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  1. Off of 301 there is Duncans Adventure Bound campground, I would say closer to Annapolis but another option. http://abcamping.com/washingtondc/#
  2. Great, thanks for the update
  3. I forgot about the KOA, thanks for adding it. How is where your at? There quite a few years ago when it was Duncans
  4. Not a lot of choices in that area plus that long a stay will probably rule out a state park, look into Ramblin Pines in Woodbine ( west), Bar Harbor near Aberdeen ( north ) or even Cherry Hill near DC. Cherry Hill would be close to a 1/2 hour or more depending on traffic to Baltimore, actually they all could be that far with traffic, good luck on your search.
  5. Nice area we where there last year but stayed in Taos, I did get to ski Red River this past Feb, nice mountain. How is the campground as we are planning to head back out that way next summer, thanks for any info.
  6. I figured he was looking at that unit and needed help with info, hope he comes back to straighten us out, we due tend to wonder sometime
  7. I do not know if this would be a good thing or not but maybe a insurance company should be invited to a HDT Rally to see what we are all about and hopefully educate them more on the safety and why we use them. I myself would not know how to do this, kind of thinking out loud here, then would be opening the door to more issues? Any thoughts , good or bad?
  8. I think he is looking for a accurate weight on a 38RE not just what the builder says, maybe I am reading it wrong. At least that was how I took it
  9. We have a River Stone Legacy but not that floor plan, ours is a 38MB. Only issues so far are little things like shades and drawer closers ( soft close type ) Have not gotten it weighed yet but will soon as our summer travels begin tomorrow!!!!!
  10. I fully understand but don't let that bother you as everyone has different ideas and last time I checked as long as you are happy with it that should be all that matters. Good luck on your build and hope maybe you will decide to share or maybe for the few that have interest find a way to let them indulge.
  11. I think most here would like to see what your NH will look like and maybe even steal, I mean borrow some of your ideas, that's what I like about this forum a lot share ideas, get better or even tweak some things
  12. Ok thanks.
  13. Any chance you guys will be a vendor at the FROG rally this year?
  14. We have gotten mostly only positive signs from almost all truckers, if getting fuel they approach with lots of questions, now we rarely spend a night in a truck stop mostly fuel and a lunch break but have never felt any negativity from them. Forums sometime are like the new wave of CB's there were a lot of bully's on them years ago they just found there way to forums.
  15. Boy you got that right they are great for the old Let's throw this at the wall and see what sticks!!! At the location I work at they have rearranged the yard parking for trailers so many times and each time they think it will work best. Why they don't ask the yard jockey's what will work?????