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  1. Moved to Cedar Falls, Iowa yesterday to a very nice county park. One of our challenges this summer is finding a spot where we can park nearly 65 feet of RV and trailer. I don't want to unhook the trailer all the time. I'll be racing at the local track this weekend and it's only 10 minutes from our campground. Nice bike trail right behind our spot. Travel safe everyone. Jeff
  2. Don't over do it. Sounds like a long time but it will be over before you know it. We have made it to Fremont, Ne. Apparently there was bad weather around Omaha yesterday. Broken limbs and damaged buildings. College Baseball World Series is also starting in Omaha too. Just going to stay for 3 nights then moving farther east (Des Moines). Travel safe everyone. Jeff
  3. Believe I have the racecar fixed (for now). Raced last Sunday and it didn't break so we are headed east. Probably will race in Cedar Falls, Ia. in a week and a half. Currently in McCook, Nebraska. Has everyone updated the map lately? Travel safe everyone. Jeff
  4. Glad your surgery went well and you are doing fine. Maybe you'll be left handed when you are all healed. LOL! Get well soon. Travel safe everyone. Tina and Jeff
  5. Last night the the entry handle broke on the coach door, so glad we have the truck cab doors and could still get in and out. Went to a local rv parts place to get a replacement and they had it marketed up 50% over the internet price. The replacement piece is suppose to be "improved". It is also a little different so I modified the strike plate to fit the guide pins. What a pita. It did the same thing about 6 years ago. To fix it you break out the outside handle and drill a bunch of holes to make a bigger hole so you can get the springs and latch deal out of the strike plate. Hope I don't have to do it again. Travel safe everyone. Jeff
  6. LOL! Here I am over here. Travel safe everyone. Jeff
  7. Finally had a day without 15/20 mph side/head wind and made it to the Denver area. We'll be here for a couple of weeks. Travel safe everyone. Jeff
  8. Today we were going from Wichita Falls to Amarillo. Stopped in Childress for gas and lunch. There was no room to park where we bought gas so we went to a Walmart. In the corner of the lot was a Taco Bell so that's where we went. While having lunch my phone ran and it was Jeri. She asked if we were there, that Freddy and Delcie had spotted our rig. Through all these years we had never exchanged phone numbers so we got to see Freddy and Delcie today. They are looking well and making the best of things. Having a garage sale this weekend too. We made it to Amarillo with a side - head wind of 15 - 20 mph the whole way. Staying here for at least 2 nights. Travel safe everyone. Jeff
  9. Joe, It kind of continues. Will have to wait until Denver to get the race car's driveshaft fixed because they can't get it done here before we want to leave. The city electrician got the plug fixed about 5 PM, glad we didn't wait around for him to show up and waste a day. My rear bike tire has been flat for awhile and slime wouldn't fix it. I had a repaired tube so I put it in and as I was blowing it up it exploded. No one was hurt and I was watching the pressure gauge. New tube and tire tomorrow cause we a next to a nice bike trail here and I need a ride. RV parts dealer had to order the bracket to fix the slide awning. It should be here in the morning, Parts person said they'd try to work with me on the price. MSRP is $81 plus shipping. We can't open the slide until it gets fixed. Travel safe everyone. Jeff
  10. We began our Summer racing adventure late Thursday afternoon. Wichita Raceway Park was 315 miles away so we were going half way on Thursday. Half way the first trailer tire blew. I replaced 2 tires Friday morning in Stephensville, TX. and that afternoon another tire blew so we replaced the other 2 in Jacksboro, TX. Setting up at the race track the slide awning ripped the brackets off the slide. Saturday after 2 time trials it was time to race. When I left the starting line the rear ujoint broke and hurt the drive shaft. Now I need to find a driveshaft shop to fix it and a part to fix the slide awning and the city RV park we are at the 50 amp plug didn't work so the city is sending out an electrician. It was in the mid 90's yesterday too. We'll be here 3 nights then on toward Denver. Travel safe everyone. Jeff
  11. We took the race car out Friday night and Saturday. It went pretty well for the first outing in 4 years,so the plan to take the car with us this summer is still on. Next projects is new tires for the motorcycle along the new house stuff before we leave in a couple of weeks. Travel safe everyone. Jeff
  12. Congratualtions!!! It sounds very nice. Jeff
  13. I may be late with this then. A few suggestions. http://www.msn.com/en-us/money/realestate/inside-the-million-dollar-motor-homes/ss-BBvElCL?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=iehp#image=9 Travel safe everyone. Jeff
  14. Thanks Sue. We hope to be in the house in a year. No RV spots though but Potter's Creek COE is close by. Jeff
  15. A visit to the vets office about 2 weeks ago we found out that our Cali had a broken tooth again. She got it pulled last Friday and she also had a broken tooth last year. Levi the cat got a rabies shot and he's doing great for a 17 year old cat. Doesn't look a day over 9. LOL. Here is some real news. We've decided to have a house built on our land near Canyon Lake, Texas. They are going to slow roll the process early so we can still travel this summer and be back in the fall to watch it being built. Probably won't make it to Q next year. https://rvtravelswithjeffandtina.blogspot.com/p/our-texas-home.html Been busy getting things together for this summer. Travel safe everyone. Jeff