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  1. I think you are correct the issue is no longer a problem with most (all?) newer phones but if you are still using one of the vintage of the iPhone 5 I think this could still be a concern.
  2. No, she's comparing the speed through the Ranger compared to direct connection to the hotspot. I don't see anything wrong with her comparisons. There's always some speed loss when using the Ranger but what's being reported isn't normal.
  3. I understand that this can't get around the 22GB (it is GB) "soft limit" if there is tower congestion, but it does appear to get around the 10GB "hard limit" that reduces your throughput to 3G levels.
  4. I may be a bit slow on some things, but I finally figured out that I can use my Galaxy S7's built-in Miracast function (also known as Samsung SmartView) to send the phone display and audio to my Roku without the use of wifi. In other words Miracast creates a direct link to the Roku (or Samsung Smart TV or other dongle) that doesn't require that the devices be on the same wifi network. My understanding is that Miracast is available on all Android phones running versions of the operating system >4.0 I've been using this approach today to connect my phone's Spotiy app to the Roku and through that to the TV and audio system. (The reason for doing this is that the phone's Spotify app is much more versatile than is the Roku one.) But it also occurred to me that this approach avoids using the phone's hotspot app to essentially provide internet access to the Roku (or TV). So, as a result, all data being used by the phone would look as if it was being used by the phone itself. So this appears to be a way that I can use the phone for streaming video to the TV without being subject to the 10 GB/mo limit that Verizon imposes on Unlimited Plan users like us. Maybe this has been discussed on this forum and I've not seen it. Or maybe there's a problem that I haven't realized. OTOH, maybe I'm right and I've just identified a way to use my Verizon phones for streaming along with my AT&T Rural Home base. Please let me know what you think.
  5. I have no idea who you are getting advice from, but the folks on this forum are probably more familiar with the rules for establishing residency than almost any other group you can ask. If you choose to accept advice from other people whose credentials we don't know then that's your own business. For almost every topic on forums such as this, if you are shopping for a specific answer you can surely find someone to give it to you. The rest of us are quite content doing what we've been doing. For example, in South Dakota if you get your drivers license and sign the required affidavit of "Residency For People Who Travel" then you are a SD resident regardless of whether or not you physically have a place of residence other than a mail service. We have been treated very well in all our interactions with SD authorities; they welcome RVers like us. Just because you don't currently have a vehicle to register doesn't mean that you don't have a drivers license. I'll assume that at some time in the past you had one and might still have a current one in some state. We don't have our RV registered in SD but we are not questioned as to the method we use to travel, so there's nothing keeping you from doing the same thing. SD might well have a State ID for people who don't drive; many states do these days. The well respect jurist Learned Hand once wrote, "Anyone may arrange his affairs so that his taxes shall be as low as possible; he is not bound to choose that pattern which best pays the treasury. There is not even a patriotic duty to increase one's taxes. public duty to pay more than the law demands." There is nothing intrinsically wrong with trying to reduce one's taxes by all legal mechanisms. As for mail services there are quite a few more in SD alone, plus those in TX and FL. We use and have been very satisfied. Anytime a piece of mail is received we are informed by email of the return address info on the item. If I wish the envelope is opened and the contents are scanned and emailed to me, at no extra charge. But if you're complaining about a $8/mo charge, I doubt you will find any service that you will want to do business with. As with most things in life, I'm prepared to pay someone enough to ensure that they will do their job well but that means that they have to make enough money to make doing it worthwhile.
  6. We've visited NS several times. It is a rather large province so you will want to consider several different locations at which to spend several days. The most visited scenic attraction in NS is probably the Cabot Trail around the edge of Cape Breton Highlands National Park. It's a beautiful drive and can be done in a long day (in a car). We camped at the national park CG in Cheticamp and used that as a base for touring much of Cape Breton Island which is the easternmost portion of NS. If you don't have a toad and plan on driving the Trail in your MH be advised that there is a very steep (22%) climb/downgrade on the eastern side of the Trail. I'm sure it can be done in a MH, but I didn't wish to try. In and around Cape Breton there are all sorts of things to do including birding sea trips, ceilidhs etc. Another "must see" section of NS centers around the capital Halifax. There are numerous tourist attractions there that you can find on TripAdvisor and similar sites. The fortified Citadel is the typical tourist starting point. From Halifax you can easily drive to interesting places such as Peggy's Cove and even as far north as Grand Pre. Grand Pre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is well worth the time, if you are interested in history. It is the memorial to the Acadians who were expelled from NS when Britain took control of what are now the eastern provinces of Canada. In an act of 18th Century genocide, the Acadians were literally thrown onto ships bound for the US colonies. Those that survived (~50%) became the people we know as the Cajuns of Louisiana. Another World Heritage Site that you can reach from Halifax is Lunenburg. Old Town Lunenburg is considered to be the best surviving planned British colonial town in North America. I don't know how long you plan to visit NS, but I encourage you, while you're in the vicinity, to visit Prince Edward Island. Although there aren't as many "high profile" tourist attractions, the people and culture are unique, the result of having developed in a tiny province accessible only by ship until 18 years ago. Charlottetown, the capital, is a charming city of ~30,000 and is the birthplace of the Confederation which has become Canada. As you might be able to detect, we love the Maritime Provinces and have spend several summers there. Joel (AKA docj)
  7. With all due respect I think you're making a much bigger deal out of this than it has been for the rest of us. We did as sandsys suggested and left Maryland after one month of a calendar year. We filed partial year tax returns for that year and even continued to own property in the State and not once did we get a question raised about our move. You don't seem to understand that you don't automatically become a resident of a state just because you spend time there. We spend our winters in TX and even own land here, but we haven't sought employment here and continue to carry SD drivers licenses, an SD nursing license and are registered to vote there. We abide by the laws of both States and have no intention of giving up residency in SD. We use our SD address on all our legal and financial documents. As for handling paper mail, most of us use mail services based in the State we wish to reside in and the costs are modest. I have no idea what kind of organization you are considering that has offices in NY, LA, etc. For most of us our mail handling service establishes our legal address in the State. I interact with mine via email and stop by to see the staff whenever we pass through. This really isn't difficult to do.
  8. Americans are free to live whatever state they choose. If you don't have a job holding you down, then you can choose from pretty much anywhere. The usual checklist begins with those states that don't have state income taxes and from there you get into the issue of what states will permit you to have residency with only a mail forwarding address. That's why SD, TX, and FL are typically selected as finalists. There are valid reasons for people to favor any of those; we happen to have chosen SD. Don't let anyone tell you that there's something fraudulent about changing residency to reduce your taxes as long as you comply with the rules of the state in which you choose to live. For example, SD requires "travelers" like us to spend at least one night in the state within a year of the time that you renew your driver's license. We didn't think that was an unreasonable request and we complied in order to ensure that we were playing by the rules established by the state. Other than that, relax and decide if you want to be a Texan, South Dakotan or something else!
  9. FWIW we've been getting this same information from our mail forwarding provider (MyDakotaAddress) for the past 6+ years. And, in addition, they send emails containing scans of any items I want with no extra charge.
  10. X2! We happen to use the Microsoft Cloud, I'm sure others would work just as well. For $10/mo we get five downloadable full copies Microsoft Office and 1TB of storage for each of five computers. I have lots of photos in the cloud, but a TB is a lot of storage!
  11. With all due respect, I don't think you fully understand what a WiFiRanger or any other wifi amplifier will do for you. First of all, what such devices primarily do is ensure that you have a good solid connection to the park's wifi and they can significantly increase the distance at which such a connection can be made. This will ensure that you get the maximum speed possible given the operating capabilities of the wifi. No amplifier, no matter what brand, can guarantee that you will achieve any particular download speed--that's totally a function of the park's capabilities. One thing I always warn prospective customers is that no wifi amplifier can make a poor, overloaded wifi system into a good one. Specifically addressing your question "does it make the limited service at the parks like a DSL line?" The answer, as I've already stated is "probably not" since the primary impact of the device is in your ability to connect to the wifi at a distance, not in the speed of your connection. As for your question "is it worth it?" that's something only you can decide. Do you expect to use park wifi? Do you like having all the devices on your network connected to a single router so the entire network can be switched from one internet source to another? Those sorts of questions will determine if it is worth it for you. As for your question does "it make the TV work better when using the phone sharing the connection" I'm not exactly sure what you are asking. The Ranger doesn't have anything to do with your TV unless, of course, you are streaming video over the wifi, but otherwise there would be no effect that I can think of. Joel (AKA docj)
  12. Yes, the SK3005 DirecTV Trav'ler can be converted for a couple of hundred dollars. I believe it involves replacing the LNB and the control box. Winegard sells a kit.
  13. Even though there's a cost, the convenience of having phones available while out of the country is worth it IMO. We're going to be sightseeing in London with our daughter and her husband and it will be great to be able to connect with each other to make major decisions such as "where are we meeting for dinner?" TravelPlan includes unlimited voice and text as well as data (subject to the restrictions noted by Mark).
  14. Thanks for the update. We're taking our Verizon phones to Europe next month and presumably the situation will be the same except that it will cost us $10/day! I assume you're aware that if you had a Verizon Unlimited Plan (current version, not grandfathered) TravelPass use in Canad would be free.
  15. It would have been an unusual routing for I-80, but the bridge on I-85 was supposed to have reopened in May