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  1. So I now have to use Oxygen, I was diagnosed with COPD, I was also told I had Emphysema Any way I am looking to get a Respironics Simply Go Portable Oxygen Concentrator. So my question is do any of you have any experience with this machine? Can you head any light on this unit? Thank You.
  2. My wife and I have Emergency Road Service thru a program at FMCA. It works great we had a tire blow out on I-15 a couple of years ago on a Saturday night outside of Barstow. It took them about 3 hours to get out there, but (because they tried to get us a new tire) they got us back on the road. It's only $106.00 a year they cover all of our vehicles we also have it thru our Vehicle insurance company, but we have to pay for the service and submit for a refund. With the FMCA Road service no money, has to be paid at time of service and I believe they will tow up to 200 miles. I don't have the paperwork here to be sure.
  3. I sure as heck would love to see the increase. I was looking at the paperwork they sent me about my Soc Sec benefits, I have been getting the same amount for the past 5 yrs. And my wife is supposed to get 98% of 55% of my benefit. She doesn't even get half of my benefit. I am told I get the Max amount but my SS is offset by my FECA Benefits. Which I have been receiving since I was 49 years old. I am now 65. I was forced onto Medicare when I was 51.
  4. I have not tried this but it is an interesting read. Thanks for posting it.
  5. I had a problem with the TPMS system in my Ram Truck. It indicated that I had a flat tire on the right front. I took it in to get it fixed they replaced all of the valve stems that had I guess a sending unit on the inside of the tire. I talked to my dealer and he said the system on my Jeep was the same as on my truck. He said they could flash the truck computer to communicate with the Jeep. The system on my RV just screw on to the valve stems. so more tha likely they will not communicate I will need to do a lot more research I will keep all of you posted. Thanks for you time and suggestions.
  6. Thanks I guess maybe I will need to get some sensors for the Aftermarket TPMS. I should say I will have to find them I got 10 sensors when I bought the system.
  7. I bought a new 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It has Oem TPMS built in. I have an aftermarket TPMS system in my 2005 Fleetwood Jamboree 26Q, Is there a way to get them to communicate with each other, because my TPMS has the capability of 10 receiving units. Thanks for any helpful info.
  8. I know this is an old post, but I just saw it. I have a Respironics M Series BiPap Machine. I got a 12v power cord from CPap.com and we put a 12V plug by the bed to run my machine off of. works great.
  9. I'm n the same predicament as Lynx, so I guess after the Christmas and New Year Holidays I will be looking to get new battery's, Our's are not quite 8 yrs old. Thank You for posting the link.
  10. The above post is what I posted before. I just talked to the dealer here in San Diego, San Diego Trailer Supply. I had a very learning conversation with the man there. I asked about the wiring system that they recommend for Blue Ox, The man I talked to said they wire into the electrical system for all of the lights. (Tail Lights and Marker lights) He Recommended the SMI Stay and Play Brake system, Does anyone have experience with that system. He recommended it because or RV is a Class C Gas Powered RV.
  11. Oil

    Very well put. I had a warranty issue with the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) it indicated we had a flat left front tire. I was in Reno NV. I called 3 different dealers they all asked for the Vin# I gave them the requested info. Each asked how long we were going to be in Reno, we told them, sure seemed odd tat not one I repeat not one had an open slot for warranty repair. until one week to the day before we returned home to So. Cal. I also called Mopar Owner Assist. They got the same song and dance. As long as my truck and my wife's vehicle are covered by the manufacturers warranty I will have them service at the dealer. I had my Ram truck serviced where I bought it, They used Shell Rotella T-5 Synthetic-Blend Oil. My Jeep calls for Synthetic-Blend Oil also. So if the dealer uses Full Synthetic Oil or Synthetic-Blend Oil. I will use what they put in the vehicle. Not because I want to use it but to protect the warranty. I was told that the Cummins Engine comes from the Factory with Valvoline Oil in it. I do not know how true that is some one will correct me if I'm mistaken.
  12. We use a Costco Visa for fuel and anything we buy at Costco, I am a member of Sam's club also but we don't have a CC from them, I got the Costco Visa mainly for the purchase of fuel. Other wise we use a Chevron CC or a Shell CC for fuel purchases. We went to Reno for a week a couple of months ago. We used two Credit Cards, Our Credit Union Master Card, and our Shell Credit Card.