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  1. If you check when hot, and see fluid in the sight glass (or some other reference point) then the contraction of fluid as it cools will still leave plenty of fluid in the tank. If you don't see fluid when hot, then you need to add because the needed 'surplus' isn't there.
  2. If you are in farm country, ask the farmers if they go out and turn over the diesel motors on all of the big farm equipment during the winter. The strange look you will get will be a strange look and usually a He** no. I've never seen anything from Cummins (either at rallies or in my operating manual) that says the engine has to be turned over every two weeks - in fact the opposite, do not start unless you are going to get out and move on the road for 20-30 minutes. We try to schedule taking the coach out about every 2 months during the winter 6 month stay in AZ. Usually drive to have maintenance done, or to get something fixed, some renovation done, or just get her out and get everything charged up (stop in an empty parking lot and run generator for an hour or so) and then put her back in storage, throw the disconnect switches, cover windows, tires, wiper blades, and see her again in another 2 months or so.
  3. We only check when engine is hot. If we see fluid in sight glass all good. If not add in the morning just until it barely shows in site glass. If you add without checking hot level, you will just have excess being thrown out.
  4. Spritz, do you have a 3-way switch for the pump? That means can you turn it on in both the bathroom and kitchen? Sometomes you can get a case where one or the other is in the On position, but doesn't light up until pump is running. In our coach, if you turn on the toilet area, and try to turn off in the kitchen, a problem similar to yours has occurred. We learned to turn off where we turn on, keeps thing running smoothly. Also we don't leave the pump on unless specifically using it. We went through 3 Shurflos in less than 4 yrs before switching to an aquajet pump. Does your last sentenance mean that the last disconnect the pump is now working as it should pumping from the tank?
  5. And now you know why most fulltimers with motorhomes end up with a toad. Just so much easier to get set up, hooked up, and then go adventuring. Though we do see lots of people with Class Bs going to museums, etc.
  6. OK, that is definitely more than just a dashboard problem. Sounds like a computer gremlin between the engine & transmission 'talking' to each other. I hate electronic 'gremlins' - takes forever to figure them out.
  7. When ours goes out, we just use the TomTom nav unit for a check on speed. We have already set the cruise control, and we just keep on rolling. Sometimes we will bump on the road and all of a sudden everything starts working again, so we know the connection on the back of the display is the problem. Same with the tach, which is a different display module on the dash, it has to do with the connections at the back of the dial.
  8. Are you talking about the engine or the generator. For the engine you need to get it out and up to normal driving speeds for 30 minutes or so. For generators, yes the AC would be fine, or a heater (if it is winter) running and make some popcorn in the microwave, etc.
  9. How does that get all of the working parts in the whole engine lubricated, up to working temperatures, etc. Have you asked Cummins about that procedure?
  10. But that shop knows that once done, the owner is going to DRIVE that vehicle again.
  11. We've had it happen a couple of times with the speedometer, several times with the tach, once with the odometer. Usually the next start clears everything and we are good to do. Ours has to do with the connections at the back of the dashboard display.
  12. NO. Worse thing you can do to a big diesel is start it and not take it out and run it for 30 minutes minimum at normal road speeds. If you can't take it out, fill up the fuel tank, shut her down, and don't start again UNTIL you are ready to get out on the road. As for the generator, you need to run it at least 30 minutes (1 hr is better) with at least 1/2 load.
  13. Try the 2-2-2 system. 200 miles a day, in the park by 2:00 pm, stay at least 2 days. That way, you have a chance to see a little of the area in you are in and often you will find a reason to stay longer. Remember, the trip is the destination. We really like making the last part - stay 2 weeks. That gives us enough time to find the good breakfast places, do some geocaching, sample local stores, see what the area has to offer, sleep in when we like, and then the hitch itch has us ready to move down the road.
  14. Besides filling stations, have you seen anything? SLOW DOWN and take time to enjoy the country. Most of us would find 1000 miles a month really pushing it.
  15. Stupid can't be cured no matter how old one is. Notice, old guy driving at 3:30 am while younger one sleeps - ???