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  1. NE Texas zip 75432
  2. Correct it has never been towed. It has rode on the HDT for seven years. It has never towed anything although it has a receiver. We used this as part of the load tie down. I do have the insert .
  3. 2009 smart fortwo passion with 33630 miles, silver in color, leather heated seats, coco mats front and back , air condition, same size rims on front as back with new 185/60r15 34H Kumho tires with very few miles ( sure helps ride and less road noise), have one original front tire and wheel that could be used as spare, receiver hitch installed (I used this as part of the securing of smart on back of HDT) never towed any with the smart. Garage kept when we were not traveling. Very clean and everything works . 3995.00 I can email pictures if you would email me at jimwaters4@gmail.com I think you can message me also. Do know how to post pictures. Reason I am selling is we purchased a new smart fortwo.
  4. You might be correct but from what I see in the camera it sure moves a lot to be on a "solid block of rubber" I have a lot of up and down movement while I am going down the road. How many inches of up and down movement would you say would be needed for a good hitch?
  5. I use an airsafe hitch. I removed the pin completely . I control my air from the cab. My hitch up camera stays on the hitch after it is attached. I run about 80 lbs in mine. I found the pin to be more of a problem. When I park and run the front jacks down, I release the pressure from the cab. I do not know if it is superior to a TS3 or not but it works for me. What I do like about it, it is a low profile and I was able to mount the plate on top of the truck rails.
  6. I sent you a pm
  7. I have a Trailer Saver 32kLP which I had on my volvo for about a year. I can get you pictures of it. I have attached it to a pallet and can carry it to a freight dock. I will take 575.00 and you pay for the ride. Here is a link to the hitch I have http://trailersaverhitch.com/hitch32klp.html Trailer Saver gets 1295.00 plus shipping. I have not listed the hitch yet. If you would like to see pictures send me an email and I will send them to you. Let me know.
  8. After looking for 9 months and finding very few primes, I jumped on the first one I found. I make shipping part of the deal, they shipped.
  9. How true Jack, drove the smart in 35 mph wind today and it did fine. We looked for 9 months, looked at several passions but dw set on prime.
  10. Finally found a 2016 smart prime in the color we wanted. Metallic brown. Found it in Saint Louis , Mo. Bought it over the phone with the shipping to me included. The Primes are really hard to find. Boy does this 2016 drive better that the 2009, even though we had change the front wheels out on the 2009 and put all same size tires. I am a bit closer to the nose of the rv but have make turns and still have a few inches.
  11. Jim , what would the distance be from the smart door to the center of the fifth wheel hitch.
  12. I also replaced my with blue silicon heater hose. A lot easier when the lower panels are removed. I left the original heater pipes in place. Mine were not leaking but looked very rusted. Have not had a problem since I replaced them.
  13. I mean thanks Mark
  14. Thanks Dale
  15. I am trying to get the cb to work on my 2001 Volvo 610. I do not know if there is a multiplexer on this truck. Can anyone tell me how the best way to trace the cb wiring from the two cb antennas to the radio. I have researched and not sure where to start. I read that the kick panel on the drivers side needs to be removed. Thanks for any help