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  1. With no bucket or water: Meguiar's G3626 Ultimate Waterless Wash & Wax - 26 oz It requires quite a few cleaning cloths but produces a beautiful clean shine on the truck. I can't reach the upper parts of the camper without a ladder so that part waits until I can get a bucket, water & brush.
  2. "Under the mattress" was the first place they checked. Funny thing was this was crossing from Canada to the US. Never been stopped at any US state lines other than a quick wave through.
  3. Phones and tablets are the present and future. All forum type software has to adapt and be compatible with internet access technology. We are quickly becoming dinosaurs, living on an island of antiquated technology, if we don't keep up.
  4. Eternabond is good stuff. I've sealed the inside 90-degree corner of a leaky gutter with it years ago and it still holds. Never heard of tank rupture though.
  5. The more complex one's financial holdings, the more dangers. Sometimes it might be better to simply maintain one's home residence rather than uproot an entire life of work and investments.
  6. We allow about 20 minutes for the (6-gallons) water heater to get hot enough for showers. And turn it off overnight - it's still hot the next morning. I'll turn it on at breakfast just to insure hot water for the day and off when leaving the camper. Water stays hot all the time that way. Its just a matter of conservation for us.
  7. It's a very good link and very timely. There seem to be many details and not all details are covered in every article. Here are two articles that should help supplement the total body of knowledge: Investopdia: Tax issues if you relocate and Investopedia: Domicle And none of the articles include Healthcare Directive information across states and/or countries. Lots to learn.
  8. Hi, 

    Would you mind activating the "Signature" feature on the forum?
    I like the  individuality that it brings.

    Rich of Rich&Sylvia


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      Hi could you set the number of characters for the name seen on posts from three to two? I had to Use RV_ because it would not allow me to show as User RV anymore as I have for all my past 17 years of support of the forums.

      See here:

  9. The administrator simply performed a full blown upgrade and did it "live". Normally, as a admin, they would perform the upgrade on their personal server (if they know how) and make appropriate changes to mimic the old software options before going "live" with it. Apparently, this was not done.
  10. The only constant in this world is change. Hang in there baby.
  11. I wonder if it would accept Alt+0160 character code?
  12. That is an important feature and should include the time element: "since last visit" - "last two weeks" - "last month" - etc. Imagine not visiting the forum for a month or two. Hopefully, the admin will sort out all the forum options and get it right.
  13. Me too. The announcements are annoying because they require scrolling the page every single time.
  14. DAP Dynaflex 800 at Home Depot. Non-water base. Mineral spirits clean up. I got stuck with open seams and rain coming the next day. And didn't have any Dicor on hand. Two days previously, Lance RV Service and Repair in Lancaster, CA applied a water-based caulk to seal about 8-feet of seams. When finished, they sent us on our way that late afternoon. Within 30 minutes we were encountering light rain and it rained all night. Next morning, their caulk had melted away, dripped down the side of the truck and puddled on the ground. After two days of drying (in Arizona) I stripped off the old caulk (easy) and bought a tube of Dynaflex 800 at Home Depot. I picked the Dap Dynaflex 800 because it's not silicone or water-based and I've had very good experience with their 230 product on exterior wood products. While this doesn't answer the original question it could be a possible help if one finds themselves in a similar situation. Or perhaps a tube of Dicor and a caulking gun is one more thing to carry? One day after the factory service caulking:
  15. Follow up: I contacted Vern Penner and met with him at the North Ranch near Congress/Wickenburg. (Slightly more than an hour's drive from our current location.) Vern went over the entire slide out system with an examination on par with the Mayo Clinic. (Did everything but X-rays) Final diagnosis is that the lower front gear rack & pinion is off by one or two gear teeth. In a thinking-outside-of-the-box approach, Vern thought that we could remove all the screws attaching the lower gear bracket, cut off (shorten) the end of the gear rack and physically push the slide box back along the lower gear track about 3/4 of an inch. Re-attach, then re-time the motors. I think that this would absolutely work, in theory, and can imagine two obstacles to it's success. One, I'm sure that sealant was used on the lower gear bracket. I will have to test to see if it the sealant seal can be broken. Two, heaving on the slide box to move it 3/4 inch along the gear bracket could require more man power. And Three, how to keep the gear bracket from moving when shoving the slide box. Vern tightened up some loose screws and part (after three calls to Lippert / Schwinteck for consultations). At present, the slide out works smoothly - better than ever before. Of course, my motivation to do further repairs has considerably receded. However, it's an itch remaining to be scratched. Picture is of the Schwintek rack and pinion assembly. It would be attached to the slide wall and ordinarily never be out of adjustment from top to bottom.