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  1. There is definitely a problem doing it online. We can't get it to take. A gal in a Lowes store in Henderson, NV. added it and said it was good to go. But so far it still doesn't show up. So the next Lowes I'm in we will try again.
  2. lenp, I've been watching this too. Ads starting popping up on Craig's List while we were still in Yuma, AZ. in March. They are listed in Idaho, Montana, and of course Oregon. We are now in Island Park, ID. and just the other day the Idaho Falls newspaper had a big story also. Sandy Downs, the hay burner track, is renting RV spots as are many private individuals. Many RV parks claim they are already booked full. The Idaho Falls visitor center is selling hats and shirts. I have a friend that lives in Albany, OR. that met a real estate salesman in LaPIne, Or. last week to sell a piece of property there for him. I was kidding him that what he was really doing over there was lining a field off for RV spots at $100.00 a night. I can't type his comeback here!
  3. We were at the Ambassador in Sept. 2012. It either opened that season or the 2011 season. They also own a couple of RV parks in Quartzite, AZ.
  4. Our '04 Alfa came with the combination slide toppers that pull on down for window awnings. They had vinyl for about 10 " from the side of the trailer then went to sunscreen material. Never thought much about toppers before buying the fiver but now I sure wouldn't be without them. If you spend much time in warm, bright sunny areas, they sure help keep the slide from picking up quite a bit of heat from the roof. Yes, they will flap in wind but if the spring tension is set correctly it minimizes the flapping. Also, by having sunscreen material, it will let some wind pass thru and will not let rain puddle. After 13 years of fulltiming I just replaced the material last March. The vinyl had become brittle and cracking but the sunscreen material was still pretty good. Had Arizona RV in Wellton AZ. sew me up new toppers/shades with ALL sunscreen material and I installed them. Something else, they do protect the EPDM rubber roof quite a bit. Looking at our main roof and the slide roofs you can really see the difference. Carefree made these combos but I do believe they have discontinued them. It really is too bad as now if want slide toppers and window awnings you end up with 2 rollers and more holes in the rig. If you are handy you can install them but just make sure before buying or ordering you have the correct measurements. For the install, it will take two people.
  5. First of all, Airtex, has been around for years. The first one I used was on our 1974 Ford PU. Most RV repairmen that are not Onan dealers use the Airtex for replacement.
  6. Hopefully the accident and tire analysts will examine this accident.
  7. Too bad but of course being market driven these fivers went away. In the 70's and early 80's, Fleetwood products produce short single and tandem axle fivers under the Wilderness and Prowler names, that were no problem for 1/2 ton pickups. I also believe Shadow Cruser produced a model. From time to time in our travels we will see one sitting in a driveway or field.
  8. Sorry, but I took the "any problems" that he was wanting to know if owners had problems related to Riverstone fivers.
  9. James 8848, well as luck would have it, yesterday, it rained, blew and snowed and they were gone most of the day. This AM. as I was going out to see if I could talk to them, all I saw was the rear end of the Riverstone pulling on to US 20.
  10. Found this this morning in the Idaho Falls, ID. AM edition of the Post Register. I think you will find it very interesting.
  11. As mentioned, Bakers Hole a Forest Service C/G with some dry sites and some with power, along with dispersed water. There is National Forest dispersed camping off US 20 west of West Yellowstone in Island Park. Turn right on to Red Rock Rd. then bear right on to Boot Jack RD. and there numerous spots there. Another place is Fremont County Park and boat ramp on Henry's Lake. By donation and big long sites. US 20 to RT 87, approx. 5 miles turn left and go around Henry's Lake, at end of pavement turn left into park. At the intersection of US 20 and RT 87 it is approx. 13 miles to the west gate of YNP. Don't be in a hurry, it is snowing here as I type this and we are parked about a mile form the US 20 and RT 87
  12. There is a Riverstone parked in front of us here in Island Park, ID. that I could barely see this afternoon due to hard rain and some snow. If I see someone I'll ask, it has PA. plates and evidently was sold at Keystone RV in Greencastle, PA.
  13. dsimpson, do you happen to know where Goodyear is building these tires?
  15. Jeff, may I ask where the picture was taken? Just beautiful.