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  1. Any chance you were filling the water tank with a bypass valve and left it on? Our coach does not have 'auto valve shutoff', an simple valve that diverts the water coming in from shore to the tank for filling, vs feeding pressure into your waterlines for coach usage. If we leave our water pump on, and turn the water valve from coach to tank fill - the water pump will run. A bit more info, and suspect you'll get some good info on things to look into:)! Best of luck, Smitty
  2. I'm sorry to see the plan pulled. If Verizon and FMCA had signed a contract, which I believe they must have before Verizon would have allowed the 'soft rollout (NOT!)' to proceed - then disappointed that Verizon would pull out of this so quickly. (Yes, I'm sure the contracts had wording tallow them to cancel or change the pricing.). And yes FMCA has an opportunity to learn from this. Especially on keeping it quiet it until it's a done deal. And then also having processes to handle the new program or offer, whatever it might be. I do still salute FMCA for trying, as it was going to be a good benefit for their members. (And who else from the RV'ing community had tried to do something like this?) I hope Verizon realizes the bad PR will just add to those that are ready and willing to jump to other providers of Data (And this was all about Data, not voice or even text.) that are planning to be rolling out over the next 5 to 10 years. I posted on IRV2 about Western Union (Telegraph), which technology wise was the king of long distance communication for years... Technology evolving has away of changing the playing field. And Verizon as well as ATT are good examples of companies that do not really seem to value their customers... Oh well. Though I have not receive my email of cancelation - I'm thinking this ship has sailed. Keeping my eyes out for a another fine schooner to jump onto:)! Best to all, Smitty
  3. FMCA is supposed to this year, vote on if they will extend membership to all RV'er's. One school of thought is to open an affiliated club for other units, due to the Family 'Motor Coach' Association's name. They would be full members as I understand it, and the combined collective of numbers does help on business dealings such as this one. But they'd have another name associated to this grouping. So it looks like things maybe changing from an FMCA perspective. (And with the increase in not just Fiver's, but also a whole new group that was not even around decades ago - the combo live/toy hauler group is an ever growing population - it makes since for them to adapt to new demographics of RV ownership:)!) $.02:)! Best to all, Smitty
  4. Randy?/Nancy? I believe the Verizon plans you referred to caps data usage via Hotspot/Tethering to 10GB, then basically slows you down to turtle speed. If you're streaming on the actual device, the 22GB before any impact. Could be wrong, and did not research it this time around:)! Best, Smitty
  5. Dutch thanks for updating this here. I actually pushed away from the laptop long enough to do some hiking and campground socializing yesterday afternoon and evening... I hope they can work out the kinks on this, as I maintain it's a good value:)! Smitty
  6. Biker56 - Concur that ATT Mobley is economically a better deal:)! But only better - when and where ATT has coverage:)! And the two of these combined, are still less then say the Verizon GF UDP plans cost per month. And they really increase the chances of obtaining a useable Download speed at a location. And again, the Verizon Novatel 7730L is a much more modern and advanced MiFi then the ZTE Mobley. With MIMO capability, even without additional antennas, it is capable of yielding dramatically faster Down/Up Load speeds. I do feel that it is an attractive price point, good device, and for many might make a good addition to their Data Communication arsenal. And note, I have on ATT their Unite Explore MiFi (MIMO) and it hands downs beats the ZTE Mobley we have too, on download speeds. But the Unite Explore is on a 20GB shared data plan. So in areas where the ZTE Mobley has a solid connection and adequate Mbps speeds I use it. On this trip thru Colorado over the last two months or so now. I've found that ATT has had better coverage then our Go To Verizon GF UDP via Samsung S6 on Hotspot - in all but two locations. Have had to use the Unite Explore (With roof top MIMO antenna feed.) in some of those locations, as the ZTE Mobley was not able to pull in useable Download speeds. And no worries. I shared it here as I had not seen it mentioned of RVNETWORK, and thought it was something that might be of interest to those that might be looking for a new data source. And 10-4 on the FMCA costs. But like my wife and I, many Escapees are FMCA members too:)! And I do agree that for those researching new gear, checking ATT Mobley is a solid and low cost move... Best to you, and all, Smitty
  7. I'm not going to repeat what is available on many forums already. (IRV2's Forum under the Technology segment, has a thread going on this. As well as fellow Escapees RVMOBILEINTERNET (Technomadia), and of course the FMCA Forum too:)! But for those of you who may not read too many other forums, here is some info: FMCA/Verizon program includes a Novatel 7730L MiFi (A very current generation, with some future proofing features available for when Verizon rolls out updates to towers with newer technology.) device; 25GB (Vs 22GB for other Verizon UDP) before the potential of network de-prioritization, on towers that need that kind of management; No contract and not start up costs; Cancel, even after one month, and keep the 7730L device; Full network coverage; All of under $44 a month. IMO, this is a solid plan, with a good device. And may work well for someone who wants another Data source tool in their Connectivity Toolbox. Worth taking a look at, and for sure OK if not needed:)! Best to all, Smitty
  8. We kept our old OEM unit as a spare, and added the SF 4048. Higher pressure, good GPM, and quieter then the OEM Flojet. I you can rebuild your old unit, that could be your spare:)! And yes to higher GPM and pressure filling the Grey quicker:)! Smitty
  9. Some great input, especially about how to research and learn about different RV's. I'll share what we did, and if this helps you great, if not - also great:)! As you start walking thru, around, under different Class A's. Both of you add to a list of 'Must Have's' and 'Nice to Have's. Also come up with a smaller subset of manufacturers/models/years that seem to fit what you both like. Create a simple spread sheet, and as you start your earnest shopping, take it with you and each grade a specific coach. Award one point for any item that the coach has, zero if it is not on the coach. Each of you also get up to 5 (We choose 5, but pick a number that you both feel is fair.), and allow up to 5 points marking for items that you feel are important to you. (For example, the DW wanted a large galley, and good size shower - so each of those items would be given 5 points. I wanted side radiator, and IFS - so 5 points each. (We had other items too, and both would use our 5 points on all 5 items.). When were returned home, I'd add both of our sheets together into the spread sheet with the name and make year of the coach. (And I added a comments area, for engine, miles, jake compression, color, etc.) This way when you sit back after looking at several coaches and models and year - you have a document that helps you non emotionally compare coaches with each other. ====== And a bit different, well maybe not different as I agree with Kirk's assessment that the reality of budget influence of coach choices is very real. But what we did was; >Choose a purchase budget price point. (We choose $150K for this, now 8-9 years ago. And we choose an amount below what we could have comfortably afforded to write a check for... The main reason was because we were not sure how long we'd want to do this. We both committed to 5 years of what I call Permanent Part Time Full Timing (We go out 6-8 months during the year.), so we did not want to overspend on something where we may both want out after 5 years.) >Retain a separate budget line amount for post coach purchase fixes/updates/maintenance catch-up, etc. (We choose $25K for this amount.) >We dropped years to remain within budget of purchase, and choose manufacturers/models/years that were of the highest quality we could find. (Now, that is a subjective comment. As what we choose as a 'hight quality' coach, someone else may consider a 'mid quality' coach.) After researching, our opinion was that a higher quality older coach, would be like a home with a good foundation - worthy of upgrading into what we wanted. (And, again 8-9 years ago now, I also preferred a engine with less of the smog stuff that came out in rapidly from say after 2006 and on. My sweet spot for years were 2004 and earlier, before the shift over to ULSD and EGR's. But the first series of engines between 2004-2006 smog change levels, were also on our list.) >After about 18 months of visiting shows, super tent mega dealer RV shows, FMCA shows, and probably 20 visits to different dealers within a 300 mile range of our home - we came up with our combined 'Short List' of manufactures/models/years we both felt met our needs, and budget. >We then started our shopping in earnest. (We were kind of lucky timing wise, as this was about 12-16 months after the last big recession. And in Southern California area, and elsewhere, many owners had to get 'out from under' the monthly payments of owning a coach. So the number of higher end coaches available, and at about 20-30% under normal market conditions - allowed us to purchase more coach for our budgeted amount. Sorry for those that had over extended, and lucky for us that we had positioned ourselves to be able to pull our planned purchase year forward by about 2 years.) ------- OK, that's my input. With one final thought. Go slow, don't get sucked into the emotions and buy one just to get out and going. And have fun along the way:)! Best to you, and all, Smitty
  10. Zulu - I just recommended this vary package to a friend with a 32' Class A. He was going to mount the Core in a cabinet just about midship, so plenty of coverage range to his living and bedroom areas. I also feel the SkyPro vs EliteAC FM is so close in range of practical usage, and without the drama of the higher and not quite as 'bendy' antennas and gee a lower purchase price point too - that the slight improvement in range coverage is negligible. Very pleased to see your real world results. He is installing his this weekend. I did want the GOac due to we have ours placed in a rear bedroom cabinet, with the wife acceptance requirement to keep the cabinet door closed. Our ROKU Premier + is in a cabinet at the front of the coach, it's door closed too... The GO2 802.11N had trouble at times when speeds were on the edge of non buffering streaming. (I'd open both cabinet doors if it was something the Dear Wife wanted to see, and that was OK then:)!). So went with the GOac for the bit of extra muscle in sending out a signal. Five weeks on this first trip with it installed, along with he EliteAC FM - and it has allowed cabinet doors closed usage so far. (Only in one park did we stream off of the Park WiFi, and they said to go ahead and do so, as the park was less then a quarter full. Most times it is streaming off of cellular connections.) I've sent my body your results:)! Best, Smitty
  11. And I know Joel knows this, but in case you do get the SignalCheck Pro (I use it, and like it.), take a 5 minutes and surf what SNR values mean to the ability to Down/Upload. Strength of DB is of course a key item, but SNR fits in too. (Think of it as static, more static, the worse reception is for say a TV. Same basic thing for say Data feeding Down/Up!). Best to all, Smitty
  12. Thanks for sharing your experiences with this. And yes, Netflix does seem to deliver more, with less bandwidth! But I also think that the 'unit' feeding the streaming helps to. Joel mention Roku, not sure what model, but I've noticed a difference between what our Samsung Smart TV can do vs our Roku. (At home, it is a Roku Premier, an aging but still good unit. Via CAT5 feed. Will upgrade when we upgrade this home TV probably in 2018. In the RV, it's a Roku Ultra via 802.11AC connected to the WFR GOac. (I'm a hifi buff, and prefer routing the PCM signal thru our Oppo DAC. The Ultra provides both HDMI and Optical out (Though I prefer coax.), so this was factor.) It's the total connectivity handshake on getting Data out of the air, and fed to the your picture:)! Best to all, Smitty
  13. As you see here, Toyo's are well thought of for RV's:)! I have not input on the tire size change, but if your working with a reputable tire shop, they should be able to explain the differences and confirm that dual's spacing is not a concern. Other things to consider, and price, if your are a FMCA member: -Michelin (Yep, still usually more expensive then others, even with the discount:)!) -BF Goodrich ST230's are available, at a good price, and are also well thought of for RV usage. -And they recently added Continental. Which I suspect will slot in between the BG Goodrich and Michelin price wise(?). ---- When we researched about 14 months ago. Hankook AH12's and AH11's were also highly recommended by fellow coach owners whose opinion I respect. They had a lower purchase price point then Toyo's I priced, at that time. What I've seen others do, and may do so myself the next time the coach needs new shoes. Is place say Hankook's AH12's on the duals and tag, and stay with the Michelin XZA2's we have on now for the Steers. (New tires, but keep the XZA2's, as I like their ride and feel.) Again, Toyo's are well thought of, and if the price is right - why not. That being said, go to IRV2 and search for threads with the word 'stinking' or 'stink' in regards to Toyo's. Some RV'er's are reporting an strong odor left over from manufacturing. That some say god way in a few months. But some also say they have them now a few years old, and still have an odor. And many say their's have no odor:)! So, take as it is mentioned for info for you to research only... Finally, of course ask the tire dealer you're working with to confirm they understand that you'll want tires with Born On Dates of under 6 months of age. Best of luck to you, Smitty
  14. It does seem like a move in the right direction for after sales support. I personally use campground fire times with other's, and when approached by friends and family for input on a RV of any type. One thing I always stress is to reward manufactures of higher quality built units with their hard earned money. So often, we reward the 'lower priced unit' manufactures with our funds. This then releases thousands of sub built and possibly materials used units into the market place. Which I believe 'conditions' other buyers that new and used RV's are supposed to be built this way. Money speaks, unfortunately, too many of us for too long have 'conditioned' the thinking of manufactures that cheap materials and poor quality is what we want... Same thing when I deal with any dealer or after purchase support of any product. I expect to be treated fairly, and good workmanship and materials is a 'given' to me of my expectations. I politely and dogmatically work up the management chain if needed - to obtain this. Last bit of this $.02. Before I retired, a fellow employee asked me for input on a new trailer. He mentioned 3 that he had narrowed it down to. Once I reviewed them (2 I knew, one I was not real familiar with, so did a bit of research.), I asked him 'What were the deciding factors for you to choose these three units?'. He said he asked the dealer, Camping World, to recommend three of the biggest units he could get, while still being under a certain monthly payment value. I suggested he arrange financing thru our corporate Credit Union vs the Camping World's finance department. Get pre approved for the amount he could cover with is monthly payment (About $25K.), and then sent him about 5 links to used units that were of much higher quality. He bought one of the three he'd found at Camping World, two days after we'd talked. His dime, so his decision. Flash forward 8 months, and he came to ask for advice about where he could get things fixed. Camping World would take his unit in, keep it for several weeks, and in some cases return it with maybe a few things out of the 'list of To Do's' he had provided... I chuckled a bit. And said I'll send you a link on ways to research dealers and repair places. Cross check these with the places authorized to do warranty work on your unit. (I sent him the link to RV Service Review.). He came back a few days later on some work stuff. And I asked how it was going on his unit. He said he'd checked a few of the places out on RV Service Review, but once he saw their Shop Rates he just ended taking the unit back to Camping World. So I wished him luck, and the next time he asked for input on his trailer - said that I had not input for him. But suggested that next time when buying, he consider and prioritize 'value of product' first, over rock bottom price. And if he finds a good repair facility, be willing to pay more for the comfort of knowing they're going to do their best to do it right the first time. === OK - The end of my story, and my opinion that it is us consumers, that have in many ways brought this onto ourselves... Smitty
  15. Thanks Kirk! I'll say this in this thread too. And also thanks to First Responders. And 365, anytime you see a vet, active duty, first responder - take the few seconds thank them for serving. Best to all, Smitty