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  1. Xscapers specific information, such as convergences, is found at However, as stated in several of the posts, the website is currently under maintenance and is displaying the Escapees website until it is fixed.
  2. We are hoping by the end of the week. Due to the complexities of our custom code, a recently applied update did a real number on the site.
  3. As previously mentioned the Xscapers website has been under maintenance and is not live at the moment. I assume you are having difficulties finding more information pertaining directly to the group. Make sure you join the FB Group Page at I have a feeling you are only following the business page currently. Hope this helps!
  4. Coachella Convergence 2017 April 13 – 17, 2017 We are extremely excited to announce that the Xscapers will be converging in Indio, CA, April 2017! This event will be centered around the annual Coachella Music & Arts Festival for those who want to park with us and attend the event over the weekend. This will be a unique opportunity for those who want to see what the festival is all about or for those who have been before and want to experience it again alongside activities with their fellow Xscapers! Inside the gates you will find live music, art exhibits, shopping opportunities, games/activities and a variety of food and beer options. Between the music festivities, we will plan to hold some evening social get-togethers where time permits. We hope you will join us for an exciting weekend full of fun and friendship. For more information about Coachella, visit: Coachella tickets will go back on sale in January of 2017. Parking & Pricing For Coachella we will be parking at Emerald Desert RV Resort, which is about 7 miles away from the festival. The campground offers unlimited shuttle service to and from the event for $75.00. We were only able to secure 15 sites for group parking since this is such a desired location so please make your reservations as soon as possible if you would like to park with us. The pricing for registration will be $300.00 (this does not include admission to Coachella). This fee includes 4 nights of parking at a discounted rate to Emerald Desert RV Resort and a commemorative Coachella Convergence T-shirt. The rate is for 2 people per rig and there is a $10.00/night fee for additional people. There is also a $3.00/night charge for pets. If you have any additional fees, please be sure to pay them during the registration process. *If the group parking has filled up and there is still availability in the campground, please go ahead and make your reservation directly through them and we will do our best to get you parked as close as possible to the group! Reserve your campground spot today by calling Escapees headquarters at: 1-888-757-2582 To reserve your shuttle pass, please call Emerald Desert RV Resort at: 1-877-624-4140
  5. This is incorrect to some extent. Xscapers does offer its own unique resources and information. We have also created special events that cater to working aged demographic to better fit their lifestyle. Becoming and Escapees RV Club member gives you access to the group since it is apart of the same membership. The website was recently updated which caused some bug in the site. This is why there currently seems to be no information pertaining directly to Xscapers.
  6. While doing some website upgrades the Xscapers site got a little banged up which is why the site currently looks the same as Escapees. We expect this issue to be corrected very soon. In the meantime here is a little background on Xscapers. The group is a lifestyle group within the Escapees membership and does not function as its own independent club. The group does however specifically cater to the working RVer and offers its own unique events called convergences. Beyond that the site also hosts unique information pertaining to those working aged RVers and has also inspired Escpaees to create more member benefits such as a Job Board.
  7. Yes, the Club News is a opt in and opt out email subscription. Regarding the recent Wholesales Warranties Club News, it was sent by HQ and we felt the piece was appropriate due to our partnership and the changes to their services. We do agree that this newsletter was more product related then our typical Club News and is not generally the goal of the subscription. However, much like the RVer Insurance Exchange Club News, these types of articles have relevance to the RVing community and our members which is why we felt they were within our guidelines. Out of respect and appreciation we do not send any information via Club News that we feel is solely spam. You can rest assured that we will provide important club information and updates through our Club Newsletters.
  8. Currently old content is automatically removed due to inactivity. We could change this but there is some concern for slight performance loss due tot he amount of content we would be hosting. Also keep in mind that it may be difficult to find relevant and current posts during searches due an abundance of old topics. Happy Travels!
  9. I feel sure there is a group of Solo’s that will be at Escapade. However, I’m not sure if they are meeting anywhere prior to the event or not. Dave Anderson is the president of the Solos. Bill Mikiewicz is the ROW Rep at Escapade for the Solos.
  10. After doing some research the "auto archiving" is turned off. We are unsure why this issue is happening. We are in the process of migrating the forum to Invision Power, the creators of the software. Once the migration is complete we will open a ticket so we can see what the issue is.
  11. In Category B, the member can request not to receive magazines or newsletters, news papers, etc. in general. Category C, the member can request specific magazines or newsletters, newspapers, etc in particular they do want and which ones they don’t.
  12. All incoming mail for satellite users is quickly packaged and sent to Livingston to avoid delays. While handing a piece of mail to someone who stops by sounds easy, it drastically increases the chance of errors. We take great pride in a less than 1-percent error ratio! When we established this service we purposely advised members to use it for state specific mail (vehicle registrations, license plates, driver’s licenses)—things that state departments want to send to a person’s domicile address. Any mail that can be sent to a “mailing address” should be sent directly to Livingston. As stated in this thread, those few pieces of mail that the satellite member receives will be quickly forwarded to Livingston and then processed along with all your other mail according to your personal instructions. No need for extra instructions or handling. It is true there is a $1 per piece charge for forwarded mail, but we do NOT charge you for junk mail. We realize some states sell their lists and you can get on junk mail without even knowing it.
  13. Escapees Turkey Creek RV Park in Branson, MO did have to evacuate due to flooding a couple of weeks ago.However, the park is back open and welcoming guests.
  14. Remember....political posts are against the rules are grounds for a warning.
  15. When you sign up for a mail service address, your address that Escapees provides you with functions as a physical address for residency purposes. This is outlined in a mail service contract. I put a call into the Florida Driver License Office to confirm the requested information. They stated that as long as you have a proof of a physical address, you are able to obtain a Commercial Driver License. Florida Mail Service addresses are formatted 4602 Country Road 673, #(your box number), Bushnell, Florida. Most mail services provide you with a PMB, which does not work for Florida as a physical address. Florida DMV said that the address will work as long as they have proof of using the address as their address of domicile. Regards, Shawn Loring