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    CO is where we call home, but wherever the fishing is good and the weather is nice is a good place to look for us!
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    Fishing, our crazy cats, computers & lapidary. Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/ocdhobbiest
  1. Sign me up for next years outing. Looking forward to it now. Edit by wife: he's been watching Nascar for years and now he really wants a chance to play like he is one of those drivers! Maybe some of the RDBE group would want to race too...
  2. Yep, Jack - our home away from home so to speak. Hope everyone is enjoying their June so far... Safe travels everyone!
  3. You mean rather than our "FORMER" backyard in the picture? Yep, no S&B any more, so it's always campgrounds from here on out - just like most of us...
  4. Can't speak for Colorado Springs, but Buena Vista (only 2 hours from the Springs) has been around 77 the last few days. Did have a couple of days in the low 80's early last week. Just to be ornery! (evil laugh)...
  5. Good to know it was "one of us". Seen a few HDT's pulling in the previous couple of weeks, but generally don't retain the where and when well enough to post. A mind is a terrible thing to see go into "retirement"!
  6. Blue HDT with white 5er seen yesterday (11-14) around noon about 10 miles south of Laughlin, NV (close to Fort Mohave, AZ) on Aha Macav Pkwy. One of our group? Safe travels everyone! Sharon
  7. Hey Jim, did you get my private message?
  8. Cindy & Jeff - it was great to see you yesterday! Richard said to tell you hello since he was "out of commission" yesterday when you came by! Glad your trip over was uneventful. Tell the Churches hi again for us? Safe travels everyone - and a very special, blessed, and beautiful Christmas to everyone! Sharon
  9. Susan, Sadly, no fishing has happened yet Too much driving and lousy weather so far. Likely won't be fishing here in TX, but we have some good quality time scheduled for GA fishing, both before and after the Disney World visit! Hey, we're going to be in Austin for a couple of days, let's try and get together for lunch or dinner? Unless you're too slammed with work that is. We'll take this back up with emails for details. And yes, autoshift is the bomb! Only way this wimp would even try driving one of these big boys! Sharon
  10. Alie, I would love to answer your question, but ours is a kinda unique situation. Hubby drives the Freightliner and 5er, and I drive the van and boat (it's the "cat and boat toter"! I'm sure some of the gals will chime in from facebook. I don't do facebook though. Keep driving! Sharon
  11. I called in the "big gun" for you - Trey will most likely pipe in soon with help for you. I think everyone appreciates your trying, and Trey will get 'er done! Have a splendid upcoming weekend. Sharon http://pinterest.com/ocdhobbiest
  12. Bill - your link will be: http://www.hhrvcampgrounds.com/ The submission form will be the middle tab on the top. Thanks for putting it in the list. Sharon http://pinterest.com/ocdhobbiest
  13. Bill - maybe you could be so wonderful as to put this nice new park on our "big rig" campground database that Trey does? Many more HDT'ers would see it there, and if it's big rig friendly, it should be there. Thanks for mentioning it. Look forward to seeing it on Trey's site later when we actually are going that way... Sharon http://pinterest.com/ocdhobbiest
  14. And some big hugs back your way Alicia. Be sure to help Heidi pass out hugs for me this year? Hopefully we can make it next year. Hope the rally police don't come get me for missing this year. Just had too many things to do, and we're still in CO until the 20th. We got snow today! Don't need too much more of that stuff on the rv though Have fun for Richard and I everyone! Hugs to you all. And safe travels after the rally. Sharon
  15. Shoot - sure going to miss being there this year. I send cyber hugs to you all, and Davena, a special hug to you that's big enough for you and your precious mom. You're so blessed to still have her! Took care of my Alzheimer's mom in our home for 3 years till she broke her hip and had to go to the nursing home for rehab (and her own safety by then honestly). Two years later, another fall, the other hip, and 2 weeks after she got back to the nursing home, a major stroke. Two days later, she's with her Heavenly Father - waiting on Richard and I to join her. I know you already do - but enjoy every day with her like it's her last one on Earth! Alicia - thanks for the kudos on the house selling - sure are enjoying "being homeless"! Heidi, give a special hug to those precious little people - we sure will miss seeing them and how much they've grown up since we last saw them. Hopefully next year for the rally - and who knows, maybe somewhere before then. Hugs and safe travels to everyone! Sharon