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  1. I know when I was in the work force and drove for UPS we had to pre trip everything we towed from every location so as far as trailers went sometime I did the pre trip 8-10 times a day, knew what to look for but it was always nice to learn the working of what we were looking at to help. Tractor was done at start up so that was only once a day. Also really helped to have a good working relationship with your mechanic
  2. Funny, our wives must know each other!!!!!
  3. I think even if you have a fair knowledge of things it would be a great refresher course, getting older and having CRS we tend to forget things.
  4. Hershey RV Show September 13-17
  5. Won't help much for this trip but I would have someone else teach her, cheaper then a lawyer
  6. We have friends that use the Green Mountain grill and really like them, also some have the Treager and also like them, I do know the food they prepare is delicious!!!!!
  7. Roger, thanks for the tips on problem areas.
  8. Good video, I guess our issue is they are trying to match the truck with the camper with the design of the paint job, it has a slight metallic look when in the sun so maybe that helped drive the cost up.
  9. Jack, we were looking just to do the HDT to try to match the camper
  10. Thanks Vegas Flyer, will be interested in what you find out
  11. Roger, we are just looking at the truck the camper was a full body paint from the builder, I appreciate all the info you shared, did you have the camper done?
  12. peety3, I really did not know what to expect but at my 1st visit the first person said around 2 grand ball park as a box van ran around 3 grand and overall size looked less, boy was she wrong. I was thinking more then 2 but under 5 so for right now looks like this is out of our budget plan.
  13. Just curios if anyone here as ever thought or looked into doing this? I went today to see about getting ours done to match our new River Stone Legacy and was very surprised at the cost at over $8,000.00 I did not expect that much and now wonder how high a paint job would run. Anyway just looking to see if anyone has tried, thanks.
  14. Not much to say but......WOW!!!!!!!!! Very nice
  15. Good luck and I have to agree with you on all the help you can receive here to make the correct choice, hope all goes well for you