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  1. I can not think of a reason why not. Our trailer came with a combination smoke/CO detector mounted near the bedroom door. I added a stand alone battery powered CO detector near the bed head board. You will just have to monitor the CO detector battery since the propane/CO detector is likely wired to the RV 12 volt system.
  2. While this does not directly involve RVers, who can already reserve campsites in the park campground, it may affect the plans of those that stay outside the park and want to visit. You can read about the rules being considered here.
  3. I am in a somewhat similar situation. Still using Streets and Trips even though it is no longer updated by Microsoft. I can however still update the data sets for campgrounds and other points of interest. I have downloaded Garmin Basecamp and figured out how to import the map from the GPS. I am still trying to figure out how to get all the POI data sets to show in the route planner.
  4. GFI

    After installing the new GFI outlet and turning the breaker to on, did you try pressing the reset button on the GFI? If there was power from the breaker to the GFI outlet you should either have power to the outlet or hear the pop of the GFI disconnecting. If you get nothing, try pushing the test button on the GFI and then the reset. If you still get nothing then the problem is likely with the breaker or the wires between the breaker and the GFI outlet.
  5. Where is this article? I can't find a link in your post.
  6. I thought that was what I said To clarify the clarification: There is only one East Entrance to Zion and it is on UT-9 (which I believe is the only road that runs through the park) and leads to the restricted tunnel. From Fredonia; AZ-389 to UT-59 to UT-9 North/East at Hurricane will take you to the Park's main entrance which is on the South side of the Park. From Northeast of Zion, one could also take either UT-20 or UT-14 (depending on mountain driving skills) from US-89 to I-15 South and go from I-15 to the main entrance to the park. Yes, the main entrance can also be reached from the West as can the Kolob Canyons section of the park. There are no roads through the park between Kolob Canyons and the main or East entrances.
  7. The one exception to this that I can think of is Zion National Park. Entering from the East they restrict both the height and length, due to a tunnel not anything to do with campgrounds. Individual campgrounds like Tower and Lewis Lake in Yellowstone and the campground in Natural Bridges National Monument list length limits in the parks' websites. As mentioned most state and federal parks require that all vehicles fit/stay on the designated parking pad. Sites that are listed on the website often list the pad size. The Reserve America website used by many state park systems also often contains a lot of information about site and pad size. You need to consider both the length and the width of the pad as a 37' trailer can fit in a shorter length site if the tow vehicle can be parked next to it than if the tow vehicle must be parked in front of the trailer. If the trailer has more than one slide and especially if they are on both sides, the width of the pad and how close and the relative position of obstructions like trees can determine whether a specific trailer can fit on a specific site. You did not mention National Forests, but the Forest Camping Website lists a lot of information including RV pad size for the National Forest campgrounds.
  8. Another option you might consider for rough road travel is an air hitch like air safe, shocker or other.
  9. Welcome to the Escapees Forum!!! Haven't been in the trailer market for a few years so not sure which manufacturers offer shock absorbers as standard equipment any more. One option for improving standard leaf spring suspensions is to upgrade to the E-Z Flex suspension.
  10. What kind of weather are you willing to tolerate? If heading to Florida, I would head for the Sumter Oaks Escapees Park or farther South as quickly as possible. On the return trip, lots of things to see and do on the Florida West Coast, through the panhandle and on to New Orleans. Then head North on US-61 (the Great River Road) back to Saint Louis. Check the Ultimate Public Campgrounds Project website for county, state and federal campgrounds along your chosen route. There are some good ones along the Gulf and on the Mississippi River.
  11. deleted, apparently I miss understood the topic. Sorry!
  12. If you itemize your deductions on your federal income tax, I believe you still have the choice to deduct either state sales tax or state income tax. You will need to make sure that vehicle purchases are not excluded. If you have domicile in a no income tax state, claiming a deduction for sales tax would seem to be a no brainer provided the total deductions are greater than the standard deduction.
  13. Honestly, I have no idea. I have been in locations where I could see a tower and still did not get the speeds some report, although I have no idea whose tower it was and did not try to find out. If there were enough options of places to stay in an area, I guess one could look for where the Verizon Towers are located and select the closest location. But, even that may or may not help depending on the terrain. So far, we continue to select our stops based on factors other than internet connectivity and have not chosen to incur the cost of having devices from multiple providers.
  14. We pay for just about everything with plastic. Every receipt is entered into Quicken. At the end of the billing cycle or statement period, the accounts are reconciled to make sure that there are no erroneous charges. Quicken allows tracking by categories. One of ours is campground/RV park fees. Expenditures can be summarized by category and time frame (i.e. month, year, etc.). We also post about our travels and current location on a private internet trip journal so that family can track us, view some photos and know when we are in locations that do not have phone or internet service. It's easy to count up the number of different locations for any time period.
  15. I have no experience with that internet dealer. Looking at their website, the brands offered in a common RV (trailer tire ST225/75R/15) tire are not what I would consider a quality brand/tire. Another consideration is what do you do and what will it cost you if the tires they send you are not recently manufactured. If there is a shipping charge, you need to figure that in. Even if there is free shipping, you have to get the tires mounted and if you choose balanced. Comparing the prices of a mom and pop tire dealership I have frequented for many years, they are not much more than the Tirerack and other big internet dealers and I can see the manufacturer date before I purchase the tires.