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  1. This is all that it tells you but gives no forms 1. Complete your “RV Weight Information Sheet” (please fill out two copies)   Your personal information   Your vehicle information, obtained from vehicle, manuals, and data plates   Your tire information, obtained from the sidewall of the tire 2. As sure that your RV is in the correct configuration for weighing!   Normal passenger load   Normal load of personal property (stuff)   Full fresh water   Full fuel and propane   No gray or black water   Towed vehicle in place 3 . If your RV is a travel trailer or 5 th wheel, please bring the tow vehicle to the scale first without the trailer attached, but with normal passenger and equipment load, so we can record its unloaded weights. Then, hitch up the trailer and return to the scale to complete the weighing process. If you are arriving from outside the area the morning of your weighing appointment, you may alternately bring the to w vehicle, with trailer attached, directly to the scale. After the initial weighing, we will direct you to a site where you may unhitch and temporarily park your trailer or 5 th wheel to allow us to weigh the tow vehicle by itself to complete the weighing p rocess. 4. Motorhomes towing vehicles 4 - down may weigh with the tow car attached or separate , as vehicles on towbars do not affect the motorhome's weight distribution (Towbars have essentially zero tongue weight). Motorhomes towing trailers must arrive at the scale with the trailer attached and loaded to ensure accurate weight analysi
  2. Kirk there are no forms on that website. The download for either Livingston or Congress just tells you to fill out the form but there is none that I can find
  3. that would be a map to plan a travel route, NO? I want something that you put in your signature line that shows others where you have been
  4. Anyone know any good map widgets? I want just a state marking one for chat boards like here. But for my blog I would like one where you can put little dots of where you have actually been. My blog is a WordPress hosted blog, not the free one.
  5. Thanks Kirk, I so appreciate it. We won't be going through there till probably late October. We might do the one in Livingston if our route plan stays on course. Then we would be there around middle of September
  6. Thanks Linda, There are a few people that actually blog about pet friendly places, some are much older but they are reference. I just hate having 20 million bookmarks on the computer. Lord knows I have so many now I can't find what I want when I want it. lol
  7. Kirk would love to go to an Escapade or rally. The problem we have is, we have 2 senior dogs and we moved them from large property and free reign with doggie door to a motorhome. They are ok with being in the motorhome WITH US as they are content to be anywhere WITH US. But DH is outside working on something and I go to take the garbage out and they are left inside...they go off the wall. If I put them outside, they get upset if one of us is not right near them or in close sight. Vet says it is probably caused by 2 things, never having the same familiar scenery and two, their age (10 and 11). Along with the type of dog they are...Bichons. Bichons are very clingy dogs, they can get separation anxiety easily, don't handle environment changes easily and being senior doesn't help. So there are LOTS of things we can't do. Everywhere we want to explore or see, we call first to see if they are pet friendly. Someone should start a category here. I know there is one about traveling with dogs but there should be one where people have gone that are pet friendly for those that have pets and would love the information, like me!
  8. Thanks for all the help everyone...much appreciated. Think we will be doing Congress, AZ
  9. I saw that Escapees has a weighing station in Livingston TX and in Congress AZ. Other than it saying I should call and make an appt and pricing, is there anything else I need or need to know to get weighed? Thanks all
  10. We have AT&T 30gig on hotspot with rollover. We always have rollover because we never get to 30 gig, We thought about scaling it to 20gig because of the unlimited but for the difference in price of $10mth it wasn't worth giving up. I have the security of the 30 plus my rollover and I am on my computer 9-14hrs a day because of my business. Then DH has his total of 3 or maybe 4 hours a day he is on doing email, facebook, getting his sports info, variety of research or just playing around. We just run it through one of our phones hotspots. Yes, it will interrupt your internet if the phone rings but that is when either the campground kicks in or it just interrupts. We don't stream TV or movies as we have directv. Would like to find free music and learn how to download it to my phone. We have a new indash radio in the motorhome that you can plug your phone (ours is a samsung phone) and listen to music. Sometimes sirius isn't playing what we are in the mood to listen to as we play the radio often. BTW, we were 23 year veterans of Sprint....we were on our original plan from when smart phones came out and we had to upgrade to a smartphone plan. But the cost was about $62.00 a month for 3 smart phones, all unlimited everything. But Sprint was just not a good thing for traveling north for fulltimers. So we changed to AT&T. They gave us a 2 year 10% discount for moving, a lifetime 10% discount cause my husband is a retired police officer and a lifetime 20% discount cause he is a military vet.
  11. Is a My Lowe's a Lowe's credit card or just a member card?
  12. Hey Kirk, I think we are finding our way out of the SD mess. It took alot to call every Tom, Dick and Harry in Jersey to get what I needed and I paid to have it sent to me next day. Should depart Jersey Mon or Tues. Now we just have to hope that it makes SD happy because Jersey is saying that the certificate they are sending me is all they are allowed to issue me by law. So we shall see....hopefully real soon.
  13. I take what you all are saying seriously but I have to tell you that I find you guys really funny. Rob, please don't dissolve. lol I am sure at some point I will have to find where on Lowes I need to register for the card for DH. But in the mean time, it has been easy enough. Have never needed a manager and when we redid the floors in our 3000sf S&B we bought all the flooring at once, all Pergo and never needed to even show his card. He said I am a veteran, can I have a discount please and he reached for his wallet. Girl said sure, no need to dig out your card sir. And thanks for your service she said. AND BTW, thank you all for your service. I value being an American and I value my freedom as an American. And I have my DH and all of you and more to thank for it. May God Bless the USA!
  14. My DH doesn't have a Lowes card, he just shows the DD217 he has and it works to date at Lowes, Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond, Best Buy and some restaurants. But we got his fixed up and relaminated plus he just got a South Dakota license and got it listed on his license. ME ON THE OTHER HAND! It is my birthday today and for over two weeks we have been trying to get my license and the DMV in SD is a PITA. They wanted my marriage certificate to list my previous marriage name as I have been married twice. It states all 3 names, my maiden name, previous marriage name and my current marriage name. NOW, they want NJ (where I was married to both husbands) to issue me a marriage certificate from when I was married to my previous husband, so that it only shows two names. This is to prove to them that there was no other husbands/names that I had between the two husbands. REALLY? I promise I was not married before my first husband. I was 16.5 yrs old, had my first baby at 18 and divorced at age 24. There was no room to marry before my first! lol Well NJ says, we don't issue marriage certificates if you are not married to the person anymore. They will issue it but not with the seal on it. So it is like a copy. SD says, nope, gotta have a seal. I said, how about I get it notarized, nope, I didn't sign it, so not good enough. Can't renew Nevada as in NV you renew every 4 years. First 4 years you can renew online, second 4 years, you have to go in person. This is my in person time. Soooooo. At this point just so I can be legal when driving, SD gave me a SD 60 day temp license....and it is stamped, this license can not be used for ID purposes. So I have 60 Days to make something work. (No, I don't have a passport but I will be getting one, once this is all done. Or try to anyway). Went to passport cause DMV said if you have an active passport we don't need all the other papers. Passport says, we need a valid ID. SS card not good enough and license says not to be used as ID, so no passport for now. Do I need a SD drivers license, YES, WHY? Because to register my car, which has handicap plates, I have to have a SD license otherwise no handicap. Not a good option. THANK YOU IDIOT SUICIDE BOMBERS OF 911 FOR MAKING AMERICANS LIVES MORE COMPLICATED THEN THEY ALREADY WERE! South Dakota, you are ass backwards in my view as Nevada is fine with my info as is and so is US Passports (if only I had a license or ID) and when we were in Florida it was fine when we inquired but then decided not to do Florida. South Dakota was easier for us for license renewals and having Americas Mailbox do our registrations for us. My rant is over, so sorry. I am a cranky 60 year old today and not enjoying this birthday at all. Costing me all kinds of money having to get here and stay here all the extra time. Can't wait for it to be over, hopefully anyway.