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  1. Thanks I will chk Ir for sure beats what I am paying plus your rigs are newer
  2. National General just priced themselves out of my price range It went up to $891 from $624 for 6 months coverage. There has to be lower priced ins and I have been with them for 5 yrs and no claims ! Any Ideas are welcome
  3. You will find that if you hookup equalizer as soon as you are hooked on the ball they snap over easier, then finish raising your jack
  4. what would be nice would be irons coming up off of hitch on each side of your current reciever to make a boxed i n solid frame for the bike hitch to plug into or have straps coming down to bumper to keep an added extension from trying to to flop from side to side although my motorcycle that I have about a 6" drop on works just fine with the adapter that slides on hitch and clamps against the side of reciever, My bike weighs 300 lbs. Cost wise a ratchet strap from top of reciever out to the ends of your bumper would work fine.
  5. Look on Amazon they do make a double reciever for that purpose.
  6. I would venture to say that it has some pretty lousy insulation.
  7. Yeah Brian I think Amazon had it 60ish which made me wonder how good it was. I noticed CHINA stamped all over it but what doesnt these days. Smitty 77-7 the grey tank wont fill up if the valves are wide open
  8. I was reading the specs about that pump but was kind of wondering about the 55lbs, Glad to know it works good should the need arise that i need another. Its amazing what a chat with Amazon can do All of a sudden my pump appeared and has been shipped.
  9. Yeah John after my lil chat with some Ahab...My pumps been backordered so they get it the 8th, dirtbags said it was in stock ! Just about time to stop shopping Amazon 2nd time they have pulled this stunt on me. Jim S
  10. I ordered a new 3.5 to replace my original 2.8 Shurflo so am anxious to get it. But now I have to go to Amazon and find out why I haven;t got a ship date yet considering it was in stock and I have Prime !
  11. The pump is a 2.8GPM 45PSI Running pump it took 1 minute to fill 1 gal jug from kitchen sink. CG water at 24 PSI filled jug at same time 1 minute. Now I see Amazon has same pump at 3.5 GPM @45 PSI but they want a 15A slow-burn fuse where current pump has a 10A and the motor says 7A to run. When I 1st turned pump on it would not build up pressure so I turned CG water off and then turned on pump and kitchen faucett and it started pumping and did build up pressure after faucett was off. Turn faucett on and get a good charge of water for a second and then pressure falls right off. So I guess its rebuild or new. I can live with noisy pump but lack of water pressure is a bummer
  12. Thanks for the replys, I did remove showerhead and installed a house type head but pump just runs steady and very low flow. It used to work very good but I think my 12yr old pump is in need of a fix
  13. My pump does not put out enough water pressure and want to replace How many GPM and what pressure pump should I get for fantastic shower time ? And no ...the answer is NO the shower head is not plugged up My campground pressure is 24lbs and my pump just barely improves that !
  14. Lucky there was nothing flammable close by because I bet it was mighty hot
  15. Does the parking brake work off of rear wheel drums or a drum on the driveline., Either one will probably just need adjusting. So as long as your brakes work ok continue driving. Levelers should have nothing to do with your brakes, Look for a blown fuse for them...good luck and safe travels