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  1. rickeieio, get a jug of Extreme Simple Green made for aluminum and the aircraft industry. Available at Fastenal, stocked in some stores, or they can order it for you.
  2. Headed back to Somers for the summer Vern?
  3. budwizer, glad to know they are working for you. I saw them but with the "multiple size fit" I was concerned about them sealing. The fitting is like a fitting for electrical Liquid Tight. I'll have to try some.
  4. Here is a new RV park going in 2018 at West Glacier, MT. next to Glacier National Park.
  5. jfaulkner, there is a 1997 Buick sitting on our RV lot in Yuma. Belongs to a friend of ours. I disconnected the battery April 20 and it will remain that way until the first week of October with no charger, minder etc. I'll bet when I re-hook the cable up, the old girl will fire right up. Most folks I know just unhook the battery cables and are good to go.
  6. Being in Yuma for 6- 7 months, I usually get the job of helping folks shut down their RVs that stays there for the summer. And since we are usually the first back I usually open them up before the owners have returned. We turn off all solar if equipped. With or with out solar we disconnect all batteries and make sure they are topped off with of course, distilled water. When getting back in the fall in over ten years there never has been a problem. The water levels are just where we left them. Just think of all the battery powered golf carts left in the parks, etc., if the same thing above is done, they are also good to go.
  7. This place just west of Yuma, AZ. on I-8 has coupons in the Whitesheets just about every week of the snowbird season in Yuma, AZ.
  8. What Darryl&Rita said. I put mine on 6 years ago. Dicor Self Leveling Sealant underneath the brackets and after screwed down, same sealant over top of the bracket and screw head. Haven't had any problems.
  9. Carrilite, you will be good to go from Bozeman to W. Yellowstone on RT. 191. I take our dually crew cab and 40' fiver both directions on it. Beautiful drive, not quick. This is the route delivery trucks serving W. Yellowstone and Big Sky use, Budweiser, U S Foods etc. The past several years there has been some on-going road construction and a new electrical line being built using helicopters to set the poles on the side of the mountain. But it was no big deal, had to stop for the flag gal last summer just as a helicopter carrying poles came overhead, told her thanks, that I couldn't have watched that driving. The YNP boundary comes down RT. 191 a ways and is marked by a sign and the speed limit goes down to 55MPH. My advice would be to take the Belgrade exit off I-90. Driving thru Bozeman with a big RV is a PITA with crazy turns and traffic. There are numerous truck stops off that exit going into Belgrade. Most Town Pumps truck stops and c-stores usually have free dump stations. That Montana company is very RV friendly! If I can be of more help just PM me. Enjoy!
  10. jlapeer, we hit Lowes in Yuma heavy this snowbird season also. Just always showed my VA card and the checkout folks were great, as many of them stated "Thanks for your service". And I also used it at Home Depot in Yuma with no issues. There are locations of the above mentioned companies that I have successfully gotten the discount but it seems to "raise eyebrows" at some locations. I always figured with the Marine Base and so many retired military folks in the Yuma area it was just common.
  11. DuneElliot, are you using Liquid Rubber?
  12. Not to change the topic, but Vegas Teacher or Vegas Flyer, check out the post under General Rving by HaleyCowan, maybe you can suggest a shop.
  13. I'm sure that is a Freightliner chassis and there is a Freightliner shop along I-15 going thru Vegas. If I were you, go to the HDT forum on here and check with Las Vegas Flyer and or Las Vegas Teacher, as I'm sure these guys could give you an idea.
  14. Waiting in the parking lot at the Las Vegas Outlets on Las Vegas Blvd on Friday, I couldn't get a good look because of trees and distance. The HDT was red and white with big lettering on the side, either a quad or Smart on the deck, and Montana fiver with the hitch pin at the end of the HDT frame. Appeared to come in to lot and worked his way right back out. Anyone on here?
  15. Being a 50 plus year resident of PA. before going fulltime, PA is not fulltime friendly for various reasons. But if you aren't sure if fulltiming will work for you, I'd hold off on making big changes. Don't worry about PA vehicle inspection. When out of state that sticker or lack thereof means absolutely nothing. When coming back into PA, you have a certain amount of time to get the vehicle inspected, I just don't remember how long. This is our 14th year of fulltiming and we cut ties to PA. when we left in 2003. Only thing I miss is Lebanon Bologna, Shoo-Fly Pies and Sticky Buns.