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  1. We use the least expensive Motorola radios. The fewer the features the easier they are to use. The wife uses four commands........left, right, stop and come on back.
  2. Lynx Levelers work well for me. I have two sets and find them very versitle. They do wear out, and every couple of years I get a new set and throw out the worst of the old ones. They are also lighter than many other solutions.
  3. The way I understand it, you will only be throttled after using your devise as a hotspot. Your devise will still get 4G speeds if not being used as a hotspot, say for example streaming a movie on an iPad or streaming a movie using an HDMI adapter to your tv set. Also the slower speeds, 3 G is still adaquate for web surfing or downloading movies to watch later, say overnight when you sleep.
  4. And they are not kidding. Yesterday I got 11 Mbps down and 8 Mbps up. Today I got a text advising me that I had used my 10 G hotspot limit on my jetpack. I did a speed test and got .6 Mbps down and .6 Mbps up.
  5. It makes a difference because if you're using your device as a hotspot you only get 10 gigs at 4G speeds, then it gets reduced to 3G speed.
  6. When I look at my verizon data usage it shows me how much total data used per device and how much hotspot data used and avalable, per device. I am using Safari browser if that matters.
  7. Go to my Verizon and sign in. Click on my Usage. A screen will open up showing each of your devices. Click on each devise and your usage will show on the right side of the page.
  8. We have the unlimited plan and four lines, one jetpack, two phones and an iPad. So that will give us 40 gig of 4G hotspot use. Most of my internet usage is just basic surfing, forums, Amazon, etc. which should be fine on 3G speeds. It's just nice not to be limited to 30 gigs each month.
  9. Hmmm.........I just got this email message from Verizon: We’ve noticed that you use more than 10 GB of data each month on your Internet device (Jetpack/router/Home Fusion Broadband). So, we wanted to remind you that, consistent with our Verizon Unlimited Plan terms & conditions, when you exceed 10 GB on that device during your monthly bill cycle in the future, your data speeds will slow down to a maximum of 3G speeds. 4G speed will be restored when your monthly bill cycle begins again. If you need a plan that allows you to use more data at 4G speeds for your Internet device, please call us at 1.800.922.0204. We look forward to continuing to provide you with great service and thank you for choosing Verizon Wireless.
  10. I have the unlimited plan and now have 35 gigs on my jetpack. I just checked and I am getting 28 Mbps down and 6 Mbps up. It does slow down a bit in the evenings and especially weekend evenings as I am in a resort area. It is much better than my previous 30 gig share everything plan.
  11. So why would anyone with half a brain not dump at the dump station or sewer hookup?
  12. We just completed our first month on this plan. We used 70 gigs of data, over 50 on our hotspot. We are at South Padre Island, TX and notice that evening hours are a bit slower than daytime and morning, especially on weekends. Don't know if this is throttling or just heavy usage, but it is also slow on our tablets and phones at those hours so I suspect it's just heavy usage slowing it down. So far, so good.
  13. I use our Blue Boy for a good portion of the year, for various degrees of dry camping. It is 30 gallons and easily holds a weeks worth of black tank contents, so I dump weekly when using it. I have a macerator pump and fill the blue boy on the tailgate of the pickup to control overflows and to make the trek to the dump easier. One location we let the gray water on the ground so it saves trips to the dump. Another we use the campground shower, also saving trips to the dump. Another location we haul all gray and black water to the dump as well as haul fresh water to fill our tank. Just a necessary part of dry camping.
  14. I don't think an unsecured sofa would be an issue in a trailer, but could be a serious hazard in a motorhome. In an accident it could make a pretty dangerous projectile.