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  1. Maybe. The same dire predictions were made for the Los Angeles Summer Olympics in 1984 - the results were virtually empty freeways! It's always good to be prepared though.
  2. I installed a slide topper from scratch. It took a bit of research and watching YouTube videos a few times before purchasing and installing it. The first thing to consider is if there will be enough "slope" for the topper. Some manufacturer's do not consider the addition of a slide topper and the end result is that the awning material is practically level after a topper is added. Thus the reason for water puddling and beach balls under the topper. Instructions that come with the slide topper recommend a 1" to 3" slope from top edge of camper to outer edge of awning roller when extended. Examine your slide out. If it retracts with almost no space between the slide "frame' top edge and the camper roof top, then it could be a problem. If the slide frame is 4 inches below the roof top edge, then your slide would be a candidate for a topper. Look at other RV's to see how their slide toppers are installed. A good slope is important. Hope this helps.
  3. You might call the Escapees North Ranch in Congress for a potential referral. (928) 427-3657
  4. You need an upgrade. Check this out: 153 db Kleinn 230 train horn - and let it run for about 5-minutes. Ain't nobody gonna' hang by your camper for more than a few seconds. (you might want to buy some ear plugs too)
  5. Before you pull your gun out you might try hitting the vehicle alarm. My rig lights up like a Christmas tree flashing on/off when in alarm mode. When I add a train horn, I don't need no stinking gun.
  6. Only once when deep in grizzly bear territory with no one for miles around. I started the propane generator (our's is very loud) just to mark our presence. Never felt the need anywhere in the boonies - including the US Mexican border areas. Remote places are the safest. The bad guys don't have gas money to get there - so they stay in the urban areas. Besides, most of those RV'ers have guns. Don't go near them.
  7. Gotta' love that story. I can just picture it. Keep notes, you might want to write a book sometime.
  8. You haven't asked any questions in your original post. A lack of curiosity right there.
  9. Well I'll argue with that right there.
  10. Color me "happy" to be intact and still alive. And reverent for those who gave all.
  11. This one was recommended by the Lance factory repair facility: CRC Power Lube I lube the gear rack (Schwintek) once a month. It does make a difference in how quieter the slide moves.
  12. Late yesterday afternoon, while sitting on our deck, a gigantic C-5 Galaxy flew low directly overhead on a landing approach. The weather was clear, the sun low in the sky. It was not a direct approach landing. The pilot was making sweeping curve. At his altitude, the Puget Sound with Mt. Rainer in the background would be spectacular view. We used to see the C-5 pilots making touch-n-go practice runs weekly, sometimes daily. Their normal direct landing approach is somewhat east of us. For the last several years, we rarely see them anymore. They fly elsewhere. As I commented to my wife, yesterday's landing approach must have been pure joy for the pilot and crew. And I say to the pilots and crew, you can fly over my house anytime. Welcome home.
  13. Cockroaches. Bleach won't kill them. I'm afraid to even mention it, but anything "used" can have a cockroach problem. You can see "droppings" if it has (or had) cockroaches. For the very squeamish, do not see this link. for pictures. Germs: you killed them with bleach.
  14. We've also have been told to find the floor plan that we like. And we spent at least five years (on and off) looking at Class A's. We finally found a used diesel pusher that we really, really liked. It had all the bells and whistles plus some. It just took a long time of searching to know that what we really like is out there. I would not settle for less.
  15. I used well nuts for mounting the panels on my camper roof. Lance Camper Manufacturer's use them too. Go on YouTube and search: well nuts Good visual instructions found there.