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  1. Does the Old Goat still check hs Gmail account, or would he prefer the Sales@ account be used?
  2. Doh! Missed that on the phone. Hanging head in shame.
  3. Still hasn't shared whether the car is a grey market diesel, or a G&K gassed. The above instructions apply to diesel, but all bets are off on the gas conversions.
  4. That's dead sexy, Dave. Glenn: Dorman carries generic versions of almost all the common parts on a vehicle, even the bezel rings.
  5. Local Ag dealers have cameras built for farm conditions. Usually better pricing, too.
  6. Dorman, available at most parts stores.
  7. March 16-18, 2017. Sorry.
  8. Please tell us you didn't pay $40 for this:
  9. Read about Al Capone and his "tussle" with Tax Geeks.
  10. Neither, Chrome OS.
  11. Dealers have a generic catalog, be it Walker, Donaldson, or another brand, that will have a picture, and measurements of more mufflers than you ever dreamt of.
  12. You should also mention what province you're going to register in. They're all slightly different in what they allow.
  13. If you all think that links to pics are his biggest issue, I got news for you. To Dave; Your heart clearly isn't in the position it needs to be to make such a monumental decision, either way. You need to sit down, survey your abilities, your tools, and how much free time you're willing to put into what's left of your dream. Be realistic here. Now consider the pressure you'll be feeling from your wife, and have been feeling. Balance those 2 with the possible loss of money, or at best, a net zero. The value of the truck has obviously gone down from sitting, and it won't climb without intervention. Clean the mung off the exterior, clean the crap out of the cab, take some good pics, and get them posted properly. If you win a lotto, get the clutch fixed. You've had a couple people offer to name a price to them, "As is-Where is". Contact them. Continue to make repairs, as you see fit, with drivability leading the spending. This will increase the price, of course.
  14. Guessing here, but a ChromeBook has very little on board to infect. It's barely a computer, more like a modem with a screen and keyboard attached. Without connectivity, it's almost a paperweight. I've been thinking of the same thing for a while, just haven't dropped the coin to pick one up. That, and I wonder if I have strength (fear?) to limit it's use to banking/secure websites only.
  15. Posted for Vern: