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  1. Hope it's done in time for the National Rally, and you bring it down. Rod
  2. Dang Chuck, You never mentioned being left stranded. Thankfully it has not done that to me. Have had a couple 'I don't want to go yet tantrums, but once on the road she is a good girl. Go Granny Go Rod
  3. Thanks Rick.
  4. Made a second trip since the first symptoms. No problems again, but don't want to just ignore it. Any recommendations in the Kansas City area? I keep forgetting to ask Rick when I speak with him. Rod
  5. A couple T Bones, a Rib Eye and two potatoes. Heated to 350 and put in the potatoes for 15 minutes and turned the temp down. The T Bones were huge so one started at 260 for about an hour (Mom) doesn't want any pink in her steak. Put the another one and the Rib Eye 30 minutes later and turned up the temp. Easy to do with the WIFI app. Put the temperature probe in and set for 170. Audible alarm when it reached desired temp. Really happy with how it all worked, and so was the family. Rod
  6. I would not have a gas refrigerator without a fire suppression system. Are they including that with the Gas/Electric? A small pure sine wave inverter (sized for the fridge) and batteries can run the fridge for quite a while when moving. If you don't open the fridge it stays cold for a while too. It's all about how you are using and what you want. Rod
  7. Last year my insurance raised several hundreds of dollars. I planned to check out some other insurances, but didn't. This year my quote is several thousands of dollars more. I HAVE to check for a better rate now. Have been with National Interstate since first getting my HDT. Sure my rates have changed with the new trailer and such but this is getting outrages Rod
  8. Thanks for the info. It certainly is long and worked well for me with my initial burn in. Can't wait to use it for the first time this weekend. Rod
  9. I have endured the smell for many months at a couple RV parks so I won't feel too bad firing it up next winter in one of those parks. My brother gave me some steaks today to fix next week when I get back to Mom's house. I left the grill there since working 12 hours for the next three days won't give me any time to use it. It is all ready to cook I think. Steak and Baked potatoes will be the first meal next Friday evening. Hoping for beginners luck and it all comes out great. Rod
  10. Sorry it has taken me so long to get back with the contact for adding keyless entry and door lock. The business has a new owner, but I believe he is one of the techs employed by the previous owner. The telephone number for them in Cedar Rapids Iowa is 319-247-2277. This is not an advertisement for them, just sharing information. I have not and will not receive anything other than thanks for providing. Rod
  11. Picked up the Davey Crockett yesterday and put it together last night. Did the initial "Burn In" this morning. Super simple to operate. Plug it in, touch a button and you are good to go. Not sure how I feel about the 12 volt cord with male ends on each end. After your frequent use, how do you feel about it ewacowboy? Did have a surprise when I took it apart after the initial burn. It was cool enough to touch and I found a lot of ash scattered around inside. (it was a windy day) Mom had two vacuum's sitting in the garage so I picked one up and started cleaning up the ash. Made the mistake of hitting the fire pot and finding some hot embers still at the bottom. Immediately took the bag out of the Vac and it's sitting well away from the house and has been for a couple hours. WON'T DO THAT AGAIN. Can't wait until next week when I can actually cook something on it. Rod
  12. One thing everyone has to remember when planning their trip is the weather. The Eclipse will take place rain or shine. Seeing it in the rain will be quite different than seeing on a bright sunny day. In the 1990's I was on Oahu when the Total Eclipse came over the Hawaiian Islands. Amazing experience. There were scattered clouds that morning, but thankfully no liquid Hawaiian Sunshine. Rod
  13. Great looking truck Rod
  14. Anyone carting around a pellet grill? Found a Green Mountain grill in a motorcycle shop I visited yesterday and a Treager at a local business I try to support when I'm home. Started researching and found Rec Tec also mentioned. Anyone have experience with any of these grills. I travel single but cook for left overs. Thanks in advance for replies. Rod
  15. And keeping them full all the time ensures a good return on the investment. Having open spots is not cost effective. I reserve my spot for the winter before I leave. In the summer, I'm not sure where I will go so it makes it much more difficult. (at least for me). I'm hoping to become more self contained and not need to plug in every day sometime soon. Not sure if that will make it easier or not.