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  1. I think they would , if they could . Seems to me that government level travel ban is tantamount to an 'F' you to those states . Makes me wonder what else is in the works .
  2. That could mean that the majority of that state would be emasculated . It would cut the population problem , immediately , from those leaving out of fear , and in the future , from those proving the point . LOL Oh , and , it would open a lot more spots for Barbaraok and Mr. Camper . Heck , if were a success , I might even think about re - visiting . The land and water are beautiful there , but the people ... The 10 round thing actually seems pretty tame , compared to some of their other 'laws and regulations' .
  3. Maybe use automotive trim adhesive tape .
  4. Even if 'they' freed Ron now , why would he come back ? I'm sure he realizes that all it takes is some thin skinned wimpy whiner complaining to admin for it to happen all over again . But , maybe I'm all wet .
  5. Nothing more than anything else in life .
  6. It sounds much like a bad connection . Maybe a bit of corrosion involved . Have you checked the system grounding points ? Bad grounds account for way too many electrical headaches .
  7. Yeah , it's kinda like throw away cheap . And , it even works good .
  8. I doubt you'll find a latch that's as effective as the dead bolt normally installed in RVs . About the only thing more effective would be to have the lock re-keyed . We've never used the dead bolt portion of the door lock , except when literally on the road . That to prevent the door from possibly popping open from possible twisting / turning which 'might' allow the door catch to undo . As for security when in camp ... just use your head about where you stay . We've never had a problem in 7 years of full timing . Read this short thread to see how long it took a supposed RV tech to 'break into an RV' :
  9. Somehow , I don't think you'll ever have to worry about having to collect unemployment due to the lack of stupid ...
  10. Signal strength is currently -108 dBm . Speed Test is dismal :
  11. Our tower is a mile away . It does seem to make a difference EXACTLY where you put the device . The clearer the line between the tower and device , the better the signal / transmission . And , tower congestion comes into play ...
  12. That^ .
  13. I guess it depends on how bad you need that drink . You're right . There's always more than one way around a bush .
  14. So , you know when it's nap time .
  15. You're still trying to sneak in the back door .