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  1. I may be interested in one, if it is a direct bolt in for my 2001 Volvo. Pictures? Price? Location? Delivery? Rod
  2. What year is your truck? I don't have the option of a "Brake Cruise" setting that I know of. My truck is a 2001 three pedal autoshift. Usually the trucks I see with the brakes on when getting ready to climb the next hill are Swift, JBHunt, and Snyder, so they are most likely "company" drivers. Maybe they get into trouble for the 3 to 5 mph over the speed limit they might be going when they hit the brake. I have always wondered and now maybe I know a few reasons why. Thanks, Rod
  3. Coming home on a 4 lane road today, following a pair of flat bed trailers running right at the speed limit, or a little less. I notice the brake lights come on for the trailing rig at the bottom of a small hill, just before an equally small upgrade. There is at least 4 X the length of the rig between the first and second truck, so there was no obvious reason for the slow down. Didn't notice the first truck flashing it's brake lights. I have seen this multiple times in the past where brakes appear to be activated just before the start of a climb and for the life of me I do not understand why. Anyone care to educate me? Thanks, Rod
  4. Rocky, Thanks for the info. Don't know why I didn't see this earlier. Got a referral from Rick Jennings on a shop in KC. Just got off the phone with them and will try and schedule a time next week to take the truck in for a look see. We did talk about a ground wire issue, the tech actually brought it up with my description. Hopefully that's it. Rod
  5. I purchased an Edge a LONG time ago for my 1999 F350. It seemed to work well for that application, but it was the 7.3 Liter. What I liked was the EGT probe do I knew when to back off a bit. I was pulling a large 5th wheel and some of the mountain climbs were a bit tough. Don't have to worry about it now. My brother tried the device in his 2001 7.3, but couldn't get it to work. Rod
  6. I have to ask you to not make the purchase from Amazon. Find a nice truck stop or another place to purchase. If everyone continues to use Amazon, then there will be nothing else, no competition and what will we do then??? Rod
  7. I certainly tried to be first. Guess I will have to wait a while to see if I made the cut. Visited with Steve and Gail at Spacecraft for a little bit today but they wouldn't say who got in first. I think the person has to be present to win so even if you got there first if you are not there at the Rally the prize will go to the next person. That's the way I would do it. Rod
  8. I still miss my Rand McNally, and it definitely tells you when it's time to replace. It lasted only a bit over 3 years, so I haven't bought another one.I instead did the tablet, Co-Pilot first and now the Garmin RV, neither do I like as well as I did the Rand. If I were on the road all the time I would try another one, but I'm not. I mostly use Google Maps, but they don't have a "Truck" feature to keep you out of places you shouldn't be. The Google maps work on the tablet as long as I keep my phone internet hot spot connected. Has better "traffic" info than the Garmin with Telenav. So ChuckD, buy a Rand McNally and see how long it lasts for you, It may tell you when you can buy another. Rod
  9. One thing I always forget to do is to pre-soap my hands. Any liquid soap will work. Rub a small amount all over your hands, fingers and especially under the finger nails without water before doing anything that's going to get you really dirty. The soap will fill in the areas that usually hold onto the most dirt after the job, but will wash right out when you apply water. It's sort of like an invisible glove. You do have to be careful not to get wet before you want to wash things off and that does include perspiration. It works best for those small but really dirty (or greasy ) jobs. Rod
  10. I really enjoy my linked dual wheels/tires. One place to check and air up each of my six sets. The tell tale color change makes en-route checks a breeze too. Still use the infrared on the tires, wheels, U joints and differential. It makes me actually look at them to make sure the light is hitting the correct spot.
  11. Hope it's done in time for the National Rally, and you bring it down. Rod
  12. Dang Chuck, You never mentioned being left stranded. Thankfully it has not done that to me. Have had a couple 'I don't want to go yet tantrums, but once on the road she is a good girl. Go Granny Go Rod
  13. Thanks Rick.
  14. Made a second trip since the first symptoms. No problems again, but don't want to just ignore it. Any recommendations in the Kansas City area? I keep forgetting to ask Rick when I speak with him. Rod
  15. A couple T Bones, a Rib Eye and two potatoes. Heated to 350 and put in the potatoes for 15 minutes and turned the temp down. The T Bones were huge so one started at 260 for about an hour (Mom) doesn't want any pink in her steak. Put the another one and the Rib Eye 30 minutes later and turned up the temp. Easy to do with the WIFI app. Put the temperature probe in and set for 170. Audible alarm when it reached desired temp. Really happy with how it all worked, and so was the family. Rod