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    Pete is a jack of all trades - can fix or build anything. He also likes to hunt, fish and ride his motorcycle.

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  1. Adopting/rescuing any dog of any breed or age is wonderful, but there is a serious need for adopters of middle age and senior dogs. Everyone wants a puppy. We have had 4 older dogs now and they have all been the best dogs. You may have to refresh them on housetraining and establish your routine and household rules, but I wouldn't pass them up because of age.
  2. I would also consider it abuse to "live" in someone's parking lot vs overnight and be on your way.
  3. I think it's just a matter of personal preference. We bought a 10 yr old high quality motorhome and have had it for 7 years now. We have not been sorry. We would never have been able to afford this quality of rv if we had purchased new. Many full-time rvers would tell you to buy the highest quality used vs a lower quality new. If you buy used, you can be the first one to sleep in the bed. Start with brand new mattresses ( most of us would do that ). Good luck with your search and purchase.
  4. So does anyone know what the new plan cost will be and if you are not on contract, but bought your device outright, will you be grandfathered in at the $20.
  5. We have been at 8 since Jan 1st. Currently hosting for the summer so the number won't start going up again until we leave here in the fall. We will then be traveling more and sitting less than we have for the past 7 years.
  6. We used a Florida mailing service and mailing address 4 years without becoming a resident. We were residents of Michigan and kept our vehicles registered there, our driver's licenses, bank accounts etc. We were simply paying a business to accept our mail and forward it to us at various addresses we provided. We used our daughter's address as our residence address on everything, but our FL address as our mailing address. This is how the taxes were filed also. We then changed to a SD mailing service and became residents switching registrations, licenses, insurance etc to S Dakota. We now have 1 address in SD that is our resident as well as mailing address.
  7. Like Kirk said, a water pressure regulator should be going toward the top of your list. We have been full-time 7 yrs now and also have never had a problem with wasps or spiders and propane. When we are parked someplace for more than a week, we do spray around our rig with Home Defense. You also mentioned moving every 3 wks or so and I just wanted to point out that you will get your best rates at the parks if you stay on a monthly basis. If you are on a budget, it can make a big difference. We use electric a lot for our water heater( it has gas or electric) as we are usually somewhere that electric is included in our camping fee, or at host sites where it is included. Our tank is a 10 gallon and it gets plenty hot just on electric. We leave it on rather than turning it on and off. It does heat faster with propane. We use our cooktop which has electronic ignition, so it's just like using a gas stove in a house. Also if you think about it, many rural homes use propane to heat water, heat the home and cook , so propane is safe. The furnace has a thermostat just like in a house and many houses have propane furnaces too. Maybe if someone explained the safety features on the gas appliances you would feel much more comfortable. For example with the furnace, the gas turns on but the burner doesn't light after a couple of tries, there is a safety feature that will shut the gas off. As you get more familiar, you may become more comfortable and be able to use the features you already have in your rv.
  8. We ordered ours thru a Corporate store. It was shipped to the store and we picked it up. The employees at the store activated it before we left the store with it. Another advantage vs online. The online order indicated it would be almost 3 weeks before it was shipped. Ordering thru the store it was there 2 days later instead of the long wait indicated online. Retail stores cannot help , most do not know what the ZTE Mobley is. The device is not even on their listing of equipment that can be ordered. If you try a store, make sure it is a corporate store.
  9. We have our full-timer rv policy with Progressive and they do offer additional coverages for personal property or specified items. May not be the same in all states however.
  10. Dirty air filter?
  11. I think the reason any new vet wants to do an exam is that by law I believe they are required to have a "relationship" with the pet/patient to write any prescriptions Our dog requires prescription meds and I order online indicating who the vet is. The pharmacy then contacts the vet for the prescription . I have previously ordered from all of them mentioned. One of the current meds she has for her eyes is a compounded medication. There is 1 pharmacy that does this out of Phoenix AZ area. The name is Roadrunner Pharmacy. I don't know if they would have anything like that or could mix it for you, but they commonly ship medications. Your vet has to call them with a prescription. You then call and they require a credit card. They will then fill your prescription, charge your card, and ship it to the address you give them. The shipping is free. This has worked out very well with us traveling. After you have ordered the first time, you can set up an online account to order whenever you need it until your prescription expires. I
  12. We use our shower daily and bathroom facilities multiple times daily and well as a few trips at night. Some campgrounds where sites are mostly filled could put you a good distance away from any facilities. How many times do you want to walk that far to use the facilities?
  13. I would say that some of the difference is that you must have had a home you went back to, or all of your things in storage. Some of us full-timers carry what we want with us. We have no home where we keep things or storage facility storing things until we decide to stop being full-timers. When it is your lifestyle and not just for a short time you also want your craft items, tools, hobby material or supplies etc. To each their own as it doesn't bother me if someone doesn't like a bigger rig and wants to live in whatever. Have even met some who only have a regular van and a tent.
  14. Update: Well, we did not get our Mobley and won't. The first order was placed and we had notice the next morning that it was cancelled as they couldn't verify our identity. I then got on the website and chatted with a CSR. She advised once cancelled, nothing can be done, but told me to put another order thru and then gave me a phone # to call immediately and said they would be able to verify me with the order # and the zip code used on the order and stop any cancellation. Called the number and was advised there is nothing they can do to stop it and sure enough - this evening our 2nd order was cancelled for the same reason. I don't understand the problem since we had to give them social security # as part of the order. The charges went thru to the credit card both times. Address was verified by us to be the same as the billing address on our card. Don't quite know where to go from here. Any suggestions? Update- A CSR at ATT suggested we go to a store and order. Found out that needs to be done at a Corporate store as the retail stores do not even have the Mobley in their list of items that can be ordered. Did that today. ID verified by scanning back of drivers license. Order placed and by the time I got back home there was confirmation of the order and about an hour later, confirmation of shipment, which provided us with an order#, tracking# and a phone# for the device. We are having it shipped to the ATT store for pickup. They will activate for us when we come to pick it up. Hoping this worked.
  15. Our queen mattress is about the depth yours is also and same problem as yours. We put a 4" memory foam topper on our bed, left it full length instead of cutting to the short length and the deep pocket sheets fit pretty good. Good enough that they don't keep coming off the corners. The topper took up a lot of the excess in length and depth.