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  1. Question? How soon will the Escapees "management team" have an offer for the members? Safe Travels!
  2. Is there anyone that may have a good connection to a RV Insurance Company that could help design a plan that could/would protect our RV interests. Safe Travels!
  3. Thanks for your response. I did not imply misinformation about the proper insurance. If you get a chance talk to your local Police and/or Law Enforcement about the folks that do not have the right coverage or even NO coverage. It is a different world out there now, we just need to be covered. Safe Travels!
  4. As a former Insurance Agency owner - quick channel of information. After you need insurance you can not buy it! Always buy the kind and type required and then ask how much can I lose of what I own to a court case. Then make your plans to protect what you want or may need. But, please have insurance. The person(s) insurance may not be worth a dime. Deal with known Agents. Your future may depend on the decisions you make. Safe Travels!
  5. Good luck in your plans, however there are many others ahead of you that have been helping the RV community for years with great free RVing advice. Safe Travels!
  6. There was a recall on some models of Norcold that may solve your problem. Safe Travels!
  7. It is going to be a MESS for months. I-285 E & W could be a good option. You may also want to consider doing that after midnight until 4 am or so. Good luck. Safe Travels!
  8. When you find one, be certain to share. I am currently paying more for less coverage than when my RV was new. Surely we have a member with insurance experience that could get a company interested in writing GOOD RV coverage?? Safe Travels!
  9. Very good information. Thank you. Do you see a trend developing for more RV solar installs? We have three 200 watt 24 v panels installed for a total of 600 watts of solar, but I have a problem with locating more RV roof estate. I would like to see more RVs sold with really good solar systems installed as part of the RV, perhaps part of the roof. Safe Travels!
  10. Thanks for the update! Safe Travels!
  11. Could be down near the border?? Not for me! Safe Travels!
  12. You maybe able to order what you want on the internet. Have it shipped to you. Safe Travels!
  13. Nothing?? Perhaps we could get them to replace the worthless goods? Safe Travels!
  14. So help me to understand why the format was changed?? Did someone in the office have too much free time? Safe Travels!
  15. Do we have any other ideas for this breakfast treat? I have added protein powder mix for some added kick. Please share others. Safe Travels!