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  1. Maybe just a shade off topic, but dang it - you guys know so much:)! And I carry this in the RV, so kind of RV'ing:)! We just got a Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak and the Watersnake Venom 34lbs motor. Planning to order the Vmax857 AGM (Seemed to be a good trade off for weight vs AH vs Cost... over the Lithium I was looking at. Any of you anglers with trolling motors have any input on: -Different batteries to consider? (Again, weight is a factor, but figured 25lbs was not bad.) -If going with he Vmax857 AGM, what charger do you recommend. I do have the Battery Tender Plus, which is 4 stage and says AGM OK too - but at 1.25Amp figure it will be an overnight charge refresh require. --- Any thoughts on if this is too little of a charger to keep the Vmax857 fed happy and healthy? Appreciate any thoughts, best to all, Smitty
  2. I looked to see if I could find it, but did not:)! What is the Magnum Hybrid 3012 'at idle' draw? I had planned to add a dedicated fridge inverter during our install, but after checking the MS2812 vs the unit for the fridge, I was not really saving enough AH draw warrant doing so. (Plus, the DW has shows she records late at night and early in the AM, so I would have had to have another unit for at least the DirecTV Genie too.:)!) Your battery bank is sized 20+% higher then ours - and we have plenty of capacity to cover the higher idle draw (not really idle, but using that term) for overnight times. (Day time, the majority of the time the Solar kicks out plenty to cover all coach power needs, except for AC.) Or, did you and others that have the dedicated Fridge inverter, do so to cover contingency? The way you have your's set up, any source can feed the fridge. So if something did happen and knock out one of your inverters, at least you can keep the vital ice make functioning (We can be civilized as we travel!). Was if more for 'just in case' that you added the second inverter? The reason I ask, is as I mentioned when we do Phase II of our system, I've been kicking around adding a second unit. The Hybrid 3012 came out a few months after I went with the MS2812. I could see an option where I'd add the Hybrid 3012, and retain the MS2812 as a redundant unit. (The Hybrid can save you money when on a meter in a park.) TIA, Smitty
  3. Chad - You commented that perhaps it is 'overkill' as far as what you have done. And I agree with you that I see a very small, but probably high profit/cost, of manufacturer installed higher end Solar systems. Also agree that the majority of RV'er's are not in need of higher end/capacity solar capability. That being said. When my wife and I talked about this upgrade, we came to the conclusion that we'd want to accomplish two things with our Solar install: 1) Be able to boon dock without watching too closely the power consumption. While having adequate Solar to replenish the batteries without needing to run a generator for hours a day. 2) Also have lots of extra contingency power, and again more then adequate Solar to replenish - for in case of a longer term need of being 'off grid'. (When not traveling, we quite often are in the San Diego area visiting our vacation home, friends and remaining family too. Fires, rolling brownouts, blackouts - have all occurred in the last 4-5 years. And the area is earthquake country, as well as with all of the military installations - prime for 9/11 type activity.) So when we budgeted for our coaches battery bank, inverter and solar upgrades - we oversized many areas as 'contingency planning'. (When not traveling, we keep our coach fully fueled, water full, food and supplies stocked. We consider it our land 'lifeboat' in case of emergency.) I share this, as a 'robust' system like yours (And our's too, though now four years later not quite as robust as yours. MS2812 and related modules. 800AH of X's 4 Lifeline L16's. 1200W of 48V Solar panels feeding down thru MidNite Classic 150.), I feel have other applications then just going out and having fun RV'ing. Having our RV's also ready for 'just in case' situations are also a part of many of the RV'ing community:)! Best again to you, and all, Smitty
  4. I wanted to share two recent experiences with our Max Signal Amp: 1) At the Grand Canyon South Rim Trailer Village campground. At our specific site, could not pull in ATT, but my Samsung S6 had a trace of a signal. Checked that the MS Amp was on, and placed my phone at the place where I usually get a good balance of signal. (About 3 1/2 - 4' away from the internal antenna.). This resulted in no difference in Speetnet testing download speeds. I tried different tests over about a two hour period as we were doing other things. Decided to shift the Max Signal 13" Magnet roof top antenna (Very pleased with how this has been performing.) over to our WeBoost Sleek. Placed my S6 in the cradle (With my normal spacer to protect against what jokingly call the 'Single Piece Toaster' - that baby get's way too hot!). And repeated my testing. The first three tests average about 225-250% faster download speeds then I was seeing off of the MS Amp. As I thought well maybe tower contention had cleared up, I switched the antenna back to the MS Amp, and tested again (5 mins max from my last test with the Sleek.). And still very little difference in download speeds from the S6 without amp, or with MS Amp plugged in (My 12V feed has never been able to work with this unit. Gord helped me quite a bit, and I think we've tried three different 12V power feeds. None ever seem to work with the unit. So I get the DW looking at me with unpleased eyes when I have the extension cord hanging out of our Communication Cabinet:)!). So in this location, and at this time, the WeBoost Sleek seemed to provide the best overall download speeds we could obtain. (Over a three day period, and I did try the MS Amp a few more times over those three days. 2) Second example, flashing forward where we are now. Prescott at the Point of Rocks campground. (We have supper ATT here, so all amps are off, and just using our MIMO Unite Explore for internet.) Verizon has a weaker signal here. So I went thru a series of testing yesterday afternoon. (And to be upfront, this was more of wham/bam test, as I had a firm time we had to leave to meet a couple we knew. All of this was over less then a 40 min period, with very little time in between tests. So for sure very much 'Gee whiz!' info, and I represent as such:)!). S6 no amp - Pulled in very slow download speeds over three tests. S6 in WeBoost Sleek - Pulled in about 25-30% faster download speeds over three tests. S6 fed MS Amp - Pulled in about 250-275% faster download speeds then the S6 no amp. ==== So what does this mean? Well for sure I did not do detail testing as I have at times, but I feel it shows how at different times, for many, many various reasons - we need to be prepared to have multiple Internet Data Enhancing Tools in our Tool Boxes. The MS Amp is a 'Love it at times', and 'Don't know if I understand it' at other times. Don't get me wrong, it is still our primary source of amplification. And I know at times, usually on the fringe of coverage, that it has made all of the difference in the world in getting a useable signal. When we get done with this trip, should be early next week. I'll call Gord to have him help me review things. He's always willing to help, and I've been amazed at how patient he is as he tries to explain things to my level of understanding:)! Best to all, Smitty
  5. Yes Dutch - It did:)! Took a follow up call today to get it established 'I think' this time properly:)! Unit should catch up to us by sometime next week. Looking forward to getting familiar with it... Best, Smitty
  6. Super informative, and top quality gear all around!! I too will be checking your diagrams for our 'Phase II' update of our Solar:)! Enjoy for awhile. Oh, and I might suggest that since you have the ice maker - the 'tour guests' should bring the mixes:)! Best to you, and all, Smitty
  7. The DW changed our AM plans, so I went ahead and called back tot he Connect Car department. Waited a few minutes to get a rep. This time I specifically asked her if I had reached the Connect Car group? She said yes, but, that Connect Car and Mobile are in the process of being combined. Until this is completed, sometimes a Mobile CSR that has not yet been set up to cover Connect Car may have to transfer a customer to another CSR. Explained what I tried to do yesterday, and that it looked to me like Mobley had been adde to my Shared XXGB account (I say XX, as it reflects 20GB, but Customer Loyalty CSR that had helped me now two days ago, had said this would actually become a 40GB Shared account, but would not reflect this until another account billing month rolls by - we'll see:)!). The CSR looked everything over, and said yes it looks like the agent yesterday had added the Mobley into our XX GB Shared account. She asked me to hold, came back on 4-5 minutes later and said she had changed it to a stand alone account, and that it was the Unlimited Data promotional plan for $20 per month. She said as she was recently trained on the Connect Car side of the ATT world, that she had her supervisor review everything before saving. She had me log back on so I could see the changes myself. I did, and nothing had changed. She said wait a minute as she logged onto my account again so that she could see the same thing I was. She did, and said yes she agreed, that she did not see the changes she had just made reflected. Was in the process of putting me on hold to ask her supervisor for help again - when she excitedly said 'Oh, it just changed!' I now see Plan 2... I logged off and on again, and yep it looks like this time everything is set back up. Plan 2 has my Mobley phone number, and reflects Unlimited Data. I admit that every time I call ATT, I feel I'm at risk of something being messed up on my account. Very concerned that the gent that fumbled the changes yesterday, has 'undone' what the Loyalist CSR established as the 40GB Shared plan (Not available to mere mortal CSR's, and only authorized to be given under extreme conditions. Which she felt I had met from all of the problems related to the Homebase Rural Line/250GB fumbled attempt.) But for now, I'm going to DO NOTHING. Get the Mobley in my hand next week, get it activated. Then wait until the next months billing cycle is completed, and see what is reflected for fees, charges, activation costs, credits, and if the 40GB Share plan is reflected, vs the 20GB that is on the account now... The old too many chef's, well these CSR's sometimes seem to be chef's assistance in knowledge, can really mess up a meal (Plan!). Best to all, Smitty
  8. Well I thought I better get back online today and review our account from the call yesterday to the Connect Car CSR, as between us I was concerned we had a 'failure to communicate'... (He was very nice, and good, at asking me if I wanted to add new features, even had a tablet he wanted to send me at no cost, well - except another $10 a month to the account:)! It's his job to sell too, I understand.) And yep, looks like he has this set up wrong. The Mobley looks to me like it was added into my 20GB Share plan... Nothing on the account says Unlimited, and it sure does not seem to be 'stand alone' as I used that buzzword multiple times with him. Stand Alone "Connected Car Unlimited" for $20 a month... Benefit of the doubt that the online account may not have caught up with what he did yesterday, but strongly suspect he just did not find the plan, and added it into my account as just another device to Share Data across the other devices... We'll see... It will be worth going thru the aggravation IF I can get them to get this set up right:)! Best to all, Smitty
  9. Well I checked our order about an hour ago, and the status reflected shipped. Had a phone number associated to it, and still refers to the device as a Mobley. I called the Connected Car number, and at first got put off into a transfer game which ended up in chose this number for this, and that number for that - of which none sounded like Connected Car. So hung up, called back again, waited about two minutes, and this CSR seemed to know what I was talking about. After about 5-10 mins, he said he got the account updated to the unlimited (Confusing, as I see some calling it 22GB, in fact I did too in a post...). But he assured me it was $20 month, and that no step down in speed after 10GB has been used. The device should reach Box Elder by Thursday, and we may just go ahead and have it shipped early to catch up with us. We'll need to let things simmer on the account to see what it reflects when I next logon:)! Time will tell if this one goes thru well for us... Best to all, Smitty
  10. I ordered a Mobley online from ATT yesterday, it says 'Preparing to Ship' under order status. So yesterday around 10:30AM PST - they were taking orders and mine is schedule to ship from either today thru 3/22... Once it's shipped, I'll get the info I need and call to do the dance over to the 22GB. Suggest anyone still wanting one, try logging on again and attempt to order it thru ATT online. I elected to buy it vs the two year contract. Will update if my Order Status changes to indicate a problem And, I will also update if it is not the Mobley that ships... or actually comes:)! Best to all, Smitty
  11. Thanks Joel - I'll have to check my S6:)! Smitty
  12. Glad to hear the unit is working well for many of you. And Jack, glad your's went thru without a change of the plan. And that is the puzzling part to me, why ATT first canceled a plan (To our Livingston, TX address on the first order.). Then on the second order, to our Box Elder, SD address, they changed the plan to the 40GB Shared plan. With all of my talking with ATT on this, and other account changes, working my way up the CSR phone food chain to two I felt very savvy Retention Loyalist Rep's - neither of them could see any reason why the second order did not process properly as the Rural Line/250GB plan. They both said the zip code was authorized, and all of the things they looked up lined up properly. (Billing Address, Credit Address, Delivered To Mailing Address.) The second rep speculated that perhaps because I had the first order going to our Livingston, TX address that was canceled (And the Livingston address did not match our Billing and or Credit Box Elder address - and both assume this why it was canceled by ATT.) that the second order was kicked out by the computer for review, and that it was changed to the 40GB. I really felt for them both, as they both said they could see why I was not pleased with the lack of communication by ATT (Second rep actually said she was embarrassed about how this had gone down. She went to her Loyalist Manager to see if she could come up with anyway to get the plan changed back to the Rural Line/250GB. On hold on that exercise for 20 mins, so they both tried real hard to figure out away to do it.). Once the unit is back in stock to ATT (As of yesterday AM, they still had not received it from USPS after 9 days of 'in transit'. (Suspect it's in their receiving area for the last few days!). And I see that everything has been properly backed out billing wise - I will then follow up with a ATT Consumer Advocate. (Have my letter written an ready to email.) Both of our addresses are legal for the plan, and it is still and active plan - so I want ATT to explain to me why I am not allowed to obtain the program... In the meantime, my Mobleyis 'Preparing to Ship', and once it has, I'll call the Mobley links phone number and get the planned changed over to the 22GB.. Should Wed or Thurs and this will be done... (Unit will be shipped to Box Elder, and I'll get it probably at the first of the next months with our regular mailing.) I still will sign up for the Rural Line/250GB if I can get it... Then scale back our other phone plans on the data front. (Now at about $145-155 per month for two phones, and one Unite Explore, with 20GB Hotspot available Share with roll over. This months just ended, and next month we have 36GB available as Hotspot usage.) Really has been an interest few months around here, and other forums, what with the Rural Plan, Mobley, new ATT UDP Plus (Had that for three weeks, but last Loyalist Rep convinced me to go with the Share 20GB plan, as it qualifies for the wife's 20% discount, where as the UDP Plus does not (Which was not explained to me by any of the other rep's..). Toss in Verizon's new, but not so exciting, revised UDP - and it has been busy, busy keeping up with all of the moving pieces:)! Best to all, Smitty
  13. I posted my journey of not being able to establish this plan. Curious if any of you that had units in shipment, have in the last week or so been able to actually activate and validate you have the Rural Plan 250 or 500? I have not yet received a response from the ATT Advocate I sent my experience too, with a request for ATT to either provide me the plan, or explain why I don't qualify. I'll also share that while I asked ATT Store CSR to cancel my plan, and have used the return label and shipped the unit back within the 14 day period (Now 9 days ago.) - my account still reflects this unit and phone number as an active account. (But for the 40GB plan, at a much, much higher rate. The one they assigned to me, without contacting us proactively before doing so.) And while I admit the MyATT billing is per designed difficult to understand - it looks like I have charges related to this exercise. This after the Supervisor helping on the second order waived all costs due to the first order being canceled by ATT without any notification to me. So I'm going to have to call back to ATT CSR again, more time, for them to try and sort out/reverse any charges we may have incurred for this exercise in frustration:)! Just curious if anyone else has had any luck with this plan recently? TIA, Smitty
  14. I also think the answers vary based upon where an RV'er is in the lifecycle of RV'ing. Newer into the group, quite often are out seeing the states and neighboring countries. After many years of travels, some have picked out favorite locations, and groups of friends, and that can easily reduce the number of moves. We're also not actual Full Timers, we're what I call Permanent Part Time Full Timers. Where we go out and travel for 6-8 months a year, but still visit S&B vacation home (Vacation from traveling:)!). Just as many Escapees are COOP members, and have one or two home bases they may go to that could include park models/casitas. Lots of variables, and variables change, and one style does not fit all... Best, Smitty
  15. OK, so their was a fumble on this one. The ball is back in play, and I think their's plenty of Monday Morning Quarterbacking for them to review... But knowing out community, I suspect I'll be back on when Page 7 is reflected on the bottom, and say 'Is this thread still going?'. And peace to you all, understand the comments and that Change is Our Friend - Sometimes:)! Best to you all, now, let me go look into a few other thread's. I get a chance my ongoing education, and sometimes, I even get to help others too... See you when a few more pages roll in. Smitty