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  1. I was told by the service manager, at the dealership that I have had work done at, that a manual regen will not be allowed until all fault codes have been cleared.
  2. There is a new RV resort at Fernie, B.C., that appears to havelarge sites, for those that are traveling that area of Canada. You can find the Info at
  3. Dave, Be careful if you decide to proceed with repair before getting a settlement from your insurance company - I did this once and when they found out I had the repair done it was tough luck for me - claim denied!!!
  4. I have an 09 with the d13 engine which also had a leak in the manual fuel priming pump which caused slow starting and required priming at times also. I had the fuel filter head/primer replaced and it seems fine now after 300 km. I have to say though that I could tell it had a slight miss or at the least sounded like it was running lean. When I did prime it there was fuel leakage around the primer while pumping.
  5. BM - I like the simplicity of your "RMP" - What's the weight of that quad and what is the wall thickness of the tubing?
  6. I think Gregg at RVHaulers did a video on having a film (similar to the film installed over a cell phone screen) installed over the light lenses. I would think that such a product would help protect from sand blasting, etc, considerably.
  7. For those of us that have trouble with sticking brakes, I have found that a ~3' foot piece of ~1" rod used like a pool cue (sort of) works a lot better that a hammer for jarring them loose. It works for frozen ones any way! Hope this helps next time.
  8. Darryl - we took a drive out there today - didn't talk to anyone but looks like they are definitely going out of the Rv site business. I think every single sight has a park model on it and all are identical in appearance.
  9. Ok got it when I searched Peachland. How long ago were you there? DW thinks it maybe was sold?
  10. Thanks Darryl! It looks like a Whitespot restaurant that has the flag on it.
  11. I checked the HHRG RV map for sites - it shows one but it's not a campsite, it appears to be restaurant. Does anyone have any suggestions for HDT compatible sites for this area?
  12. bm0 - nice looking website! Willy Mammoth isn't to shabby either!
  13. Jim mine were loose too. I went to Volvo and got bushings that the handle pins fit in. They were only a couple of $. That didn't help so I went back and got new parts (pins, springs, etc.) for the handles. When I went to replace the parts I couldn't get the tiny set screws out without drilling so returned the parts I had picked up to Volvo and picked up the whole kit which was recommended to me in the first place. I still have to install them though. The miscellaneous parts I had picked for 2 handles were about $67C - the complete kits were about $260C for 4 kits. Hope this helps!
  14. Raymond, I can't speak for Dawson Creek but usually "Card locks" in Saskatchewan and the ones I have been to in Alberta only accept the "Card lock card" - essentially it is just a credit account set up at the fuel supplier and billed out monthly.