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    • There is probably a rebuild kit available for yours. Check what brand & model it is and let us know here as there is probably a member or two who have rebuilt one like yours. Most common in RVs are pumps that use a diaphragm system and those are easy to rebuild.  If changing the fixture and not just a bulb, I suggest you go digital as there are several excellent choices. Not so sure that I would take this to an RV shop. Your appliance guy is probably better at it and you may even find it more economical to just replace it.  If you are concerned about the common key found for most RVs, we have lived with that now for many years and have never found it to be a security issue. I would put that far down my list if I were you. 
    • Since nobody has yet done so, I welcome you to the Escapee forums, Paul. From my observation, I think that Zulu has done the most research on healthcare coverage of most anyone I see on the forums. We were fortunate to have had coverage until 65 from my previous employer and continue to have supplemental coverage to Medicare from them so have not had to deal with most of the current issues. I can tell you from experience that what county you physically claim isn't normally an issue in TX but you may have to be careful with the address issue for your insurance company, If you have kids in San Antonio whose address you might use for most things it would make Escapees mail quite usable with little issue. We moved to Medicare well before the ACA and the recent issues that have come with that so I'm sure that Zulu is much better informed on the healthcare side of things but we did leave much of our business and our voter registration in Ft. Worth for varying lengths of time when we went on the road and none of it was ever a problem. For anyone who requires continuing care, returning to the same doctor for physicals and follow-up care is the best approach as much for health reasons as for insurance ones. Doctors seldom accept tests and diagnosis of other medical people who they do not know and so want the patient to go back through things if you seek any form of continuing care. On the other hand, while we did return to the same doctor for all continuing care annually and later biannually, we never had any problems with visiting one of the outpatient clinics for short term illness along the road. For most things, TX and Livingston are difficult to beat for most fulltime services, but recent political activities have made the medical issue very difficult and it doesn't look to be over in the near future. 
    • +1 on your sentiments for those who preceded us and gave all.   20 years active duty (1971-1991), retired MU1 (Navy Band). Pretty sure I'm the only one of my generation to go all the way to "retirement". Doug
    • I totally get the intimidation factor of using your newly acquired CDL in a full sized rig, but have you considered expedited freight? That can be done in sizes as small as a Sprinter van. I've seen them decked out with pretty complete living arrangements, and you can make a comfortable income while living on your own schedule and going your own way. And your equipment is all tax deductible! For some, it's the best of both worlds.