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  1. Kodiak Jack, try using the green "Frog" painters tape or the blue painters tape for a clean line when applying the GeoCel. Just don't let it set-up. No matter what white or clear sealant you use, it will pick up dust and stay there.
  2. jdhm, my Elks book shows four spots in parking lot no hook-ups, water at lodge, and dump nearby. We have never stopped at this lodge so that is the only info I got
  3. Well "good news" on my friends situation. He has received a check from his insurance company for the missing fiver. Getting the Yuma PD involved with a stolen vehicle report I'm sure helped his situation. Also about two months ago he sent a letter to the Arizona insurance commissioner. The Peddler evidently did a cash deal with who ever bought the fiver and pocketed it. Now if a lady in Oregon that bought a Class C from them can get a title it would be nice. the state allowed her 3- 30 day temps last summer and now it just sits in the yard. You have to wonder how many more folks are involved.
  4. Many times more is not necessarily better and here change sure doesn't equate to better!
  5. In Yuma, AZ. snowbirds and Arizona plated vehicles, many of which are "piloted" by snowbirds and locals, delete the turn signal lever and opt for the 6-CD changer and a Bluetooth setup. They knock down more walls and fences then I've ever seen. And most traffic accidents, no matter how small, have a high percentage of rollovers.
  6. Thanks Vern!
  7. I have always used Geocel ProFlex available at most RV parts houses. Dicor on anything that contacts EPDM rubber roofs.
  8. Reminder, Wednesday, March 8, 2017 is the March Yuma SKP Get-Together. It is held at Foothills Food and Spirits, I-8, exit at Foothills Blvd. 11 AM., both breakfast and lunch may be ordered. All SKPS and those passing are invited.
  9. Yes noteven, Bobby also drove a Matador as I remember.
  10. dblr, you gave me a headache. I had been thinking about Bobby Allison in the Penske Cam 2 Mercury and completely forgot about Mark and the AMC Javelin.
  12. We have parked our RV at race tracks since 1976 from Indy to Daytona and many places in between. Sometimes the doors were probably left open. And when we both worked for race teams, we would be away from the RV for at least 10 hours at a time. The only time anything happened was in 1979 someone tried to steal a homemade flag from our RV at Pocono. My mother in law was with us that weekend but not at the race. She stepped out and asked the idiot "what the hell do you think your doing"? He left. The only thing I ever had stolen was from the RV park in Yuma several years ago was the worst bike in the 156 site park. Big events will draw certain style bandits that specialize in certain things. We also have attended numerous NCAA Mens and Womens Final Four Basketball tournaments. The cops finally broke up the "Rolex Gang" one year that had worked Final Fours, Daytona, Indy, and the Super Bowls for years. They were successful only because people had to "show off" their wares.
  13. I have run valve extenders on our 2003 Ram Dually since 2006. Absolutely no problems, of course they feed off steel valve stems that are mounted in the wheel. This includes a trip to Alaska and many gravel roads over the years.
  14. Has anybody tried or used Super Flex Primer and Super Flex EPDM rubber roof coating now being sold by Camping World and some other suppliers?
  15. Rob L, we go that way when we leave Yuma with a dually crew cab and 38' fiver. No problem. You will probably see numerous trucks hauling hay for hay burners going both directions.