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  1. You are overthinking all this. First is get your house prepped and on the market, then you can think about everything else. You will need a PA address to maintain it as domicile and that means PA taxes. Inspection is the least of your concerns. We are going through the same process now. We are prepping our house for sale, we decided to pack as much as we can and leave what we need to live on in the house for now. That way when the house sells, if we are on the road, we will fly/drive back and have minimal to pack. We have a wonderful service in town who will empty the house of what we leave behind; sell what they can(70/30 split), clean the house up ready for the new owners. This way we can pack, store everything, fly/drive back and be done with it. No need anymore to be around for closings etc. The wonders of the internet.............. We don't know where we will end up but have had and Escapees TX address for 20+ years so will use that as our domicile until we are tired of FT and find a place we want to call home. We know we will be out west someplace so we will ship and store near our daughter in AZ in case anything happens to us our belongings will be close to her. Just make sure when/if you change domicile you cut all ties with PA. If you have some questions that you don't feel like posting here just PM me.
  2. I have heard the July 17th date before from the rep at Car Connection.
  3. Honda 2000 seems to be what most people buy, store it in the bed of the truck or SUV.
  4. Good luck with that goal!!!! The answer depends on where you are spraying(or if you are bombing). If you are spraying inside cabinets, then clean last. If you after just doing the floor and under drawers you can clean the cabinets first, then after spraying(several days) the floor. That is what I would do. If bombing, I am not sure. Read the package. My inclination would be to bomb, then clean.
  5. Did you look in Freenight or Allstays to see if it is there? Or you send an email to Guy.
  6. Lenp, Do you find overnightcamping.com has more locations than the Days End Directory?
  7. Did you check on Google Earth to see if something was built there?
  8. The other gotcha is we have a residential refrigerator. Yes we could do it Yaromes way, I guess we need to try it to see how much the batteries draw down with the refrig. on. We just assumed(I know!) that the refrig would draw down the batteries too much. The English one is 1/2 the price of the US version and they felt it would work. I'll keep that in my back pocket. If we had to get Onan servicing we would remove the timer. Just like we remove the 5 Star tune when/if we go to Ford for servicing. Thanks
  9. But as I read it you can only schedule quiet time for once a day. I want to schedule it for twice a day and then I want the generator to run, not wait for the batteries to be low. Am I reading the EC30 instructions wrong?
  10. When we camp in National Parks there is limited generator usage, usually 8-10AM and 4-6PM. I have no problems with this if we are "home". Many times we are out these hours and I would like the generator to run. Our generator is an Onan 5500 with the EC30 autostart option. I feel a timer would be great but have been unsuccessful in my hunt. I have recently found these 2 and was wondering if either would work. I don't give the one from England much hope. If anyone has a solution to this please let me know. https://www.flightsystems.com/standby-generator-ats-controls/grasslin-20a-24v-120v-exercise-timer.html http://www.gencontrol.co.uk/timer-control.html Thanks
  11. tank

    We had one added by Transfer Flow. We just planned it as part of one of our trips and scheduled it. I think they have shops that do the install across the US.
  12. Stardreamer, I don't see anywhere where Swhite said she was not going to get insurance, just a query if we had any feel for the cost. No one suggested she not deal with an agent. FCIS and Miller have been around for years and understand the special needs of a fulltimer. Many people think that there Allstate or Nationwide agent is fine. Until they have an accident and find out they did not have thee correct type of insurance. Go with a specialty company and you won't regret it. Most states have a minimum which we all know is not enough plus there is additional options that need to be selected. As an example: we have full glass replacement, our FCIS agent added that without our asking. I have a friend who has Good Sam and discovered the hard way that they had no glass coverage. I assume GS offers it but no one asked.......................I want my agent to be proactive on my behalf.
  13. We added pepper but that was decades ago
  14. Best I can tell talking to others the surgery becomes an annual event....................
  15. Give them a call................