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  1. My biggest peeve from the AL is they keep sending Holiday cards, Address labels, etc and expecting donations. I get a very limited SS income and have to make a tight budget to live for a month! I have asked them to stop, wrote and it does no good. I have been debating whether to renew or not as I don't attend due to smoking (I am an ex smoker--5+ yrs.) and don't drink. I do like the stories and information in the Magazine, which keeps me leaning toward renewing!
  2. I also use Opera browser and its VPN! I'm not a Techie, and give much credit to RV. I'm using my Android Win/10 tablet today!
  3. I use open WIFi spots often and use Malwarebytes and Windows Defender! Haven't had any problems in 2+ years maybe I'm lucky, or the programs work well. Today I am using and older Macbook Air!
  4. Check your fuses! Then see if the wire is connected!
  5. I totally Agree! Unless we walk in another's boots, lets us not Condemn! So long as there is no messes and the store or land owners & police don't ban them, whom are we to say!
  6. Possibly what happen when corporate Giants get to big of Heads! This cyber hacking is becoming ridiculous! Seems like we can'r have enough security on our electronics!
  7. Just go to the nearest VA Hospital and go in and register he will get the one shown on the top! This will be adequate for most firms offering discounts. present it to Lowes and you will get their card! There are so many impostor wanna-be posers trying to use our military benefits instead of working for them like we have!
  8. Just being a Vietnam Era veteran qualifies one for health care, so he definitely qualifies! The benefits alone are worth it!
  9. Is yout hot water heater under there like my RV?
  10. It is only being made available in Europe according to the media!
  11. I can almost bet that many vegetables in stores are not inspected properly, Listeria, Salmonella, etc. Back to the topic! back in my old home town the campground owners went to a town hall meeting and the city leaders sided with them! No more overnight RVing at businesses!
  12. Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable 4TH!
  13. AWESOME!