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  1. 303 may be a good product , but wheel covers afford that 'finished' look , not to mention the wheels do stay a lot cleaner .
  2. Like I tell my wife : Dear , you may be right . LOL
  3. Some folks say that a particular method works . Exactly , how would they 'know' that ? Do they have a camera mounted inside of the the tank or have they cut a door in the tank to be able to see inside or ??? I don't use anything except plenty of water . I'm just guessing that works fine as we've never had any type of blockage or backup in the black tank . I do know a spoon just happened to disappear down the throat of our commode , once . That occurred , while 'adding' dish water to supposedly help clean the tank , very early in our FT experiences . Thankfully , that spoon has not decided to create a problem .
  4. Jack , you have a 5" laptop ? I think they call that a phone , now a days , don't they ? It's a perfect fit on my 15" laptop .
  5. He's probably giving it away because of the non matching toter graphics .
  6. Until we can 'find' the mobley thread , was there another device that was offered to serve the same purpose , albeit , not as well ?
  7. Agreed .
  8. I just reported that^ post and asked for an answer .
  9. Maybe this will bring an answer .
  10. We deserve to know why it is NLA .
  11. Do you mean the wheel brake or the kind where cubes are swirled ?
  12. You can use the image processing software on your computer to size your photos to 640x480 pixels . Then you should be good for attaching files here . OR : To post pictures on this board and most others , first open an account on a photo hosting website such as Photobucket. Once you sign up and have an account, you can upload your photos from your computer to the Photobucket account. When you get ready to upload, you can use the image processing software on your computer to size your photos to 640x480 pixels, or you can edit them using the tools provided by the hosting site. In any case, you'll want to ensure your photos are limited to 640x480 pixels. This size fits nicely on every board and is large enough for detail without getting grainy .To post a photo in a thread , click on the picture in Photobucket . That picture will appear in a new window with several lines of code to the right . Double click the code with the IMG tag. Then paste it in the Reply box below . Hope this helps, or at least gets you started.
  13. You can still see it . But , it just won'y be a TOTAL eclipse from NE Ohio . We'll be in North Cental Illinois ( a bit closer to the 'line' ) and it looks like we'll see about a 92% eclipse .
  14. Ha . BTDT But , It's gotta be here , somewhere . LOL
  15. I've seen that scenario more than once . 'We LOVE Netflicks' is not a good thing to hear at most campgrounds .