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  1. I think we were all dreamers thinking the government could fix health insurance. They can't even but a bolt for an air plane at a good price. Have you ever sold a product to the federal government just before fiscal year end? If they have money left in there budget the will but anything instead of trying to save money. In the last six years my premium has doubled and my deductable went from 5000 to 12000. If you think going for the ACA and exchanges is the answer it is not. When you get money from the government to pay your premiums who do you think that money comes from. WE the people. $20 trilion in debt and counting. The result is any time the Federal Government gets involved cost skyrocket and efficentcy goes down. Sorry for the rant!!!!!
  2. I have a 2014 Volvo 630 and a 2000 Ford F350 SRW power stroke. My wife says she likes WAY more to ride in the Volvo. Quieter and more visibility. A lot smoother than our previous 2005 MDT Freightliner.
  3. I got ems 50 on our new fiver. You can tell voltage of both legs at a glance. Knowing that no funny things can get in the electrical system is a plus. Would no be without.
  4. I carry a copy of the state statute that defines what my truck is required to have in order to be registered as a motorhome. I carry a copy of the CDL drivers license book that specifically show I am exempt from a CDL. In that book I have all copies of work done to the truck.
  5. Well I have owned all three versions. 1. 2000 7.3 PSD f 350 single 2. 2005 FL sport truck 300 HP Cat ROUGH ride and not much more power than PSD 3. 2014 Volvo 630 425 HP I just returned from Milwaukee to central Nebraska pulling my loaded 8000 pound car trailer with my 2000 Ford PSD into a headwind. It done the job ok but I sure wished I was in the Volvo. By the way the fuel usage was only 10.8 MPG. Conclusion was all will do the job but the HDT Volvo is sure nicer
  6. My NH fifth is 13'3". That is if your approach is level. Mine has some slope which makes the start of entry a little close so I would go at least a 14 " door minimum. I do not know why contractors want to go with 4" concrete. The labor to formup 4 or 6 inch slab is the same just a little more concrete. This is something that should last many years if done right.
  7. For those on the road full time and no home base no problem. In Nebraska where my home base is Law LB 851 states vehicles registered in out of state LLC are required to register them in Nebraska where your home base is. I don't think this is a problem until you live across from a highway patrol like our local county assessor did. OOOPS! Then a 50% penalty is imposed if them catch you. Better check your local state laws as I don't think most out of state lawyers will know every state law. Good luck but lets save paying taxes if it is legal.
  8. Bought and sold the last two MH , fifth wheel and FL toter. It works. Remember the goal is to get a good deal when buying so when selling if you want high book it probably won't work real well. Isn't much different than buying from a dealership as most aren't known for get honesty.
  9. I might be wrong but my understanding is insurance companies have an obligation to replace your totaled vehicle with one of like kind,age etc. When it is not totaled is when it can get dicey. This is why a accurate stated cash value vs replacement cost should be close.
  10. Follow up to the 1500 truck. I had a 2010 dodge ram 5.7 hemi 4x4 pulling a lightly loaded 4 wheel uhaul trailer. Boy did it have the power to pull. I was pulling up the west side of the Eisenhauer tunnel from Vail,co.If you have a transmission temp gauge like I had you would realize everything was not going as good as you thought. I can,t remember the temp but buy the time I was 3/4 way up the trans temp was rising rapidly. I got over with just high temp but I always wounder what the trans temp would have been If I had gone over loveland pass? Point is just because the numbers work without some monitoring and common sense things can get hotter than they should. Just a thought.
  11. I might be wrong but if the rig is not over 26000 pounds no CDL required. I doubt a 32 footer will weight 26000.
  12. Are your rims rated for the extra capacity. Just because you have heavier tires does not mean your rims can handle the load.
  13. Back in the day I ran a p-30 chevrolet step van. Total weight was 14000 pounds GVW was supposed to be 10000. I broke leaf springs, went through brakes and a set of tires only lasted 20000 miles, but never repaired the rear end. Sold it at 180000 miles.
  14. Anyone else have experience with the cheater wrench on truck tires?
  15. I am 63 and drive 30k per year. I am going to make a comment so I hope it does not start something. I am WAY more concerned of being hit by someone on there phone or texting than by a older person with slow reactions. Just the fact that there are way fewer senors than texters while driving tells you the odds. Dan