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  1. No sense being here after 13+ years....this is awful, someone doesn't deserve a hug. Off to RV.net, IRV2 and FMCA forums won't have to sort through the clutter at those places. Also what's with the post count?
  2. Still have the B+, which as usual is in storage for the winter, as we sit on our S Texas lot in our Phaeton. Getting ready to head for Indiana Sunday AM. Scoittiemom has back surgery in Indy March 24th. Will be at KOA E for at least a month.
  3. The only reservations made in advance is at a COE park near my family's reunion site, that I make 6 months ahead. Other than that the KOA close to our daughter's home about 2 months out since it is a heavy tourist and college area. I usually call about two hours before our arrival in an area to check on availability as we travel. Has worked well for 11 years of full timing.
  4. Don't forget the Ferry stops along the way. In 2013 we returned south via the ferry system. On our 10 days off and on the ferries, our stops exploring Ketchikan, Sitka, and Juneau, I found more interesting than "the mountain" that all go to see. By the time we had traversed Icefields Parkway in the Rockies and the Alaska Highway, to me the terrain and wildlife basically looked the same. Our longest ferry leg was 23 hours from Ketchikan to Prince Rupert where we picked up Highway16 headed east to Indiana. Now after the trip, if we go again we would also stop at Wrangel and St Petersburg on the Marine Highway System for a few days each. Our trip was over 15,000 miles and 79 days from start to finish. Also we highly recommend "The Milepost" and Mike and Terri Church's "Traveler's Guide to Alaska Camping" as great tools in planning your trip. We boarded The Marine Marine Highway at Skagway, got off at Haines (saved a couple hundred miles driving and it took only about an hour on the ferry), Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan, for a few days each, before ending up at Prince Rupert. The only reservations we had for the trip were for the Ferries which my wife made in February before we left Indiana on May 20th.
  5. BTW our MASA plan is a lifetime plan covering us both, $3700 in 2007 or about the cost of new tires for out Phaeton at the time.
  6. When we were looking at medical evac plans ..none compared to MASA in one respect.."no coverage for pre-existing conditions .. ", like mine. 90 day waiting period for us in 2007 to gain total coverage. My uncle had MASA and they paid for 2 helicopters to hospitals and 1 medical plane from Orlando to South Bend IN, no cost to him. He also suffered from heart problems for years before he joined.
  7. I have a similar history, 3 heart attacks in early 1998, no bypass, to bad of shape due to a botched heart cath at another hospital, stents were my only option. On my 4th ICD since 2004, also have had heart failure since 9/2010 which is controlled by an extremely low sodium diet, We made a 79 day, 15,000 mile trip to Alaska in 2013. We are fulltimers since 9/2005 and have been MASA members since 1/2007 only additional things we did for the trip was a rental satellite phone and stocked up on my 12 medications. We traveled in our B+ (no toads) with close friends in their Class C, in case trouble or tire change was needed on the Alaska and Top of The World Highways, that way with the same chassis we both had "7 spares". No problems at all on trip, we traveled back to Indiana through Canada from Prince Rupert BC, they opted for a trip to Oregon then back across the northern US to Ohio.
  8. 3 wind sensor and control box combos in 1st 4 years of ownership, been turned off at control box switch now for over 6 years. Only deploy when we are at the rv and close when wind picks up. Still quicker and easier to use than a manual awning.
  9. After 11 years of fulltiming we ditched the crockpot and pressure cooker for an Instant Pot. Neat having a cooker that can sear or brown meat without a skillet. Really speeds up cooking of various meats.
  10. We are lifetime members of one based in Crestview FL...never had a problem with them. Very nice people at their office, we stop by occasionally to pickup a new directory.
  11. I'm not a vet and user of the VA, but have followed the various problems with interest. I went to the link at AOL and then to the link from there to the story at USAToday which in part states the following: "But rather than being put on leave pending further investigation, Toby Mathew was transferred to another VA job in Mississippi, a post at a regional VA office that oversees medical centers in four states, including Louisiana, where he will work on special projects. The VA said in a statement that the reassignment is temporary and that Mathew is working in a non-supervisory capacity until the agency’s investigation is finalized." Sounds like my last employer, a plant area supervisor would be moved to an engineering office, "counting the holes in ceiling tile" until upper management completed a "brief study" prior to moving them out the door. Hopefully that is the case here.
  12. In regard to the 211 series availability, when our 3) 301 receivers were declared obsolete early last year, they were replaced with the VIP211k series by Dish.
  13. Not knowing the type of RV and location of the water system's various components, I would say keep looking. Also did he forget to dump the tanks? May have to replace the waste system also.
  14. FMCA here also. Plus Diesel Engine Owners Club, Freightliner Chassis Owners Club (FCOC) and Tiffin Allegro Club.
  15. We have one in our '04 Trail Lite B+. Does a passable job, but in our RV it draws 17+ amps and no other heavy draw items can be on at the same time, coffee maker, toaster, heater, hair dryer, or the water heater electric element I added. We can run the TV, satellite receiver, converter charger, lights and the lights. I was surprised at the warranty given on their web site, basically lifetime materials and labor, from what has been said before, that is unless the item is dropped from production.