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  1. gjhunter01 That's a good idea . We may just try that. Jeanhoyle Thanks for the info had seen this park but never drove though it. And your right sometimes I think RV park is another way of saying "next to RR tracks"
  2. Bruce our farm is within a mile from the RV ranch in Keene .
  3. She knows where she wants to be .......the grandkids are here that means WE will be here. I don't think I need to say more on that subject.
  4. It looks like we have sold the farm. Closing is May 1 at this point. It does not look like we will ever be full time as DW will not hear of not having a home to come home to . This is something I can live with because we all know "if mama an't happy an't nobody happy"and that brings me to my question. We will most likely not have found our new home before the sale is complete so will be in the 5th wheel for a month or better while we continue to look. I would like some recommendations for a park in the area from people that have stayed there for more than overnight in the past. The area would be from I20 on the north to US 67 on the south I35W on the west and the city of Mansfield on the east .There are several parks in this area but having our home here we have never stayed in them Looking to know about things such as traffic noise , noisy residents that party all night (or the lack of ) good or bad stays , management of the park etc... If you would rather not put your response in pubic feel free to email me at bfwah4321@yahoo.com
  5. I agree with 2gypsies take the bus back . I really enjoyed the ride up but the bus ride back is the way to go. You will be having supper or setting in the campground by the time the train gets back .
  6. I understand that this is a discussion of solar power but this statement shocked me . Is this a typo....... But the RV park WiFi was simply amazing. Absolute state of the art system and all for $200 a day!.
  7. X 3 on the crossfires. Used to run a similar device on the 10 wheel cabover, and they will pay for themselves in the miles that you get out of just one set of tires. One word of caution.... be sure to install steel valve stems and not the rubber that most tire shops put in.
  8. Sorry no this was just for a duct 15000 AC. My mistake ,still you might give them a call it cant hurt.
  9. Glen when looking for the new unit try Big Discount RV out of Decatur ,IL when I had to get a new unit a couple of years ago they beat everyone else even with shipping by over $100.00. .
  10. I think there are a number of factors that you should concider . 1) your age , will you be full time longer than your 91 will reasonably last with it pulling more. sometimes when a vehicle sets and then is put into constant use it develops issues . 2) How long are you planning to full time? The Cougar may last as long as you need it too. 3) where do you plan to be traveling ... Mountains could be a challenge not the uphill side but the downhill as I doubt that the 91 has or can even be fitted with an E-brake without major rebuild of the transmission. This is probably not everything that you need to consider but it is a start.. Bottom line if you have new truck fever nothing anyone says will help. .
  11. In all the years that I have driven . This includes personal and company owned trucks some brand new and some with 2 million plus miles on them . Of the list of covered items I have blown one turbo and that truck had 1.25 million miles on the motor . You do the math ....but where it me i'd put the money in the bank and make repairs to the coach because the motor will require less overhaul than body and interior. Just MHO and the only one that can really answer is you .
  12. Fishing is a little slow but not bad. The party boats are running out of Port Mansfield for Red Snapper and doing very well . In the bay is a little slow but expected this time of year with the cooler water.
  13. I'm on South Padre untill the morning of the 8th fishing with a buddy . . Isla Blanca park is as full as i have ever seen it . was wondering if anyone from the sit is here . could maybe stop by and Howdy and shake .
  14. Glenn You probably know this but..................... be sure the switch that you get is a momentary type ( have to hold the switch in the whole time ) and not latching one ( push the switch and it stays in the position until pushed the other way )
  15. That should be fairly simple mod to do. spilt the hot at the switch and add two more control wires . then add some solenoid valves at the header