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  1. As an administrator of I strongly urge you to post a review of this park. That is an area with a lot of tourist traffic and not all that many reasonable parks. If you're not familiar with our website, there are lots of people on this forum who can provide unbiased opinions of it. Posting a new park is one of the greatest services you can provide to the RV community. Joel (AKA docj) NOTE ADDED LATER: I see you have submitted a review to RVPR and I have just approved it. Thanks
  2. What makes everyone act as if the Splendide is made for RVs? It is simply a made-in-Italy unit that is based on the many small combos sold throughout Europe and Asia. Just because its marketing company has targeted the US RV market doesn't mean that the device will work any better than any other unit that will fill the space. If our Splendide were to die I would almost assuredly purchase an LG which gets better reviews and has a larger washing drum. If you Google the subject you will find add there are, in addition, a number of other brands. This thread reminds me of the threads in which people act as if they need to replace their overpriced Jensen TVs with another Jensen because it is "made for RVs" rather than realizing they can get a better picture from a Samsung (or many other brands) for a lot less money.
  3. Here's another person's perspective on this issue at least as it pertains to California. West Coast RV site shortages
  4. These satellites will not be in geosynchronous orbits; therefore, they won't stay in specific positions in the sky. So you won't use a dish to communicate with them. In many respects it is a modern version of the old Iridium satellite communications system which debuted in the late 1990's. Although this system may eventually be wonderful, by the time it is fully completed (mid to late 2020's) I most likely won't be full-timing so it's impact on me and others of my age will be minimal.
  5. I suggest that you contact WFR through its website and inform them of this. The offer is officially over but maybe they will be willing to accommodate a customer. I don't have any authority to make such an offer, but you are welcome to say that I encouraged you to contact them.
  6. In addition, SD doesn't require a higher level license class for driving RV's > 26,000 lbs.
  7. It appears that most of the Settings pages have links that take you back to the original Control Panel. For example, Settings/System has a link for System Info which takes you to the System page of the Control Panel. From there you can go up and get to the main CP screen. A bit annoying, but there's been a lot added to Settings so you don't need CP nearly as much. At least that's my take after ~2 days.
  8. Actually, other than having a larger screen and being slightly larger the other differences between the two devices are purely cosmetic, that is, how they look. For example, they have the same processors, same RAM, same screen resolution and same camera. Spec comparison of S7 and S7 Edge
  9. Yet another reason why I'm totally content with my S7 without having paid extra for an Edge. When I bought mine the Verizon guy couldn't think of a reason to buy an Edge other than looks and since I was going to put it into an OtterBox anyway the "looks" were going to be largely hidden. IMHO I buy a phone to use its features as tools. I honestly don't care what color its case is or whether or not its screen is curved. If I was a 20-something I might feel differently, but at my age I'm looking for a phone, not a fashion statement.
  10. I wouldn't even consider having one of these phones without having applied a tempered glass screen protector. If you pay the price and buy a good one, like a Zagg you won't even know it is there. But avoid the cheapees like the plague because they're too thick and ruin the phone's touch response. The Zagg on my S7 has saved me several times from what could have been serious damage.
  11. We put 4 unobtrusive screw eyes at locations at appropriate locations on the front of the cabinet against which the TV rests when traveling. A couple of adjustable bungee cords, one horizontal and one vertical, serve to hold the TV gently against the cabinet and keep it from swinging while on the road.
  12. Those are your words, not mine. When we travel we often spend extended periods of time in places we enjoy so that we can learn about the people, the culture, etc. In 2015 we spent 3 months in one place on Prince Edward Island because our brief visit there the previous year made us want to come back. And, during the winter months, we spend ~6-7 months on our owned RV site in Rockport TX. My wife and I are integrated into the Corpus Christi volunteer scene which keeps us busy. We have doctors, friends and a church in Corpus so we effectively live there even though we aren't "residents." Being a full-timer is anything you want it to be, there's no right or wrong way to interpret the lifestyle. This works for us.
  13. I think that many of us use the freedom you describe to stay in areas that are less congested and have smaller populations. In other words, smaller cities and towns. When we travel we usually avoid the big cities like the plague other than to visit family or see specific sites. Therefore, we find that we do hang out in smaller towns and I can see how that might not suit everyone. As for your characterization of cities of different sizes we are roughly in sync. My wife uses a different, but similar, rule of thumb. Towns of 25-40k usually have sufficient, albeit marginal shopping Cities of >125k will have adequate shopping opportunities. We winter in Rockport TX a pleasant town of <7k permanent residents (not including snowbirds) which is a 30 minute drive from Corpus Christi, which we find to be a friendly city of 300-400k people.
  14. Regardless of whether or not the PMB addresses are flagged, the state's DPS website is very clear: "If you are using a South Dakota mail forwarding address, you will need to complete the residency affidavit. you will also need to provide a receipt from a South Dakota hotel/motel, campground or RV park to prove one night stay in within the last year (hand written receipts are not acceptable) and One DOCUMENT (no more than one year old) proving your personal mailbox (PMB) service address (receipts from the PMB businees or a piece of mail with your PMB address on it)." I don't think there's any doubt that these words imply that you need to stay in SD sometime during the 12 months prior to the date on which you renew your license. It may also be worth noting that the pieces of mail you present must have some form of cancellation on them to prove date of mailing. Undated mail cannot be used.
  15. The recent has to be within the last 12 months and a couple has to make sure that both names are on the receipt as well as their SD address. There are RVers who claim that having a receipt doesn't mean you have to actually stay in SD and are simply paying hotels or campgrounds to provide a receipt for a reservation which they choose to "no show." We decided that this definitely was not the intent of the law and we don't mind going to SD at least once every five years to renew our licenses. SD has been easy for us to deal with and we appreciate it.