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  1. RV One just turned 4 in May and one will be 2 in Jan. One turned 17 in May and one will be 15 in Jun. Dennis
  2. Thanks RV that was the type of advice that I was really counting on from you. Dennis
  3. Is there any reason I cannot upgrade a Dell Mini 10v (1011) from Win XP to Win 7 Home 32 Bit? My sister gave me a old Mini 10 yesterday and I thought if I could upgrade to Win 7 I would give it to GD to play with. I can get a OEM copy of Win 7 Home 32 Bit with product key for $18 plus 3 for shipping. It is on a DVD which should play on an external DVD player via one of the 3 USB ports on the Mini. I checked on the Mini setup and you can switch it so it will boot from either a USB Thumb drive or external DVD player. It has the Intel Atom CPU N270 1.6Ghz processor and 1 GB of ram with a 160GB HDD. It's not real fast but it works ok. It has the Win XP Home Edition V 2002 with SP3 on it now.. Thoughts Dennis
  4. I always shop at Lowes. I don't care if it is a $1.00 sale or a $1000 sale they always give me my 10 percent off. Great Company. Dennis
  5. RV I have right clicked every blank space on the screen and that does not come up? I get the following when I right click any place on this page: Select all Print Inspect elements View Source Dennis
  6. Upgraded DW's laptop yesterday with no problems. It does appear that the old control panel function no longer works as it did on both of our laptops now? Other than that there does not appear to be an issues so far. Dennis
  7. MnTom I not sure where to get to that "view page info" at? I have right clicked this page and have yet to find that view page info setting? Dennis
  8. I would guess it has never been towed? Just saying look at the picture? Dennis
  9. It appears you can no longer open Defender and run a scan. I guess it does it in the back ground now? Any thoughts? Also I have noticed it takes several double clicks of the mouse wheel to get back to the desk top when the screen has gone into screen saver mode. For me that is pictures from my picture folder. It was that you just hit one of the buttons on the or even move it and it would go back from screen saver to desk top? If you have nothing in the cloud is there any reason to have cloud protection on? Dennis
  10. The guy in DC got relieved yesterday. It did not take long once the report came to light to move on it. Time will tell what becomes of him. Will he be canned or quietly move to another location? Dennis
  11. I have not got the control panel issue worked out yet. Not sure what is up with that? Pieere. You are welcome. I like to play with stuff knowing that we have RV as backup when I get in over my head which is often. I am in a S&B with fiber optic feed to the pole and cooper for 60 feet or so and then CAT 5 to the WIFI router so downloads go pretty fast. Dennis
  12. Ok the fix for shutdown issue was easy. It appears with the update the fast start option is checked again and you just have to go into the power options, additional settings and un check it again.
  13. Well somebody has got to go First? We can not talk about issues until someone has them. Dennis