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  1. I may of missed it but you will need a mail service for your mail. We use Escapees and all we have is praise for them. A mail service is your new address for all your mail. The service holds your mail and, at your direction, forwards to a location you designate. Mail services give you a street address for your mail as many businesses will not send to a PO box. You will find as you automate everything to be automatically deducted you get less and less mail but you will always have some. You don't need a trip planner like AAA. You are in a rv and can go where you please. We belong to AAA just so we can have paper maps. As much as our GPS and cell phones are used today I believe in paper backup as the electronics don't work all the time. We try to use only 1 credit card and pay it off each month automatically(and have a second in reserve). You will need to remember to notify your credit card companies that you are traveling(this can be done online) and update it every few months. You need to eliminate all monthly bills that you need to write a check for. Also you need a robust cell phone service so that you have as much coverage in the US as possible. If you don't have a GPS it is time to get one. We have a Garmin RV760 and it warns of bridge heights on the major roads. There is also a data base you can load on your GPS for low bridges. Start following threads on this forum, especially the travel/internet ones so you have a feel as to what our life is like.
  2. We have Directv so we never use cable from the park. Thnaks for the info though.
  3. Dmworthi, Keep lookinig, there is an answer out there someplace. Don't give up so fast. We have many members but they may not be able to logon today or maybe even for a week. Just keep looking and don't give up so fast.
  4. The ammo was 50+ years old and we felt it might not be safe to use.
  5. This happened to us also. No problems encountered. Actually, as part of our tank dumping, we put about 1/2 c. of Blue Dawn in the black and the gray tank to help keep them "slick".
  6. The Gardens, Crossville, TN not sure what size homes they have There is one the Kirk lives in near Dallas. He'll be responding soon. Give us an idea where you would like to live.
  7. Just bought the Tivo Roamio for $286, seems to be great pricing.. 1 G disk..
  8. We are on the road with the guns in bubble wrap under the bed. I stopped by the police station to drop off the ammo, about 2 shoe boxes, they checked for hand grenades(i guess I can't turn in hand grenades) to took my ammo away and unloaded our bikes which we were donating to their Christmas drive. Easy. Asked about the bubble wrap and they said that would do.
  9. I'm surprised he tried to sell you something. when I called the "car Connection" number they were all business.......................
  10. There are many sites to find info it is just knowing the sites. We use www.roadtrippers.com which has a wealth of information, the site just goes on and on. Enjoy!
  11. Not in the Park. At Terlinqua, maybe some other places outside park.
  12. .

  13. Thanks but I doubt if any of us would assume they would have our tires in stock. That would be such a high risk move. Even for a car you need to confirm the tires you want are in stock(even at Sams and Costco). My experience is that no one ever has in stock the tires I want. They might have 1-2 but never 4 or 6. And then you need to schedule the alignment.
  14. Continuation of yesterday and my Mobley turning off. This morning the green lights were on but I could not access it. I guess a timer is in my future.
  15. I called Les Schwab in Sutherlin. They do not do alignments on MH. Gene's Brakes in Rosenburg does.