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  1. Another point aside from Kirk's, forget about obtaining any RV with the thought of good resale value, won't happen. Suggest you and friend rent say, a Class C for a weekend and get a feel for what coming. DO NOT jump into anything without a lot of research. Jim
  2. Adele, first, forget the amount the truck is rated to tow, instead the amount of weight the truck can carry(pin weight) is what you need to be concerned about. Almost any PU can tow the weight but will not carry the load. Find the GVWR of your trailer, take 20% of that weight as your pin weight. Now you need to do research on trucks you are interested in. I suggest you look at 350/3500 class trucks instead of 250/2500 as cost is little different and will park in same space as the 250/2500 truck. Jim
  3. Chef Roy's is wonderful, under no circumstance pass up the Turtle dessert.
  4. This is a little late for some, but, when we ordered our current trailer (NuWa), we had the bedroom glass sliding doors replaced with wooden louvered doors, mainly for air circulation (and not having to look at old nekkid bodies). So far we have not had any evidence of moisture in the closet in 19 years. One could possibly find such doors at big box supply stores and since most are more narrow than the standard slider in RV's, join two together for each door. Require some work, but would solve moisture problem. Jim
  5. For correct answer, just call Mor/ryde, no guessing
  6. I used 1 gal cans because.... easier to get on roof, use a pouring lid, you can seal up lid after pouring amount you are using, easier to mix a 1 gallon than 5, controlling left over easier, be sure to have a heavy duty drill to mix with. Good luck Jim
  7. Can't help with Fla, we are in TX, and use National Interstate to insure 5th wheela and FL60 Freightliner. I am sure it is not the same in Fla, but call and see. Jim
  8. Problem solved!!! DW said "did you try it with the engine running?", no I answered, engine running shouldn't have anything to do with the lights. Wrong! cranked up, lights went to low beam/high beam. Still no clear on why, but meal out is in her future. Thanks all, Jim
  9. Thanks Hot Rod, the bulb is 55 watt and just put in a 300 mile trip with the sealed beams and dim/high switch worked as usual.I have an inquiry into Summit but it will be Monday before I get a response. The catalog said the kit was Hella, but box has Rampage on it? puzzlement
  10. H4 bulbs that came with kit, connector for sealed beams and terminals on H4 bulb is same config??
  11. Anyone have a idea on why no high beams, changed from sealed beams to halogen. All connections clean, tight. The sealed beams had highs a few night ago. Using Hella lights. Connector on light stalk sucure. FL60, 1996 version. Thanks, Jim
  12. You do not have to be in the county. Just use the mail service address to fill out the online form. You will need to get a current inspection on your truck since the inspection and window tag is the same. The sticker will be mailed to Livingston and sent to you via mail. Jim
  13. You first have to request an application for absentee ballot, then the ballot will be mailed. The mail service has the applications, got out last week with the mail and have sent back to clerk. Just email the mail service and request the application. Jim
  14. Well Big5er, since I seem to now be on your s____ list, why did you not mention "somewhereinusa, Pat & Pete, and Peety" all of whom said almost the same thing. I have been around since the creation of the MTD forum before it morphed into HDT also. During this time I do not recall ANY episode of me responding in a negative manner to any post. If I offend you that much, its been nice. Jim
  15. To Pat and others, I do not need a two word post... what I need is an elimination of glaucoma in both eyes that makes it difficult to focus. Sorry if you have a problem with that. Jim