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  1. I just installed pioneer 4200 in my 730... solved both issues.... 1. Parking brake.... there is a small adapter that i bought to bypass the parking brake signal. Just search "pioneer parking brake bypass" on Amazon. It's like 8 bucks. 2. Reverse....i did run a wire from the taillights up to the dash. I am sure there is a wire under the dash somewhere, but I thought for the time I would spend looking for it, I could just run a wire to the back as I ran the cables for the back up cams. I did 2 back up cams, one at the fifth wheel hitch and one low at the bumper. Now, after all that was done, I ended up not using the reverse signal anyway.... on my unit the reverse signal triggered the radio to go to the back up camera, but I wanted to be able to switch between the 2 cameras back there depending on the situation, so I did not use the reverse trigger.
  2. I can confirm this, I talk with him over email and on the phone a few times.... helped me a lot with my truck with me being a newbie over the last 6 months... great guy
  3. Hi David and welcome! Your story sounds eerily similar to mine and we recently returned from our first trip in our hdt! It worked really well so if you have any questions don't hesitate to shoot me a pm! Mike
  4. This is how we set up mine
  5. Just booked a trip for the end of June at the KOA 8 miles outside kings island near Cincinnati.... had good reviews, when we called were very pleasant and had no prob accommodating our rig even when we told them it was a semi... Of course could not find their rates online and about fell over when they told us $250 for four nights! It is our closest campground, and since they were so nice we booked anyway.... so we will see if it turns out to be worth it
  6. Maiden voyage.... spent the weekend in Brunswick, GA, now at Stone Mountain just East of Atlanta for the rest of this week!
  7. Very nice looking truck.... we are partial to the 730 as well.... and it fits in our garage!
  8. Wow...wish we had something like that around in the northeast
  9. Thanks to all who replied! I may look into that flying j card for rv to get the pumps there going, but it seems Pacific pride is no real advantage then... thanks for all the info as always
  10. Hi all! Does anyone here use a cardlock station for fueling? We are prepping for our first trip and filled up at a local station, but, of course, it took several recycles of the pump as it would shut off at a set dollar amount. In the same station where I filled up, right next to me is a pacific pride area...I was wondering if this would be worth getting set up with, or if I can even get an account to fill there? I would guess the pumps would not shut off at a set limit, and would flow much faster, and they have a main and slave pump so I can fill both sides at the same time. Is there a favorite fleet card to use that would cover multiple truck stops/fueling stations on my travels such as flying j or pilot? or is a pacific pride card only useable at a pacific pride location? Do you fill at truck stops? if so, how? I tried on my way home, but found out it only took a card, and not just a credit card. Thanks in advance! Mike
  11. Ya... just sent the title work back in today with hopes that this is the last time!
  12. Awesome! Will see if that's in or travels! Would love to check out that new west coast ride you brought home!
  13. We have plans to go to the great state of Georgia...a little at the coast then a little near Atlanta
  14. No, didn't make it slide...i could see it helping sometimes