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  1. Some how I don't think I should take that as a honor but we did provide entertainment for the week( and a bit longer )
  2. So Henry the big question I have was the installation of my ET on my Kenworth at the ECR 2 years ago not as bad as I thought? Just kidding as I know each install adds a new challenge and a chance to learn and improve, still really liking my hitch probably the best upgrade done so far, thanks again.
  3. I really like the couch set up you did looks great, just stated to think about doing something like that to ours, we have a 2001 T2000 that we found on sale here a few years ago by a forum member.
  4. Not many front living rooms that offer a outside kitchen but here is a new line from Forest River with a outside kitchen. http://www.forestriverinc.com/product-details.aspx?LineID=459&Image=23616&ModelID=3630#Main
  5. Didn't go for a free cone but here in the east on the first day of spring we have free Rita's Italian water ice, I had Wild Black Cherry, yumm
  6. Nice old truck but those high dog boxes can get old climbing over, but neat find.
  7. Congrats and welcome from another T2000 owner, I was lucky and found mine on here with the Smart car, have had it for 3 years now and am very happy with it, good luck and have fun with it.
  8. At a local drag strip in Pa the state police usually set up at the turnpike entrance with scales and start weighing anything with race cars or trailers and have got a lot of overweight set ups, not sure if the check for commercial registration or not, to me just not worth the risk.
  9. Glad all is going well have a safe trip!!!!
  10. It is the same for another forum I visit so guess I was used to it from there, but I usually just view from unread content, works good for me that way
  11. This is great to hear and very glad a builder stands behind their product. We had a Cedar Creek that I did not like the way the front end would flex ( kept having to re-caulk a seam ) was at the factory and had them measure it and they ended up keeping it to fix it. They had Lippert come out for the frame and they did everything else at no cost to us, I wish more were like these two companies. Congrats on good service.
  12. Very nice job, looks great.
  13. Right now the most chatter is on the Forest River Owners Forum but not a separate section for the River Stone, some have suggested adding one hope in time it happens, so for now I guess just do a search there for threads involving them. I have had a few folks pm there inquiring about them. http://www.forestriverforums.com/forums/
  14. No I have not scaled it yet as it has not been fully loaded, hope to get it done this year when we start to travel.
  15. Sorry about that, I even remember when he ran the road circuits, just not sure which class he was in.