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  1. Sorry to hear Linda. Thoughts and Prayers for you and your family. Tina and Jeff
  2. Last night got an email with a link to an app for everything happening at Escapade. Should be very helpful. Jeff
  3. We have fulltimed for 5 years and 4 months and have stayed in 261 places. We slow down during the winter months and only three times have we stayed longer than a month somewhere. My RV doesn't have wheels on it to sit in one place for long periods. LOL! Jeff
  4. Thanks, Dave. I thought before before the update there were around 350 pages or so on this thread. I'm not going to go back to the beginning and reread them all to see if there are any gaps. LOL. Jeff
  5. It seems that we've lost 70 some pages on this new forum and some have new names too. Getting hot in Arizona, near 90 for next several days. Travel safe everyone. Jeff
  6. No rain out today. Upper 70's and a bit breezy. A nice day to sit in the sun at a baseball game. The drive home was long - Phoenix traffic is too much. Jeff
  7. Sorry Joe. I'm trying to shake the rain curse. I didn't know I could reach that far. Looks like good weather in the Phoenix area for a while. Sunny and 80's soon. Going to a baseball game today. Travel safe everyone. Jeff
  8. It was a diet beer. LOL! Jeff
  9. Sorry to hear about your Dad, Toni. Y'all are in our thoughts and prayers. Tina and Jeff
  10. The rain thing has cursed us for nearly 2 years. Look at California and we just drove through northern California imagine if we had stopped for a few days like we did in southern California. Hope there is only a 2 year life span for the curse. Tina and I did not have ice cream we had salads before the pizza. Healthy LOL! Travel safe everyone Jeff
  11. Sorry Kirk I didn't mean to scare others away. Jeff
  12. Registered Friday. Will be our first. Jeff
  13. Sorry Dave. I can effect a large area at times. LOL! I don't have a cowboy hat and i think my s--- kickers are buried in the closet. LOL! Who has money? Jeff
  14. Going to the Tempe Elks. We'll catch up when we get to town. Jeff
  15. VERY windy today in Yuma. Dust flying like crazy and suppose to rain tomorrow. It almost never rains in Yuma but it has rained several times on us in the 4 weeks (two 2 week stays) we've been here. Moving Sunday to Phoenix for a month then Tucson for Escapade. After Escapade heading for Texas. Travel safe everyone. Jeff