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  1. is there a preferred supplier of Minimizer fenders? Looking at Raney right now, but their shipping is very high, price for the fenders seem okay. Chuckd Stillwater Mn
  2. I am measuring the hitch height on my 2003 Alpenlite Villa Portofino. I measure when the fiver is level, from the ground to the face of the hitch pin that will rest on the hitch. There are no "levels" on the side of the fiver. I use my 3 foot level and measure how level my kitchen Island is in the center of the coach. The number I get is 43 inches, which seems low. Does anyone recall what there hitch height is or was? Thanks Chuckd STillwater Mn
  3. Hmm, Jack I think you are right, on my New Horizons, it is around 47. NDH I measure to the underside of the hitch pin that rides on top of the plate. Make sense? Going to try and recheck how level the kitchen island is again, and get a longer level. Chuck
  4. I measured the hitch pin height on my Alpenlite, and leveled up it looks like 43 inches. Now there are no external leveling guides, I go inside and use a long level on the kitchen island so it might be off by a little bit. My truck rail height is 39, leaving a 4 inch exposure between the top of the hitch plate and frame rails. Sound about right? Chuckd Stillwater MN
  5. Roadfitter, been to GM a few times, and always look for your truck as well. I now have a white 610 that I am putting a hitch on this week and hope to go to GM next week. Maybe we can get together over the summer. chuckd
  6. got both of them thanks, Jim I maybe putting blue flames on this one, blue is quite a bit hotter than yellow! chuckc
  7. Nearest speedco is a little over 300 miles away, in a part of Iowa nobody wants to visit cadonnelly
  8. Okay, I swear I saw a Gen 1 volvo owners manual some where on this site, or referenced to a posters web site, but I cannot find it again. (not an unusual occurence) sp So without that where is the cabin air filter located, hopefully in back of the dash that I can get at by removing the panel in front of the passenger, or do I have to remove the engine to get at it? Thanks chuckd Stillwater MN
  9. Going through my little Volvo, and took the cover off the air cleaner and low and behold, the filer had a replacement date of August 2014, so it has been through 4 years grain, corn, and bean harvest, and I suspect my engine is borderline choking to death. The filter element is 8076195, is there a place where a donaldson replacement is listed? What is the best bang for the buck in terms of replacement filters, I know they can vary a bit in price. Thanks chuckd cadonnelly, stillwater MN
  10. A couple of pics of my Volvo that I brought home today. Easiest/shortest drive, my first 610 I got in Salt Lake City, second I got in Montreal, and the third somewhere in Kentucky, that I am still trying to forget. And since I have single long, singled short, I thought I would bisect this one. cadonnelly Stillwater Mn Oh the drive home was only 4 hours from south west MN
  11. I would like to know where the elite are going to be parking, I wish to avoid them at all costs. I prefer parking next to the great unwashed. Chuckd Stillwater Mn
  12. Thanks, will try both.
  13. i thought in the ancient of days, we were able to print the posts, not able to do that now, at least on my computers. WYSIWYG is not working. Get the headers only. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks Chuckd Stillwater Mn
  14. Sure am.
  15. Jim, I agree about the 10 spd, and even on the 13 spd, there were a couple of times I pulled off the road and started over, I had totally screwed up and did not know where I was, so had to do a do over.