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  1. Wonder what happened to Backpacker????
  2. We have used D&R in Glendale.........Check the tires also.
  3. When we had a membership we found the parks were never where we wanted to be. Now we try to use PA/boondock/govt. parks/fairgrounds. A call to a PA CG and many times the restriction of Fri/Sat/Sun are waved.
  4. You need to take into account driving style and experience. I have some friends who drove up from TX. I recommended the Blue Ridge Pky. They bailed out on it as too curvy, took I81 and I64, didn'the like those Roads either, too hilly. Wanted flat, straight Roads. Had never been out of TX before.
  5. Status update: the May 1(I thought it was the April 1) update was not applied and is just sitting on my phone. I have no intentions of installing it at this point. I was going to try to install the update before any apps downloaded, I replied no when asked but the apps downloaded anyway. I feel one of the apps doesn't want to play nice with the update. Research time for this. I would like to thank all of you for your help in my panic this AM. As usual, Escapees come through.......
  6. I don't now either. I will not being putting the update on without more research. People keep referring the Operating Systems by name(Nougat,Ice Cream,Marshmallow). I don't see anything like that on my phone, just version number. Where do the names come from and what is why use those instead of a number. confused??
  7. The phone is busy restoring my apps and I have wifi back. One thing I learned is that to do a factory reset you can't have the phone plugged in and charging...........Stumbled across that gotcha!!
  8. I didn't know that I needed to check with the carrier.....Live and learn............. I am in the middle of the factory reset now....Hopefully all will be will in a while............... I will check with the carrier later.
  9. Thanks, I'll try that when I give up.
  10. Each time it reboots I get further along, I'll keep plugging away and let everyone know how I am doing.......... Thanks
  11. OK, I tried that but can't find the alternate reset. I tried the UI in SAFE but that didn't work. I googled looking for the alternate reset and didn't find it.
  12. Thanks. I'll try it. I guess I will skip this update. Do you know if this is a known problem? OK, I tried that but can't find the alternate reset. I tried the UI in SAFE but that didn't work. I googled looking for the alternate reset and didn't find it.
  13. I just put on my Samsung S7 the April 1 Update and something is very wrong. It is very slow, can't find wifi at all, keeps rebooting. I have tried to get to Settings to do a factory reset but Setting has changed totally and I can't find where to do the reset before it locks up or reboots.................. How can I get out of this mess????
  14. and adult beverage for really bad days........................
  15. Do you travel with full water tank? If this is an air vent the wager might be sloshing around in the tank and coming out the air vent...............