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  1. For Verizon smart phone users with Android Nougat, there is a native solution. Recents > touch the offending call > touch Details > touch the 3 dot icon (top right) > touch Block Number.I currently am blocking 60 numbers so no limit as yet.Previously I used Call Control-Call Blocker from the Google Play Store. No limit there either & works on earlier Android versions.
  2. I used do for to mount an older Sky. It was a bear to remove after the rig was totaled in our yard.
  3. DC: Battery terminals & all primary grounds. Battery disconnect terminals. DC distribution B+ & negative terminals. AC to DC converter + & - terminals. Inverter + & - terminals. AC: Shorepower terminals & junction box connections. EMS input & output terminals if present. Breaker panel feedin points plus all other connections in there. Transfer switch and inverter charger AC terminal connections. Loose connections generate heat which can further deteriorate the connection over time. GB grease can also aid in trouble free connections.
  4. Translation please? Might you mean a B&W Companion hitch?
  5. Your logic seems sound provided the battery capacity is sufficient.
  6. That is how it now works. Verizon pushed another update. When I called CS they guided me to an 8 step process. The latest is not ideal but workable.
  7. Samsung S7 Edge just updated from Marshmallow to Nugert. It's was a breeze to block unwanted calls in Marshmallow. Not so now, it has become a multi-step process. I reinstalled Call Filter to make life a bit simpler. Call Filter is no longer in the Play Store search results. I needed to access it via my library.
  8. A yellow painters pole (I use the 12' version). Sourced at Lowe's.
  9. If there is a mixing valve in the tank outlet I would suspect it is corroded and malfunctioning. Not a cheap replacement and many remove it and install a manual bypass to portion the hot and cold. When mine failed I opted to install a stop in the bypass and eliminate the mixing valve. We then used the spigots to regulate the temperature.
  10. Any small accumulator/expansion tank will solve this issue. Water as a liquid will not compress. So if it is heated with no air pocket the pressure will rise dramatically and lift the relief.
  11. A gusset in this case would be a 90°- 45° - 45° quarter inch plate. Welded beneath the hitch to reinforce the right angle.
  12. Knowing the brand and model of your new inverter might prove helpful to us reading. A note as to where it is located in your AC power stream would also be helpful.
  13. It might be a muffin fan or 2 in the coil area installed to circulate air if the condenser temp gets above approx. 135°. I assume your coach has a refer chimney and is not in a slide so the presence of a fan is not certain.
  14. So it does indeed move! I would try a dry lube on the slider as it appears to be giving up due to torque as is normal operation. The drive motor is getting bogged down. EDIT: If the slider is step worn replacing the cover will also replace the slider.
  15. I did an Amazon Search for Progressive Dynamics Power Converter with Prime Their 2nd day shipping is free with Prime membership.