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  1. We are going to try the Geo Method and have a silly question regarding liquid Calgon. Hard water is not an issue where we live so most stores do not even sell Calgon, the only place we have found only sells liquid Calgon. The Google site says to dissolve 2 cups of powder per tank. Reading the box on Amazon that is about 4 times more than it says to use in one load of laundry. So, I now have a basis to go on, I think. The liquid says use one cap per laundry load so, I guess I’ll use 4 capfulls per tank. Question for the experienced Geo Method folks is this an accurate assumption?
  2. We have had a Champion 3100 for several years that we use infrequently and we are very satisfied with it. It can easily be found for less than half the price of the Honda's or Yamaha's. It will power a 13.5 A/C. We call it our OR generator because you can run the A/C OR the microwave OR the coffee pot OR the vacuum OR the hairdryer....... Pretty much just one major electrical appliance at a time. We have a residential fridge we run thru the inverter. All of that said without getting into brands if I had to do it all over again I would get 2 2000w units with a parallel kit. With the Champion for example each puts out 1700w so that's 3400w and it will run a 15k A/C. Plus if it's cool you only need one gen, quieter, lighter, less fuel...
  3. Will a 211Z work when I have a Solo Node hooked up to my Trav'ler?
  4. Same here, I can't remember how much storage it has, whether it's a 1/2 or 1 TB. Now a days there's not much price difference.
  5. I guess I'm the oddball our RhinoFlex failed in less than a year and I didn't really like how it hooked up at the ground sewer connection. We bought a Valterra Dominator kit and have been very pleased with it. When the Dominator quits we might go with the WasterMaster.
  6. I find this absolutely fascinating but I don't have a clue what you're saying.
  7. Just a note in case you are going to use a portable generator with the HW 50C. We have a Cedar Creek 50amp with the Progressive EMS-HW50C and will always have this on our rig. We also have a Champion 3100 we use with a dog bone. The first time we hooked it to the trailer we received an error on the panel, I called Progressive and they said it was normal and I needed a "Generator Plug", it has something to do with grounding and the neutral. We ordered the plug and all is good. Thankfully we were testing at the house and weren't out in the middle of nowhere.
  8. We started with a Tailgater and a 211, the first trip we had spotty reception. When we got home I checked it against the antenna on the house and it had a lot less signal. We took the tailgater back and exchanged it for a X2 and the signal was almost as good as the house antenna. We have since gotten a Trav'ler and use our Hopper in the 5th wheel.
  9. We had a really bad experience right after buying our CC trailer. It left such a bad taste that I'll never own another FR product. That said, in looking at several forums in the last year and a half I've decided to avoid both Thor and Forest River (one exception would be a DRV from a dealer in Oklahoma who has a reputation for wonderful service). These 2 corporations now account for 92% of the trailers sold today and if you do research they are primarily concerned with a return on the investment. These 2 corporations are famous for buying a good smaller rv company and adding "their efficiencies" to the process and in turn build, quality and service go out the window. We are looking at the 8% of independent manufacturers who are not part of huge public corporations and have found they are not perfect but they care about their product and the customer.
  10. MrSeas the Xantrex style system is what I was wondering about. and sandsys that is what I was talking about. Thank You Mike2338 Yes thanks
  11. The Progressive style surge protector is not what I'm talking about. Several of the options from different manufactures not only list a Progressive 50C but then in another line list as an option a Energy Management System separately. So is this a transfer switch?
  12. We are looking at getting another 5th wheel in about a year or so and I have started looking around to get an idea of what's available. One thing I have noticed on several sites is a Energy Management System as an option. I'm not sure what that is would someone explain it to me. I know it's not a surge protector, best guess is it relates to a generator and/or 3 A/C's. Am I close?
  13. You're lucky you'll have time to check out any prospective parks. One thing is how a park can really change from day to night. It can look very tranquil during the day and then completely different at night after everyone gets home from work. It seems the places that get a little loud in the evening get loud again at 5-6 in the morning.
  14. We have a 5th wheel that's about 18 months old and have noticed the 4 6v batteries (dealer installed) don't have the life they used to. I've pulled them out every 6 months to maintain them. So I was wondering roughly how long do the no name dealer installed batteries last on average? Thinkin it's time to study up. While we're on the subject what replacement would y'all recommend? I would prefer not to have to take them out to fill them if possible.
  15. Yep, like has been said run up to Alamagordo and catch 54 then up to 40 and you're good. Recommendation, if your looking for a park along the way would be Oasis RV Resort just west of Amarillo a couple of miles. We stay there several times a year and have always had a good experience. As an alternative you could go to Roswell, Lubbock then Wichita Falls to avoid the interstate as much as possible. Recommendation would be Mesa Verde RV Park a little SW of Lubbock. There is little between Lubbock and Wichita Falls. Crosbyton has a city park on the east end it's nothing special just a place to get a few hours of sleep. Neither of these are a bad choice, both are good roads just different scenery.