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  1. We use these three... Mentioned above ... Google Generic Speed Test Another one not yet mentioned -
  2. No, we will be out west. But there will be another team there.
  3. Yep. That was us. We were across the street at Wendy's. Visited with Maurice and Ginny last night - south of Steamboat Springs.
  4. Magneshade - A little pricey but they do
  5. I am a bobbin girl myself, so I don't know of any bagged solutions. Can you get different sized drawers or boxes so that you can keep your current system intact? Not knowing what size bags/drawers you use or the size of your cabinets it is difficult to suggest options. I did a Google search on "embroidery floss storage" and saw some ideas that might work for you. Hit the "image" filter below the search box and you will see images rather than just words in your search results. Pinterest had some good results also. I have tatting, crochet, machine embroidery, and cross-stitch supplies in our RV (and I almost brought my quilting supplies from my mother-in-law's attic this year!). I would love to have it all perfectly organized and easy to access, but that won't happen while we are living in an RV. I've come up with a system that mostly works for me. I am sure you will too. So much fiber - so little space! Good luck with this and let us know how you worked it out! ~Susan
  6. Mike's Custom Painting(Bremen, IN) can make this repair. Very pleased with fiberglass repairs (different) they did for us.
  7. In Lincoln Nebraska for a few weeks helping friends move. Jim, check out the Grove of Titans in the National forest - most beautiful. One of my top favorite places. Numerous great walks through the forests there. - Trey
  8. We really liked Stout Grove. If you are in the area for a few days, there are other groves nearby that make a great visit. We stayed in Hiouchi and hiked a different groove each day. LOVED IT! Enjoy your time there. ~S
  9. Size is important and more importantly load carrying capacity. If the size and loads allow then... Maxxis, is a proven good brand for ST(Special Trailer) tires. There is only 1 Special Trailer tire that is manufactured in America - The Goodyear Endurance Model. (Tire Sizes/Specifications for Endurance) It is brand new and just recently released. It is speed rated at 87 mph.
  10. Firestone 560 is a great option if your loads allow its use. Bridgestone/Firestone Engineers recommend it for RV use. It is a good proven regional tire. Always make sure when getting new tires that the load capacities are correct for the loads you actually carry on your RV. Which means it is good to weigh the RV, preferably by wheel position. Been running the Firestone 560 for years now and they have served us well. Used on an HDT.
  11. We were one of the folks who Eagle Eye (Dave and Marge) spoke with in the park near their former home. We greatly enjoyed to visit. Certainly in the fall go to some of the classes at the RV show in Hershey Sept 13-17. Other good resources for full-timing classes or training on that side of the country would be... RVSEF Technical Education and Safety Conference - October 1-5 RV-Dreams Fall Education Rally - Sept 25 - Oct 1 (Howard and Linda Payne and just read through the wealth of information on their website and Journal)
  12. Another option - less expensive fewer options but will work for the application (Poly Performance) Regulator only Full Kit Other pieces
  13. Per MorRyde IS Service Manual - page 4 (Found on Product Documents page) PROCEDURES FOR JACKING UP UNIT It is permissible to jack up a unit equipped with a MORryde Independent Rubber Suspension System only on the Beam Assembly under the Rubber Springs (see page 3 for diagram) or the frame of the trailer. The most efficient location to raise a trailer is at the frame. Jacks and safety stands should be positioned towards the front and rear portion of the trailer frame. To perform suspension work tires should be approximately 4” above the ground.
  14. We had a similar problem when hooking ours up and it was solved with a larger gauge wire. Not sure if it was the same code but the solution was easy in out case. In our case I think it was a wire to the actuator, but the memory is a bit rusty. Probably not the issue you are having but you never know - could be something simple.
  15. Agreed (Chad, Ron, Phil). Just to be clear RVSEF calculates pin weight this way, too. (Not as mentioned above)