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  1. In 2012 we were looking at the same deal your going through. Was going to order a new unit the following week. But found one that Sunday am before church. That was the same as what we were going to order. But had a Generator, Auto Sat dish, Washer/Dryer combo and Full body paint For get this $12,000.00 less then we were going to pay for a new unit. But without that $12 to $15,000.oo extra thrown in free. So we bought a almost new 2012 for that $12,000.00 less. It had been used 2 weeks. Backed into a climate controlled shop. Sat there 5 months, then taken out a weekend. Then back into the climate controlled shop. We bought the unit when it was just shy of 9 months old. Had been out in the weather 16 days. Had never been rained on. I crawled under it, and it was perfect under neath. Don't think one that was just delivered to the lot was this clean. The day the unit was delivered the owner took it the 29 miles home. So it did not even sit on the lot overnight. So for us we came out better used then new. Plus we had the rest of the warranty left. Got to use it on 2 small things. But be sure to make sure the roof and the rest of any used unit is in great shape. I did look at one nice unit. That had found its way under a low hanging limb. That limb had broken the seal on the roof. Then the rain had found its way into the walls. Unit was less then 8 months old. And guessing it had been leaking close to that length of time also. Friends of ours just sold there DRV and truck. I fear it sold at a fire sale price. As they had been trying to sell it for the last 18 months. His wife's health failed about 3 weeks after buying it. So they could not use it, and it just sat there. Sad for both of them. But great deal for someone else. Pete
  2. Thanks.
  3. Could you not pull the front of the jeep up on a wedge behind the cab. And get a shorter bed that way? I know there's a few that haul there's that way. But for the life of me, can't find one now. Pete
  4. Seen a truck today, it has the front axle removed. Rear axle left where it was from factory. Then a carrier bearing where the front axle was. And now a Long single axle. Going to check more on it this weekend. But wondering what issues this may have caused to the transmission? As not sure how balanced the drive shafts would be rigged up like this?
  5. I'm sure in a few weeks. Photobucket will stop this. Don't see many people paying the $400. per year for there service. Been moving my pics the last week. Good to know Dreamhost can be made to work with my pics. Will be checking into that. As we have full hosting there. Pete
  6. Nice and enjoy. Buddy of mine asked the same question a few weeks back. And it also got him the discount. Pete
  7. So you got lucky enough to farm in Oregon? Love that country and plan on visiting a lot of it in a few years.
  8. Thats why I posted the info from IN. AS I think that's where the poster live's. And was only to the statement you were making. That he could not haul his own grain to market. Everything I have read on any farmer tag. They can haul there own grain anywere. But after its sold they can't haul it again. But then again I'm just a dumb country boy. And have no ideal what happens in the state of NV. Being I never seen many row crows grown there.
  9. Well the guy sold the W900l. Told me he could not get it running. So he sold it as is. Get this a 1997 Kenworth W900l 72" Studio Sleeper. Singled AG100 rear, 635,000 miles on a Detroit 12.7 with 13 speed trans. It did need a paint job. But he was selling it for $8500. Seats were perfect, Carpet was perfect. Interior was almost like new. The sofa still had plastic on the back of it. Engine was clean and dry not a drop of oil on it. Whole under side of that truck was clean. Not cleaned up. But just clean as in where someone that takes care of a truck. It had been used buy a guy doing Rodeo's. I ran the vin number and it was a southern truck. Never worked, just pulled a big living Qtrs trailer most of its life. The guy rearened someone. And it sat for a few years. Then this guy buys it and replaces the hood. He only used it to pull a 35ft living Qtrs horse trailer. Out west 3 times per year to ride horses for 3 weeks at at time I took cash end of May to buy it. And got there it would not start. He was changing fuel filters when we pulled up.I feel we missed out on a steal for sure. But that's life. So still looking for the right truck. May just buy an older truck no electrical to have issues with. And build it the way I want it .
  10. Its tn here. But I was posting that to show the guy could take his grain to market. And I agree farm tags are not good for pulling a camper. But here in West Tn, they use farm tags for what every. I see trucks everyday. Hauling lumber and logs or even freight. So and So's farm and there running cross country. I for one would not try it. AS I'm sure that with my luck. I'm getting caught doing it for sure.
  11. Have to ask a ? If a farmer could not haul there grain to market. Why would they even want a truck? Its there grain and they have to get it to market. Thus they can haul it and its still farm use. Not sure where the Guy is from. But seen In a few times on the thread. "All loads must originate from your farm and must be products belonging to you. You can haul grain from your farm to the elevator and to other locations in Indiana. You can also haul grain from your fields to your grain bins and farm machinary from field to field and back to the yard, or to other Indiana locations. " To be Commercial. You would have to be caught hauling someone else's grain to an Elevator. Then the farmer would be in trouble. Guys here haul there grain out of state. And are still legal, but not when they get caught hauling others grain. One last year got caught with a backhual. He found where he could haul chicken litter back. And was making good $$ doing it. But some how TDot found out about it. And followed him to where he dumped it on a guys pasture. At that point. He got a Ticket for no Class A, Wrong Tags on the truck. And a few other tickets. Last I heard his find was over $10,000. for that load. As for the original posters question. One guy here bought a different truck to pull his camper. After finding out he could not do both legal. Pete
  12. If anyone is looking for a Workstation 670 factory single axle. Here's one listed at Volvo 670 $28,500. in Lexington Ky. If the guy would buy my Kodiak in time. I would go look at it. nice looking truck with the I Shift also. It shows Workstation in the listing. Would not have though they would have had it in the 61" sleeper it shows in the listing. But learn something new everyday. Stock Number 2010 42T Year 2010 Manufacturer VOLVO Model VNL42T670 Condition Used Mileage 897,000 mi Horsepower 485 Engine Manufacturer Volvo Engine Type D-13 Fuel Type Diesel Transmission I Shift Suspension Air Ride Number of Rear Axles Single Overdrive Yes Engine Brake Yes Ratio 3.36 Tires 22.5 Wheels All Aluminum Wheelbase 190 in Front Axle Weight 12,000 lb Rear Axle Weight 23,000 lb Sleeper Mid Roof Sleeper Sleeper Size 61 in
  13. Moore Brothers Truck sale's Selmer Tn. There east of the traffic lite at Hwy 64 and Hwy 45. Across the road from Hardie's Restaurant. What are you looking for? I can swing by and check if they have it for you. They used to have lots of parts trucks. But the last few years, there moving more into buying trucks and selling them. Donnie offered us a 2000 Volvo with 12.7 and autoshift. At a steal of a price. And I waited 3 hours longer then I should have. Guy bought it and had been running it commercial. There was a guy on here that sold his truck. It was sold in Fort Wayne IN. I think it was, he offered me that truck. As we had told him we were looking for one. But a local guy had won the auction. Or the giveaway, and Donnie was going to have to guy it from him. Then transport it here, so I did not go for it.
  14. How about some of these. Quick Fist These go on fast and could be rigged to hold wires or cables easy. Pete
  15. Also read the directions on setting up the P2. I have one and will tell you. Its hard to get set up right. But when you do it will work. But if the settings are off just a little bit. It will work good using the hand switch. but feel as though its not working at all by your foot brake. Pete