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  1. They're 6-lug, 1/2-20tpi. I used a 3/4" socket . Thx all! Again- I apologize for my mistake.
  2. I have a slider by Curt Mfg. in my 2500HD with a 78" bed. It's a manual slide unit, and I broke out my rear window the 1st time I practiced backing. I actually FORGOT to get out and move the hitch to the rear maneuvering position. Talk about feeling stupid.... I wish I'd spent more money and bought the automatic sliding hitch instead.
  3. I originally said 17"wheels and it was a typo that should have been 16". Sorry about the error..I've torqured the wheels to 95 ft lbs. We took our 1st road trip:-( 60 miles) and the lug nuts were still at 95. So it looks like I've muddled my way to success.
  4. I just traded a 2014 Ford F150 Ecoboost in for a Chevy 2500 HD because the load capacity of the Ford was only 1395lbs.dry. I really liked the truck but didn't want to tow maxed out or overloaded. The 3/4ton carries double that weight easily.
  5. Every 90 days or so I get notified that its time to order new bipap supplies. So it's been dish soap and hot water for me. Guess I'll soak in vinegar too. Not much help was l ?
  6. I was editting my post while you were typing Jim. Wow. There's a difference between your numbers and the ones I was just told.
  7. Although this question relates to a previous post about jacking up my 5th wheel, it's a separate topic- I've checked my rv aluminum 17" rims and there's no stamped info on installation torque settings. So I'm back to ask what setting I should put my torque wrench to. I found the following info , but 90-120 ft/lbs is a pretty good spread. Again, thanks. I just went back to the link and asked the question- he said 110lbs would be perfect for the lugs I have. (1/2 inch) So I guess I've answered my own question... {and you guys thought I was dumb...}
  8. Thanks Glenn. I hated to lift the rv from the axles, but there isn't a pad under the U-bolts. They just wrap around the bottom of the axle. I placed my bottle jack (12 ton) between the two U-bolts. Not enough room for a floor jack.
  9. OK. The truck door sticker says 60 psi in front and 75 in the rear tires. Camper sticker says 85 psi for both axles' tires. I'm getting new Goodyear Endurances for it tomorrow. 1st camping trip coming up this weekend.
  10. How much air pressure should I run in my tires- both the 5thwheel and the truck? The 5er tires say 80psi on the sidewall, and so do the truck's tires. What are the guidelines for air pressure?
  11. Today I jacked the axles up and put the 5er up on jack stands.That u-bolt is really close to the tire. All 4 tires look really good from a distance, but close up they show that they need replaced after 7 yrs.. goes to show you the importance of regular checks, huh? My finger is pointing to a 6" long BUBBLE between the treads.
  12. Boy I really said that wrong- I'm putting the jack right behind the axles on the frame. By lifting there, however, the entire rear of the trailer is going up except the opposite wheels. I know the weight is being transferred somewhere, and fear the front landing gear won't be strong enough for it. I'll move the lifting point to the axles tomorrow. I was afraid of bending the axles when I first thought about lifting there.
  13. I'm going to replace the 7 yr. old tires on my "new" 5th wheel trailer. I figured that I'd remove the wheels and take them to the tire store-22 miles away. By jacking up the rear of the trailer, am I putting too much weight on the front landing gear? I haven't weighed the trailer, but it's a Crossroads Cruiser 34ft 9 inches long. Just a guess- around 10,500lbs.
  14. Kirk, thank you for the links. Just as I expected, there are reasons to have the toppers and reasons for not having them. I think we might wait until we've seen how the 5er handles the water and I've got some good advice about tilting the slides and cleaning the tops.-
  15. Rubber seals-yes. On our 1st 5er, a 1994 Terry, the top seal failed and boy what a wet mess. Only happened once, but the carpet and flooring got soaked.