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  1. I added 3 relays driving/fog/deck lights. I mounted the relays near the radiator. Relays are cheap and I think the switches were about $15 each. This allowed for larger wires to the lights and a smaller wires to the switches. I still have the factory light switch, if you want it just pay the postage. I am in Maricopa, AZ until April 10th.
  2. Interesting!!! I added the factory fog/driving lights also and I added the correct headlight switch. They did not work but I never thought of a computer re-flash to tell the system that the lights were added. I guess I should have thought about that. My solution was to install separate switches and relays. It would have nice to have the correct factory system but this also works.
  3. I forgot to add that I have one that came with my trailer. I had no idea what this tool was for until after my first flat tire. I spent a long time trying to figure out how to get the wheel simulator off. a few weeks later I found the "tool" in the cupboard.
  4. I think the tool you are looking for is from Phoenix USA. They seem to have the "T" handle socket in their pictures. I would try the email linkon their page and see if they will sell one separately. Or call them @ 1-800-786-8785
  5. I did worry a little at the time about modifications but all went well. Out of province inspection and a trip to registries for a plate after the RIVA sticker arrived. I could not get an answer as to what constituted a modification and I didn't want to open a can of worms if I didn't need to.
  6. I am registered as a truck and insured as a motorhome. Rv direct insures both the Volvo and the toy hauler. I bought it in the states already singled and I no problem with anything during the process of registering as just a truck. No one ever asked about modifications.
  7. There is T connector here that mine was leaking from. This leads to the valve that operates the exhaust brake. I replaced the T and the valve and solved a big hard to find leak.
  8. Mine was 3K CAD. I had it done at the Volvo dealer in Red Deer. Just part of maintnence and provides peice of mind. To leave it until it takes out the computor would not be much fun on the side of the road somewhere.
  9. I drive by there often, sometimes on the road and sometimes on the river. We live a few miles from Riverside RV park. We left Rocky the end of October for Maricopa, [Opposite direction from Dawson Creek] Just before winter arrived. Maybe next summer we will connect. Greg
  10. Rocky Mountain House during the months that are to hot to be in Arizona.
  11. You need to call a Coyote for additional guidance and direction to gain the upper hand on this bird.
  12. Michelin steers and balanced with beads.
  13. Yes I carry a set of singles but I don't plan on ever using them.
  14. Thanks for the help. Stress relief! !!
  15. My 04 630 always felt somewhat like the description above. New shocks helped as did grease job done with the weight off the tires. But today I put on new steering tires and wow what a difference. It went from feeling like driving on marbles to almost sports car feel. Tires were well past their best before date at over 10 years old.