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Our program provides accurate individual wheel weights for your RV, toad, and tow vehicle, and will help you trim the pounds if you need to.


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    • It is the wisdom of those who have been there before that I treasure most. Guys I can't begin to thank you enough for that. I think your idea of getting a"Semi-retired" Driver to teach me is a great idea. Thanks a million!!!!!! Vegas Teacher, Cory O
    • And CO poisoning is no big deal to you?  OK, good to know.  Having done research in that area as an undergrad, I understand why the monitor should not be anywhere near furnace, stove, other fossil fuel burning areas, which is where propane monitors must be located.   Good to see fellow chemist.  Where's you BS from?  MS?
    • ARGO the reason I said 2,000W is a bit much for a 15A circuit is because 2,000W@120VAC = 16.6A.
    • Yeah, Ya win some and ya lose some. My winner is Tesla and my loser the $100 deposit I gave Elio. Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt.  
    • Biker, Despite being a life member of AFSA I'm finding myself throwing out the magazine without even skimming it. I'm sure not interested in Genuine gold plated double eagle coins, and getting a watch with the USAF crest on it ain't happening. My peeve are the mailings I get from insurance affiliates selling death benefit insurance for accidental death or dismemberment. Hey, looky here Lynn! I get $25k if my eye gets poked out, same for an arm and a leg. And I don't need a supplement for Tricare For Life. Tricare is the supplement coverage for Medicare, duh. AFSA makes money from them I know but I don't wear military retired ball caps or any hats/caps. No I served except for a Retired Air Force front license plate. I shop on base for big ticket items with no tax since they started price matching. But I'm not into living in the past. Sure the military defined me for half of my life but next year it will be 20 years since I retired from the AF. I have my friends but none are military retired since my best friend Bob died last December just before my FIL. He was Army Intelligence. We'd do the usual jokes and interservice rivalry just to show we could do it better than the folks who took it seriously. I do carry my military unit challenge coin every day. It's sort of my good luck piece. I was in the last red hat group as a separate career field: https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=usaf+combat+arms+instructor+coin&id=55187E164A4BC91A85F60E7CAD76CD0796A08031&FORM=IQFRBA