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  1. If you're worried about certain things (food?) then go to WalMart, etc. and find a plastic box that will fit in there for storage. Otherwise, outside stuff shouldn't be a problem. It sounds like you cleaned it thoroughly.
  2. If you don't plan to buy new in a few years then it is good to look at new ones now and find a couple you really like. Then when it's time to buy used you'll know just what year and make to zero in on. It can work very well. I'd look at Newmar Ventana rather than Canyon Star. It may seem expensive now but by the time you're ready to buy it might be in your price range. We full-timed and traveled constantly in our Newmar for 8 years with no issues. It's a well-built, stable company in business for 50 years. We don't agree with the suggestion to just find a floorplan you like. You need to get a quality build and then choose the floorplan from what is offered within that build. A good floorplan isn't good if it falls apart because of the build. People can adjust to a floorplan if it's not something major.
  3. We've done everything in the convection - roasts, chicken, turkey breasts, casseroles, cookies, 9x13 cakes. We didn't have an oven in the RV - chose drawers instead.
  4. 191 and 20 are not real curvy switchback highways. I think you'll do fine on them.
  5. Milk? When it starts tasting bad.
  6. Sounds like a good outcome. Glad the shop could help!
  7. You won't have to worry about folks driving fast on the TOW and throwing rocks. We've never seen one drive fast. It's barely wide enough for two vehicles to pass at the same time. If you decide to do it in Fall be sure to check beforehand when the ferry is due to shut down for the winter.
  8. The Flagstaff KOA is extremely tight - narrow roads, narrow sites and MANY trees.
  9. Conditions change every year so no way of telling how it will be. You could do a stakeout in Tok or up the highway without your RV to question folks just coming off it. Take a short day trip to do it.
  10. I agree with Chad. No problem letting it sit with enough liquid.
  11. Here's one that gets good reviews on Yelp, for what it's worth. https://www.yelp.com/biz/dave-schirrick-co-winnemucca Also check RV Service Reviews site. There are some in Reno if you can drive there. http://rvservicereviews.com/StateList.asp?Submit=&sortby=location&state=NV&search=&CategoryID=&ZipCode=&Miles=&SearchState=&KeywordState=
  12. What an awesome experience for some lucky person! A prime spot for the eclipse and sounds like a fun community.
  13. Santee Lakes is nice but don't know how long you can stay.
  14. Facebook? Internet? It's all true, right?
  15. LOL! I have over 300 pages in my computer file of campgrounds, boondocking spots, restaurants, siteseeing and I'm not trashing it!!