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  1. I use a telescoping window washing pole ( fiberglass ) and bungee it tight to my ladder.
  2. Interesting on mine I had four mexicans and I just pointed at it and said get it out of here without tearing my trailer up. I do know it was dayam heavy.
  3. The legs may be hollow with lag bolts going through. crawl undernieth slide and look for bolt heads in line with sofa legs.
  4. I cant remember if mine dripped or not but as long as there are no leaks inside ? A swamp cooler would work just fine in the desert, sure would be cheaper to run.
  5. I love a good challenge but I sure dont like overheating engines, I also am looking to see what the answer is But yes 2300' I would be half way to the top before I started shifting down 7 % I can handle but when they get worse I start looking for the long way around. Its the 7-8K that have me wondering if I am going to get over the top eventually. I asked the question once and I dont recall the answer if there was one. What is the timing situation on a 7.3 ? I think a Dynometer test might tell whats going on, possibly a defective computer ?
  6. Is it possible the thermostat is not opening up all the way ?
  7. But the NE is flat and downhill
  8. Somwheres way back when He said he has the 6.0 which brings up a whole different kettle of fish. My 5.9 Cummins with a 60HP chip bogs down pulling 14K up a hill so go figure what that 6.0 is doing pulling 20K Plus his F550 is probably heavier than my 3500. I would be willing to bet his fan clutch is working or he wouldn't make it uphill to the next wifi spot to be able to tell us about it. I would start with a new possibly colder thermostat and possibly an electric fan, clean the bugs out and throw out all the DWs cast iron skillets and any other things she can live without One pair of shoes is all she needs !
  9. This F550 has a little 6.0 pulling 20K trailer which is probably rated for 14K and if ford is like dodge the recovery tank is plastic and old age cracks them. I had to replace mine and the recovery has no pressure on it if it gets full it runs out over the outlet
  10. I am leaving this position and have been asked to find my replacement. I will be leaving April 27th 2017 I think ? In exchange for full hookups 20 acre horse ranch with no horses needs to maintain lawn ( riding mower, auto sprinklers ) keep filter on pool cleaned, blow leaves, spray fencelines and driveway weeds. LOcation 18020 Starr Rd, Cottonwood, Ca 96022.... The owners have been here for a short while 3 times in the past year. If you want you can do this for 6 months or as the owner told me until Jesus comes, even if they did move back here they still want someone here. He rode one or two horses to many which has slowed him down The cons are it gets hot here but if you want you can do a lil work in the morning and sit under AC the rest of the day, Shopping is 9 miles away on I-5 at Cottonwood, Lots of big Oaks here for shade. CONTACT
  11. Actually I said that as a joke
  12. Sounds good young Jim if it wont mess up airflow when the big fan is sucking, I like the idea of manual switch, Now if we had a variable speed on it
  13. Better yet take the things completely apart and mail one piece at a time and mix up the pieces
  14. Guns are available at all yard sales in AZ cash n carry. Put the ammo in a side compartment where out of your reach and good for the get go
  15. I havent looked into it but I agree on another tech but that electric element is also going to need a thermostat. 19 yrs old I wouldnt stick to much into it.... Look up prices on an upgrade to possibly a 10gal that will work on gas or elect