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  1. After looking for 9 months and finding very few primes, I jumped on the first one I found. I make shipping part of the deal, they shipped.
  2. How true Jack, drove the smart in 35 mph wind today and it did fine. We looked for 9 months, looked at several passions but dw set on prime.
  3. Finally found a 2016 smart prime in the color we wanted. Metallic brown. Found it in Saint Louis , Mo. Bought it over the phone with the shipping to me included. The Primes are really hard to find. Boy does this 2016 drive better that the 2009, even though we had change the front wheels out on the 2009 and put all same size tires. I am a bit closer to the nose of the rv but have make turns and still have a few inches.
  4. Jim , what would the distance be from the smart door to the center of the fifth wheel hitch.
  5. I also replaced my with blue silicon heater hose. A lot easier when the lower panels are removed. I left the original heater pipes in place. Mine were not leaking but looked very rusted. Have not had a problem since I replaced them.
  6. I mean thanks Mark
  7. Thanks Dale
  8. I am trying to get the cb to work on my 2001 Volvo 610. I do not know if there is a multiplexer on this truck. Can anyone tell me how the best way to trace the cb wiring from the two cb antennas to the radio. I have researched and not sure where to start. I read that the kick panel on the drivers side needs to be removed. Thanks for any help
  9. I just ordered a ScanGauge D. Will need a little advise on what to set it on for the best results. Paid 126.00 I think
  10. Brad, I am at 70 and about 1600 rpms, 65 at about 1500 rpms 1400 is somewhere around 60-62. I do not get 8 mpgs at 62. I might need to replace my turbo boost sensor. I know some have changed the sensor but have not heard if it helped any. Will the Scan Gauge D plug into the plug under the left side of the dash?
  11. MrSeas, I have been wanting to get a scan gauge ever since I started reading about them. I do not have a boost or egr gauge. I think it would help me understand the engine boost better and tell me where is the best rpm to drive. I did not say earlier but I have the Volvo D12 engine. 465/1650. It is not governed on speed but the rpms I think are governed. I am getting about 7 1/2 mpg. I am just wondering if I have to drive 55 like in California should I hold 9th gear instead of going to 10th. I have the auto shift .
  12. Thanks MrSeas, I guess I will have to get one of those Scan Gauges. I just assumed the turbo worked at all rpms the same but I get a lot more boost when I go over 1500. I do not have a boost gauge.
  13. I have driven on freeway in Wyoming , Utah and Idaho all day and have been experimenting with speed, mpg, and rpms I have always tried to keep my rpms down to 1500 or below and my fuel mileage has not been that great. I believe my turbo does not kick in until over 1500 rpms. So today I tried running 1600 which puts my speed at 70. Really pulls hills well at this combo and runs really smooth. And I am getting better mpg. Does this sound reasonable?
  14. I have seen tire shops and have used it myself and it works great. That item is a shovel, easy to get under tire and easy to lift. A pointed shovel not a square front shovel. Just a thought........
  15. My panels are 39" x 65"