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Dish For My RV Military Offer.


Our program provides accurate individual wheel weights for your RV, toad, and tow vehicle, and will help you trim the pounds if you need to.


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    • The advantage of the battery minder is it will analyze the state of the battery/charge.  So it will not overcharge or boil your batteries.  A typical battery charger will just keep charging.  If the battery charger is capable of sensing a full charge and shutting down, typically they will not restart automatically like a battery minder will.
    • Most do carry or follow along with another vehicle (car or motorcycle).  As you can tell others do use the HDT as their daily driver with out any real issues.  The main reason for having another mode of transportation is mainly convenience.  I have seen many who started out using the HDT as their daily driver and then ultimately start a vehicle.  I know for some it was just taking time to decide what would be the best for them and their lifestyle.  In the end, I think the convenience of having a vehicle for daily use vs the HDT is what drove their decision to carry a daily driver. In our case, we carried a Jeep.  The decision to haul a Jeep was driven by our lifestyle and the activities we pursue.  While it was extremely rare to move or use the HDT once arriving at our destination, we did have the luxury of having two vehicles, so we could split up if needed for running errands and such.
    • I appreciate  the heads up. I had never heard of the battery minder. I had thought about using a std battery charger since I have the power available but was uncomfortable with this possible solution.   This is better.   Thanks
    • So share with us what value the group has for those of us who served but are excluded from use of the military campgrounds? My VA identity card won't get me access to any of them since I only put in 8 years. I did look at the website but since the Escapade is enough rally for us each year, I just don't see much to justify my joining. 
    • I can't speak for what it is like with a generator in a 5th wheel.  I did have a generator (Honda 3000is) mounted to my HDT.  As for noise, I could not tell you if it was running or not running from inside the 5th wheel.  A truck APU typically produce more noise and may be noticeable inside the 5th. On my MH I have a 12.5kw Onan QD.  It and the Honda have similar noise ratings.  I can hear the Onan, but keep in mind, my Honda was mounted under the cab of the truck, so technically it was further away from me when running.  Also with the generator mounted to the MH vs the remote mount on the HDT, I can feel when the generator is on/off.  Nothing distracting but I can still feel it.  At night if the generator is in automatic mode, it will wake me when it fires up or shuts down.  It is very subtile, but I am a light sleeper, so it does wake me.