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  1. I think you should write a book. I do enjoy reading about your adventures
  2. Thank you. This has got to be the greatest site on the internet.
  3. Great idea. I am going to build one of these. I like the "before the air dryer" idea. Also it will stay connected better than a tire inflator. Could you add a pic of the connection on the D12 so I have a better idea of it's location.
  4. Yes on the governor. It is where you can air up the truck if you shut it off in gear. The truck will not start in gear and if air is low it will not shift into neutral. I have not had to do this but it is a bit of handy info if it ever happens.
  5. Shop air can be helpful as the truck will not be hot and that will make it easier and safer to crawl around under it.
  6. And don't tell them you are hooked to a horse trailer if you need a tire changed. They don't do horse trailers either. Now if I need them I am hooked to a "utility trailer".
  7. Happy to hear that all is good!! thanks for updating. It is so nice to see a relatively simple solution to a serious situation.
  8. Had mine replaced at my local shop. they built a new high pressure hose that was weeping and the idler pulley at the same time. I can't remember what it cost but the hose is not really expensive. The low pressure hose was OK
  9. Yes it is a "Gen 2" That would be great. Greg
  10. Great cup holder!! Very functional. Now you need to design a cup holder to easily retro fit in my 04. The swing out cup tosser that the factory installed is worse than useless.
  11. I have been a 303 fan for years. I think using it on tires 2-3 times a year would be a great idea. Easy to do and no need to try to get them covered.
  12. One place to start is an air brake course. I didn't have a clue about this system and taking the air brake course gave me a better understanding of the air system. Also as time goes on you will collect a parts supply to fix the little things that a shop would have you sell a kidney for.. Get some air line and fitting for repairs and a small vice grip to seal a line if you have to. Also a cage bolt.
  13. Cory I have some good news for you. You said in a previous post that you were not a mechanic. Well the good news is that after you have a HDT for a while you will be. Having an air leak that you can actually hear that will shut you down that fast is a good thing. Something like a schrader valve missing is an easy find and fix.. As you have already leaned it is important to be in neutral before you are out of air. The learning curve is steep but you will be fine. You will learn the systems and become very comfortable with your truck.
  14. I water proofed the water proof box and hopefully solved the problem. And yes it is one big wire in and one out with the others sealed as best as I could. Seems to be staying dry now. I agree less connections less to go wrong. But it looks nice. LOL
  15. This will never work! There is no black tape and everyone knows you have to use black tape. LOL Very nicely done.