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  1. Every since the forum went to the new format I keep getting a turn on notifications so they can send me notifications at the bottom. I am not going to turn on my notifications so is this just something I will need to live with. Has everyone else turned on their notifications? I assume once you turn it on it is not only turned on for the rvnetwork but for everyone else as well? Dennis
  2. Hey Rick I knew it was, just given you a hard time. Dennis
  3. You cranky? Never happen! Old maybe cranky never. Dennis
  4. Sorry RV did not mean to hijack the thread. I just saw you posted at 01:29 and thought you might be having issues with your back or eyes. Dennis
  5. Because like Richard in Pretty Woman who always stayed in the Penthouse even though he was afraid hights. It's The Best. Dennis
  6. RV You were up early today? How's the eyes and back doing? Dennis
  7. And the price is? Dennis
  8. Another fine Fleetwood product bites the dust. Hope everyone is ok. Dennis
  9. Chalkie Did you become a Cornhusker Fan while you were in Lincoln? We grew up about 65 miles SW of Lincoln. Dennis
  10. I had 5 overseas assignments and 3 stateside assignments. 4 out of the 5 overseas assignments were back to back. First 3 were great, the 4th really sucked and enjoyed number 5. The Greats Were: SHAPE, Belgium Tehran, Iran Kabul, Afghanistan St Louis, MO Sinop, Turkey The Pentagon Those that sucked: Ft Knox, KY Algiers, Algeria Dennis
  11. I would rather you come beat me with a baseball bat then ever drive on I-10 across the South again. The only worse might be the PA Turnpike. Dennis
  12. Randy Why is insulating a steel building a problem? My father had a construction company for 50 years building Stran Steel buildings. Started with the old Quonsets and then moved to straight wall. I can tell you we insulated hundreds from Church buildings to Gyms and schools to huge farm equipment dealerships. The biggest we ever built was 500' long, 160' wide with 33' foot side walls. My father was pissed at me one Saturday morning when I was in HS and as punishment I got to spend the day sweeping it out with a push broom. Dennis
  13. Thanks Stan for keeping us posted on the outcome. The VA facilities in Fayetteville, Arkansas that I use has been upgraded from a 3 star rating to a 5 star rating. I continue to use the VA even after I turning 65. I will be 67 in May. I like my Doctor and I think he does a good job taking care of me. Dennis
  14. Stay Safe Master Sergeant Dennis
  15. wildmandmc I have seen the screen several times. I have never clicked on it but go right into shut down and start the whole cleaning process and have never had any problems with it. And the thing is it does not come in the form of a e-mail. You will be on a site or going to a site and bam there it is. The last time I got it I was searching for past federal SES pay scales and got hit with it. So it's not like you are going to shady sites and get it hit with it. Dennis