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  1. Do you suppose moms put on gloves every time they change diapers? Guess what, they don't. They do wash hands with soap and water. Families share internal flora and fauna. Best infection control is washing with soap and water while singing Happy Birthday song to yourself.
  2. Who knows, that spoon may be the magical ingredient that is moving around keeping the tank walls/floor clean.
  3. Actually, on a motorhome (at least ours and the OPs) the levelers won't work unless the parking brake is engaged. Now whether that is a blown fuse or not will take some investigation. Since the parking brake is not part of the braking system on the coach, travel as usual. Make sure you have something to choke the wheels if you have to fuel up, etc. I'm surprised you didn't have a warning horn going off when you tried to put it into gear with the parking brake on - ours sure does.
  4. Sam's Club or Costco - assuming you are talking about 6 v golf cart type batteries, correct?
  5. It works because you use plenty of water. A tub full of dishwater (after doing the dishes) will do as much and won't cost you anything extra. But feel free to do as you want, just realize it works for you BECAUSE OF THE WATER.
  6. Pappy, not sure why you think there is a similarity between water tanks on a fire truck and a black tank. And you are talking about nozzle outlets, not 3" hose outlet. You forgot that the water from the truck is moved via pumps at high pressure, and we do not know the corrosiveness of the individual waters systems and the effect they have on nozzles - again no correlation to black tanks which are empty via gravity, nor the individual position of those black tanks in different RVs. Question is why are you so insistent that there is something magical about the "Geo" method? It is just water plus some surfactant. Cheaper way is to use a tub in the sink to wash dishes and dump a tub full of water after dishes are down (make sure valve is closed in case of a stray spoon ) into the toliet once or twice a week. As much surfactant as you need for a black tank and it doesn't cost any extra.
  7. The dose makes the poison. California just protects its people better than other states. Look at incidence of Cancer in Louisiana - wouldn't want to live there.
  8. Pappy, your clothes are 'chemicals' - actually just vibrating atoms with huge (on a nuclear scale) spaces between each atom. Notice that the primary ingredient of the 'Geo" method is WATER. So save a few pennies and just use water. Take those pennies and by which ever beverage you like in the afternoons and you will be increasing the amount of water going into the tank - a win-win situation.
  9. Scott, Try I-5 from Santa Clarita to Patterson, CA or I-5 from Sutherlin, Or to Portland (lots of construction and 'bumps' that will rattle your kidneys". Those will slosh whatever you are driving.
  10. Paper will dissolve in water, you just have to use the correct type for septic tanks and RVs. Simple test, put a sheet or two in a jar, cover with water, cap and shake up. Septic safe (and RV safe) will be dissolving almost immediately. That idea that you can leave your black tank open all the time you're hooked up is the one that will eventually get you - but it is your choice.
  11. You leave your black tank valve open for three months? you?'be been lucky if that is true. I see a dreaded pile of 💩In your future
  12. Tailgater hooked up with "came with" cable to receiver, no output. Tailgator hooked up to shorter "other" cable to receiver, output. you have your answer. Go get some GOOD sat cables (different lengths) and through out the bad cable.
  13. Pappy, name me one thing that isn't a chemical. I'm a chemist and. EVERYTHING is chemical. H2O is a most UNIQUE chemical that behaves different,y than most oxides, very differently which is why carbon based life evolved on this planet. Yes, laundry detergents are chemicals. They are made up of several different types of chemicals, just read the label. Why would anyone feel the need to sanitize a waste tank? You planning on using that waste for some purpose? Disinfect the tank for what? The minute they are used ...... water is a universal solvent for non-petroleum matter. Human wastes dissolve when placed in water. What is needed is PLENTY OF WATER. Adding something else might make you feel good, but the reason you aren't having problems is USING PLENTY OF WATER. Really want to help, add vinegar to bowl water and let it sit to help remove calcium build up from seals. Scrub toilet with baking soda, enough grit to help remove particulate matter and it buffers the pH in the tank. Pour noiling water down kitchen sink once in a while.
  14. Two filters will certainly slow things down. If you are doing a sediment filter before it empties into the coach, why not just the charcoal filter at the kitchen sink (assuming you are looking to clear drinking water ), that will probably help with pressure.
  15. Sherry, you find a big empty parking lot on a Sunday, take your rig and a lot of orange cones and practice, practice, practice. You do figure eights around cones, you back up, your pull forward, you pull along side and back in. You get out and check, try again, over and over again until you feel very comfortable with your rig. Have a friend go with you and help you learn. What size rig do you have (I'm assuming a DP if you're over 26,000 lbs) and are your doing this alone or with a partner?