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  1. You tell then Henry! Go Henry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I wonder if part of the problem with gas refrigerators not working good is while traveling the ref is not level due to the crown of the road.would this be enough to not cool at max. While traveling the other day at 90 outside temp my brand new dometic 8 cf started at 34 degrees and by 6 hours was up to 45 degrees. Same story as my 98 class a. Nothing has changed. I wish I had not let the salesman talk me into a dometic when I wanted a 9 cf 120 refrigerator.
  3. Why not just go back to a pup tent. That would save a lot of money also. Henry makes a great and very robust hitch that has been tried and tested.
  4. Big5er is right on. The law can help protect you but in reality they write the report after the fact. We have a duty to try to protect ourselves and our property so there report is shorter. It is like people who don't lock there doors should not complain when they get robbed.
  5. Has anyone ever needed quick repair work on a quadra? If an install is that far out how far out is repair? I "used to have" a motorhome with a leveling system failure. When I called for service they said they would get back to me. When the slide is out that doesn't work. Just wondering about quadra.
  6. On Monday I went from Ogallala,ne to Grand Island Nebraska. I saw three seperate rigs on I 80
  7. Congratulations!!! We love our 630!
  8. Two motorhomes and one fifth wheel on craigs list. Last monaco executive on rvtrader. Just do your homework on how to transact the money. I would say if you are consigning you are not getting top dollar so when you list it yourself get real on the price you want. It will sell if the price is right. I also had a bill of sale that states sale is AS IS and that they need insurance as of sale.
  9. I agree with Phil, why have all the extra connections to fail. Something so simple then complicate it??????
  10. You should check racinjunk.com and horse trailer world. I got mine from horse trailer world with a herren built bed. All I had to do was add a fifth wheel ET hitch. The horse and race guys use these trucks also so a good place to look.
  11. Some where on this forum is a person that had his Volvo done for about $2500 plus programing in Sioux Falls,SD
  12. One thought on the 1 ton vs the HDT truck. I think most of us HDT people have pulled a fifth with a 1 ton or 3/4 ton truck. I would suggest that those that have not driven a HDT would do so. There is a reason we pull our rigs with a HDT. It is not ego BUT safety power,better ride etc. As far as getting around I can get any where a 1 ton duelly can get,
  13. RV manufactures would never suggest an HDT they just want the RV out the door and never see it again.
  14. If north of KC I would go to Lincoln,NE , take HWY 2 to the right on down to I 29 then south. A little congested traffic in Lincoln but nothing like Denver. All 4 late highways. Goodluck.
  15. I would stay on I 80 until york,Ne then south to I 70. All 4 lane roads. I would not go through Denver period. You did not say exactly where in the Kansas City are you were going but if it is north of KC theer is a different route to take.