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    Too many to list . But , pretty much what I feel like being interested in today . :)
  1. It won't ... everything changes , always .
  2. .

    Linda , Not that I'd tell you how to do your 'job' , but , I've found that after you've been moderating for a while , you'll know , at a glance , if the posters handle is new to the everyday forums . You can always check a profile or just hit Find Content when you flash a handle .
  3. Intermittent suggests loose connection , some where . A backtrack from the levelers might be revealing . A fuse check would also be in order .
  4. We utilize our Hughes autoformer every time we plug into 30 Amp . It seems to give us that little extra when we need it . No outhouse required .
  5. .

    I've never been a fan of post counts . They show nothing , other than activity . Every post should stand on it's own merit .
  6. .

    I have to wonder if every post he's made for the last 2 years was on the same subject as he deleted those too .
  7. .

    Each of his deleted posts shows " Edited ... by dfinster " . So , we know that he knows exactly how to do that .
  8. .

    He did the same thing to all but his initial 3 posts , all the way back to 2015 . Maybe he wants to go incognito ? Or just be deleted ? Seems rather petty , but ???
  9. I must not have it turned on as I just checked and there are NO dates that Google has me anywhere . I went back as far as I could , nothing .
  10. If it doesn't pan out here , you might try searching Craigslist ( nationally ) . We bought our progressive ind . unit from a fellow in Arizona when we were in Michigan . He shipped it right to our door . We saved a nice chunck of change on that deal .And , the unit is still doing it's job about 4 years later .
  11. It's a scientific fact that folks who go for unlimited pancakes count calories . LOL
  12. If I want more info , I'll flip the box and read the back ... it should be an individual choice . I guess admin should simply add a 'SIG' button at the bottom of every reply / post . That way it would be available , but out of the way and not intrusive or an added expense to every reader . BTW , I see very few ads on any site , due to ad-ons and the browser I use .
  13. Recommendation ? I thought it was about helping newbies get to the level of self sustenance . A sig means no more than a post count . Sure it might look good . Your credibility will/should show in your response .
  14. Ha . Newbies are babies . And like babies require individual attention or they have a very high chance of death , due to 'neglect' . I've been a moderator for about 10 years . I've tried everything from small print ( whispering ) to flashing emoticons and bold print ( shouting ) things in sigs . Makes not one iota difference . Each newb needs their own time . Sure they use what's in my sig , after I tell them what's there . So , I may as well type what's in my sig when the time comes . The 'personal' attention is much more effective and appreciated . And , we care so much about other forums that we stay right here . This is our choice because it's unique , for various reasons . For me , cookie cutter isn't one of them .
  15. I really don't miss seeing everyone's sig . Just a waste of space and data . If they want to make a blog or other site or information available , just put it in the reply . And , if I want something , I generally just ask .