does - your ahead.
  4. I saw those pics and that's when I tried to open the Mobly - I took out the 2 screws but the case didn't separate easily & I didn't want to force it. I have the antenna and short cable that will plug into the circuit board connector. Now that Mobly's are available again, when my spare get's here I'll try again a bit more forcefully. I want to drill a small hole in the case so I can access that connector.
  5. Have you tried to open the Mobly to access that connector on the circuit board? I tried but the case didn't separate easily and hesitated to force it given how scarce replacements are at present.
  6. Good point - maybe it's time to buy and put away a spare while these originals are still available.
  7. What about gas engines? I've seen people at rest areas sleeping with their engines idling to keep the dash a/c running for 6 and 8 hours. What damage are they doing?
  8. I tried to get that plan out of area at an AT&T store. The salesman tried everything but their system would not allow him to sign me up as my address was not in one of the approved states. He said I may have more luck signing up online as they have more control in overriding the system. He admitted it may be a "crap shoot".
  9. What signal strength do you show - mine averages ~ -112db (-107 to -119)
  10. Don't be too quick to judge - OP never would state what the root cause of problem was.
  11. Sprint's free year of unlimited data -- what's the catch? No, it's not a joke, but it is a limited promotion. Here's how you can get access to the deal. https://www.cnet.com/news/sprints-free-year-of-unlimited-data-whats-the-catch/
  12. I have one of the same power supplies. My Mobly was dropping internet connection constantly requiring reboot. Sometimes as often as after 10 minutes, other times it went for days without problems. I had made up a spare power supply so changed supplies. Lo and behold problems went away. The only thing I can surmise is that these cheap 12V power supplies are just a capacitor dropper with a bridge rectifier and some smoothing capacitors and the power supply became very noisy screwing up the Mobly. Anyway, if you are having problems, it's a quick and easy check/fix.
  13. What is the port on the side of the Mobly for? (Under the sticker) It appears to be a Micro USB but I tried to plug a Micro USB cable into it and it was a no-go (at least easily) and I didn't want to force it. If it is a Micro USB, can it be used to connect the Mobly to a router like a WiFi Go or Cradelpoint?
  14. Thanks BlueLightning for the separate router idea - I fired up my old WiFiRanger Go and connected the cameras through it. Worked flawlessly. The cameras could also be set up to connect directly to any of the available WiFis including directly to the Mobly, So if anyone runs into this problem, you just have to borrow a WiFiRanger Go for a few minutes to get the cameras set up and talking directly to the selected WiFi source. I decided to keep the WiFiRanger Go running and everything connecting through it as it eliminate that darned 5 device limit of the Mobly. (And didn't affect my speedtest results.)
  15. Reviewer on Amazon said Mobly supports WPS but undocumented. Anyone figured out how to trigger WPS on the Mobly? (I have a couple IP cameras that require an ethernet connection to link to router to get set-up then they can be disconnected and run wireless or they can use WPS - Since Mobly has no ethernet ports - WPS connecting should work. Or. as an alternate, Anyone know hot to use the ethernet port on a laptop as a pass-through to the Mobly - I tried plugging the cameras into the laptop and configuring that way without success.