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  1. I never have been able to post pictures here,. tried several times but have just gave up. if anyone would like/need to see what I have done just pm with an email then if you would like post here that is fine with me.
  2. Just a couple of thoughts . We picked up the new Avalanche on Friday and have took day or two on the way back home. 2 things have jumped out at me as must haves for any other trailer that I own . 1) is the self levelers . For those of you with them you understand .For those of you still hauling a lumberyard around in the tow vehicle this is a must have when it comes time to replace your trailer. push one button front jacks go down , unhook the truck , walk over an push auto level and walk away . 2) I have been looking everything over and discovered that this trailer came from the factory with wet bolts on the springs and walking beams. this is a great improvement over the past manufacturing practices. Maybe just maybe the RV industry is starting to listen to the customer.
  3. Thanks Linda You had me scratching my head thinking I walked through the wrong trailer.
  4. To answer some of the comments/ questions GVWR is 16500 yes we don't end up boon docking or with partial hookups very often there is 2 that will be long time wife says she will have a home ( she just will not be with out her stuff) so there will be no full time and by long time not over 2 months and DIL ,Son and two Boys 3-4 times per year Oh and I cant figure where you are seeing 4 bedrooms Front is a queen bed middle of trailer is a living area/ kitchen and then a back bed room with bunks. we have had a Montana mountaineer 345 DBQ since 2008 I do appreciate the extra eyes on this . helps me to know what I'm jumping into . looks like I will need to watch the amount of baggage that everyone brings . but we have stayed well under max wt on the Montana
  5. We have been looking for a new RV . I'm thinking that we have found one that will work well for us . Started off looking at the Keystone Laredo then the Avalanche 365 ( see previous post ) , but now appears the Avalanche 395 will be the one. Just a side note this is what happens when your wife and DIL start looking at new trailers. But I would welcome any feed back as to the quality of these trailers. I already know that as long as I own a RV I will always have plenty of repair to do . What I'm looking for is above normal problems or issues with the brand in general.
  6. After re reading the OP I am thinking that it may be possible that the screen on the incoming line could be stopped up instead of the aerator. I suppose its also possible that the PSI reducer has a problem . I'm basing this on his statement " An hour later I go to wash my hands and I have a good 2 second blast and then down to a dribble on both the hot and cold." this is sounding more like an incoming water supply problem
  7. what part does not fit ? I'm running them on my Dodge 3500 but did need to modify the mounts . If you can PM me an Email address I'll send you the picture of how I mounted mine.
  8. This may be crazy but shut your computer off then restart it . To my little pea brain it sounds like its little pea brain is all confused.
  9. Some good advice above. Two things that I can add You may need to add more battery power for more than a couple of hours . I had this problem when I added inverter and small Haier dorm size fridge. One battery would only last about 2 hours in hot weather. . The other thing is if you are paying for the electric then you will want to change the fridge from inverter to shore power. It is also harder on the inverter by running it all the time.
  10. I'm betting on the screen on the aerator. sounds like a bit of scale broke loose and got in there .
  11. Kirk If you would let us know what tire you end up with and why. Will be good to know when I replace mine.
  12. Does anyone own this trailer? We have been looking at one and I would like to here some of the pros and cons. The other one that has caught our eye is Keystone Laredo with a similar floor plan
  13. I did not know about these tires The Goodyear Endurance Model and they sound like what I have been looking for as a replacement tire in 15in size .So the form comes through again. Kirk I would look seriously at these. While the marathons would meet your criteria these if they live up to the specs will surpass your needs and give another margin of safety. ill be needing to replace my tires next year and plan to look at these very close
  14. For that size rim you are going to be limited on tires. I have found that in the 14 and 15 in tire sizes the choices are very limited. After 16 in you can move up to a LT tire . I only know you though the forums but I'm guessing that your tow habits are.... to be under max load and your speed at or under 65 MPH . If this is the case then I would say the Goodyear marathons would be a suitable replacement . In the words of my tire dealer cousin " all ST tires are pretty much junk but the Marathons are the best of the junk". I'm sure others will have a differing opinion
  15. The steepest grade on the Interstate system is on I-24/US-64 Westbound over Monteagle Mountain, TN. It's an 8% grade. Cant say for sure but I think this stretch of road has now been rebuilt and is now closer to 6% grade than 8% . I can say for sure that it was a white knuckle drive in an 1983 Freightliner and no Jake brake. Some years ago Johnny cash had a song about Monteagle .