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  1. This is important to remember all the pounds of load breaking strength are assuming straight pull in line withe drum, any turns will reduce the working load ,too tight a turn (knots are turns) the life of the line is short. That said our loads are a small fraction of max, you could use a 6 part block and tackle and hand haul the smart up. No one in it ? We should use a safety line as a second fail safe 'stopper' to keep it from trundling across the campground in case the tow line breaks. (Iam still driving it up :-)
  2. Not to beat a horse too much Carl ,but what is the radii of the fair lead? How many degrees of 'turn' are you making over what distance?The winch manufacturer is assuming a straight line pull.
  3. elegant and affordable
  4. This^ and use the biggest sheaves practical,tight turns make high tech rope break sooner then old fashioned dacron(low stretch) or nylon (high stretch).
  5. Did they mention synthetic line doesn't break ..... it melts. If you look at the fibres with magnification they have melted ends.
  6. Carl Myself when it comes time to replace the wire I will look into the anchor / dock rope . Modern synthetics are designed to not stretch whatsoever ,high performance sailing is not what I need ,I want the shock absorbing characteristics of dock/anchor line ,also meant to be exposed to sunlight for years.I understand it might be too big in diameter however. A good line for us will be a synthetic with a dacron cover , what sailors call halyards- resist sun and abrasion and easy to splice, which retains most of the line strength.If you knot it research the most appropriate knot, each manufacturer has a recommendation.
  7. Oh I just remembered - knots reduce the line strength by 50%(Some knots are better then others) .If you need to maximize loading learn to 'splice' ,U tube has videos. Also the sheave diameter of the pulley(on our clearance arm) is critical, it is expressed in multiples of rope diameter.Thats why a bigger rope going over a small sheave is actually weaker in the long run.
  8. Isn't Dynema the chemical name ,like 'kevlar', amsteel is a manufacturers branding? Samson or New england ropes are the more popular companies with sailors spend time on marine/sailing forums they are the rope guys, or maybe the commercial tugboat people.
  9. I can feather my freedom line until I get the 'clutch temp alarm' ,it will slam if you are ham footed.
  10. She is a fabulous host
  11. the OBD port is next to a circular air vent ,not buried or hidden in any way, nothing has to be moved or disassembled to plug into it. My direct link was a bit more involved as I don't use a jackalopee ,but the OBD part was simple.
  12. 780 is just as tall - not taller then a 670. I bought mine off Gregg .... 6 years ago ,the only work has been a alternator that was original equipment, It wasn't helped by the trucks idleness all winter ,and air conditioner work that turned out to be just the circulation fan(got a bunch of shiny new parts now). Money ? well only you can answer that one ,his stuff is worth it if you want to spend it .and yes U.S. $ . His videos show you how to do it yourself or direct some one else ,quite remarkable and sharing person for a business.
  13. i don't have a jakalopee so this might not help. My left turn signal also activated the trailer brakes -quite annoying. So we went right to the fuse panel on the dash - wire 72 I think. now the direct link lights up when brakes applied (as before) but no more stray signals.
  14. anyone having trouble loading a page ? the HDT page will not load for me ,it just returns to the 'all forums'. I can load any other page - MDT, etc but not HDT .
  15. we will be 'after rallying' maybe until the weekend