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  1. The ER bill was $4000, but the settlement with the insurance company will be a lot less. The difference the hospital write off as a "loss". They know how much insurance will pay, they negotiate it, but the higher 'list' charge gives them the write off. I just got my EOB for my mammogram and bone density test done in December. Total for the two procedures was $1080. Medicare paid $222. The ER charges will always be higher than a regular physicians office because they need to be able to treat anything that walks in the door, from a broken foot, runny nose to gunshots, heart attacks/strokes, and everything in between.
  2. Welcome to a grand adventure and the forum. Easy stuff first - for trip planning we flip a coin and head out. Generally have a destination in mind and we just sort of wander to get there. The journey is the fun part and we follow the 2-2-2 plan as we travel. We only travel 200 miles a day, try to be in a park by 2:00 pm or so, and stay 2 or more days. I use Allstays Camp and RV app for my iPhone and look at the general area we are going to. Also use Passport America site to see if there are any PPA parks (50% off nightly site fees) as that makes a big difference while traveling. We use Gas Buddy app and look for truck stops as we have a motorhome pulling a car and tend to use truck pumps whenever possible. We try to use Flying J whenever possible as they usually have separate area for RVs. Banking - start moving everything so that you are online. No paper statements, etc. We use BOA because they are in almost every state, but in reality you can use anyone who has a good online interface. We have reoccurring monthly charges on one credit card and then pay it off every month. We use Express Scripts for our maintenance meds (part of our insurance requirements) and our physician writes our Rx for 90 day supply with 3 refills (a years worth). For short term meds (or those requiring refrigeration) we use Walgreens. Others use Wal-Mart/CVS - just make it a national chain. For physicians, when we started out, we kept our internist and made a yearly loop so that we saw him each fall. A week of poke and prodding (for us and our cats) and we were off for the next year. Unfortunately, after 10 yrs, we can't do it in a week anymore, so we found a new internist in the area where we spend the winter (Arizona) and we now have all of our medical/dental done while we bask in the warmth of the AZ sun. But we are now on Medicare, so for us, this is not a problem. If you aren't on medicare (or won't be by the time you hit the road) then you are going to need to do a lot of reading/researching/planning. Keep researching, trying things out on your rig (for example, do one weekend without plugging in and see how long you can go just on batteries) and asking questions. And remember - you are going to take too much with you - so when you have everything whittled down - cut it by 1/2! Barb
  3. You just have to exit 101 as you come off the bridge onto Highway 1, which goes on to be 19th avenue under the Presidio then straight down to where it meets I-280, and Highway 1 goes west and I-280 runs into Highway 101 south of San Jose. Key is to say in middle lane while going down 19th avenue. Reverse is also the way to go north, which we did with motorhome - no toll on Golden Gate going north. View is gorgeous on sunny day, a bucket list check off.
  4. 11 yrs and we still are weeding out things. Plus those pickups along the way become dated. We have a small fire proof safe in the MH basement where we store the few documents we need. Otherwise everything is electronic.
  5. I'll assume that you aren't going to spend much time in Washington state since it is in your back yard, correct? I'd suggest you pick a start back date, when you need to leave SD to head north. Assuming that you take I-5 north come fall, you'd be looking on heading north after our Labor Day. I start down to Portland and then go out to Astoria and spend at least 6 weeks getting to Sonoma Valley. I'd stay in Petaluma area, drive your car to Larkspur ferry terminal, park your car for the day, take ferry To Fisherman's Wharf and walk, cable car to explore downtown SF, taking ferry back in the evening. Do you like wine, Sonoma & Napa valleys are know for that and great fun. I don't know the condition of Highway 1 down the Central Coast towards LA. Highway 101 is no problem, but after this year's storms Highway 1 is blocked in areas. But there are a lot of roads out to areas of interest on 1 from 101. we use membership parks up and down the coast, so I'll leave those suggestions to others. That said, there is a fairgrounds in Eureka, CA that we stayed at for several days, using the car for exploring. In King City, CA there is a county park that we can also recommend. Barb
  6. Thanks. Great info
  7. We run Toyos on our motorhome. They were original and we've replaced with the same. They are heavy duty truck tires, but that s ok with us, they do the job.
  8. Zone passes can't be resold. Call TT and ask if they have a 2-for-1 special going. Even if they don't, just by asking you might be able to get one. We have the SW/NW combo and use it extensively. Barb
  9. Yes, as far as I know. They do a huge volume business, lots and lots of trucks (especially logging trucks) go through, has a huge covered area for changing truck and motorhome tires and the equipment to do it fast. I don't know if they do alignments. If you find out, please post. Barb
  10. And that has what to do with things like no signature lines? Or polling ability? Under the previous interation, there was a 'skin' for phones that worked rather well. Now it all the same, with handy features either not turned on or gone. And a lot of us use phones and tablets almost exclusively - so saying we are dinosaurs doesn't really help.
  11. Les Schwab dealer in Sutherlin, OR is really great at getting new tires in for you. We will be stopping on our way north this spring to get new front tires. Barb
  12. Pancakes and waffles use baking soda and baking powder, both HIGH in sodium, to rise. Bread uses yeast, so sodium is much lower. Sodium, along with potassium and phosphorus, is had on the kidneys. Also increases blood pressure. Most of us could benefit from lower sodium diets.
  13. .

    Tell them you are using your prerogative and walking your accounts to banks that will accept them. We've had BOA for over 11 years now, never had a problem. No problem with Vanguard or with Chase. Also, make sure to call the Escapees office and tell them you are getting the run around from Ally. Barb
  14. Try buying from an RV Dealer, Camping World, RV Water Filter Store, etc. Lots of places sell decent hoses, don't be cheap on this item. Barb