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  1. Are you currently at Davis Mountains State Park? We are hosting here and are in site 16. Stop by for a visit. Ken
  2. Jim, do not figure that the Fort Bend County part of the toll roads will pick up the trailer with the truck EZ Tag. We got a fine fee notice on out trailer tag from Fort Bend. You have to call the knuckle heads there and they do not work the phones on the weekend. Ken
  3. Generally I do not recommend the use of LOW speed of the A/C fans. All that happens is the fan speed is reduced and the unit will rebalance at a lower evaporator temperature and less capacity. The big problem is with the lower evaporator temperature, there is more chance for the evaporator coil to ice or freeze. Most units have a freeze sensor in the evaporator coil to shut down the unit or at least the compressor. Ken
  4. Mark and Dale, been running the TS3 for 3 years now and never a problem hitching or unhitching. Straight forward and positive. Ken
  5. And Big Bend is HOT in the summer. Keep that in mind. Ken
  6. Goose neck trailers are built with goose neck frames. Fifth wheel trailers are meant to be used with 5th wheel hitches. Some manufacturers will allow the use of a Goose Box with their frame. I do not agree with the Goose box design being any different than a goose neck adapter with an added cushion. You notice that ALL of the big rig over the road drivers use a 5th wheel hitch, not a goose neck. Ken
  7. We carry our dog's rabies certificate and other shot records and health history in our truck. They are available if we need to show them. But, I like the idea of having to show the dogs vaccination records on check in. I want my dog safe, Ken
  8. I have to say, if you have never driven anything that big, you need to get some training for both driving and backing. All too often, we see folks pull in and they cut corners and damage the property or the rig. So for your safety and the safety of others, please get some training. That my 2 cents worth of advice....and I'm sticking to it. Ken
  9. Bring back the old format and New since last visit. New topics stinks like a dead animal. Ken
  10. I want New Since Last Visit back. The new format stinks. Ken
  11. Most of Texas is nota good place to be for the summer....just sayin'. Ken
  12. It would be nice to put up the name of the park. Ken
  13. It would be nice to put up the name of the park. Ken
  14. We have hosted at Davis Mtns. S.P. and it is enjoyable. We plan to be back there in April for a month. In the past, WiFi was available at the restrooms and Nature Center. The library is town is pretty neat and offers good free WiFi. Ken
  15. They have checked the distribution panel at the power company meter. Next step is to get the power company to check upstream of the meter to the transformer. If I take the Auto Transformer out, I will start getting low voltage drops on the PI EMS on L1. L2 runs high voltage, just not as high. Ken