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  2. It is the wisdom of those who have been there before that I treasure most. Guys I can't begin to thank you enough for that. I think your idea of getting a"Semi-retired" Driver to teach me is a great idea. Thanks a million!!!!!! Vegas Teacher, Cory O
  3. And CO poisoning is no big deal to you? OK, good to know. Having done research in that area as an undergrad, I understand why the monitor should not be anywhere near furnace, stove, other fossil fuel burning areas, which is where propane monitors must be located. Good to see fellow chemist. Where's you BS from? MS?
  4. ARGO the reason I said 2,000W is a bit much for a 15A circuit is because 2,000W@120VAC = 16.6A.
  5. Yeah, Ya win some and ya lose some. My winner is Tesla and my loser the $100 deposit I gave Elio. Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt.
  6. Biker, Despite being a life member of AFSA I'm finding myself throwing out the magazine without even skimming it. I'm sure not interested in Genuine gold plated double eagle coins, and getting a watch with the USAF crest on it ain't happening. My peeve are the mailings I get from insurance affiliates selling death benefit insurance for accidental death or dismemberment. Hey, looky here Lynn! I get $25k if my eye gets poked out, same for an arm and a leg. And I don't need a supplement for Tricare For Life. Tricare is the supplement coverage for Medicare, duh. AFSA makes money from them I know but I don't wear military retired ball caps or any hats/caps. No I served except for a Retired Air Force front license plate. I shop on base for big ticket items with no tax since they started price matching. But I'm not into living in the past. Sure the military defined me for half of my life but next year it will be 20 years since I retired from the AF. I have my friends but none are military retired since my best friend Bob died last December just before my FIL. He was Army Intelligence. We'd do the usual jokes and interservice rivalry just to show we could do it better than the folks who took it seriously. I do carry my military unit challenge coin every day. It's sort of my good luck piece. I was in the last red hat group as a separate career field:
  7. GFI

    Thank you. I am calling a 'real' electrician first thing in the morning. Thanks again.
  8. I started as a chemist. Worked most of my career in healthcare including boarded in clinical toxicology.
  9. Pieere, Did you get one of the Gearbest Chinese dual boot tablets? I'm still using the Voyo mini PC as a desktop in the guest bedroom. I am amazed at how well it has done going from Windows 8 all the way to today's Creators Update as well as any of my systems. You know you can still get Windows 10 upgrades free from MS. Just Google getting Windows 10 upgrade free.
  10. GFI

    Your "licensed handyman" doesn't know s**t about 120 volt circuits. Please get a licensed electrician out there to check out your system before something happens to you. From the sound of it, you have the GFI outlet wired wrong but please don't rewire it yourself, get someone that knows what they are doing and stay safe.
  11. We were at a Escapade one time, everyone had generators going and there would be CO monitors going off from fumes of another rig nearby. One of the reasons of no generators after 10:00 pm. You don't want people sleeping with CO migrating into their rigs from generators nearby.
  12. By no means do I understand all the dynamic but when I look at the connection to the frame it looks like a pivot that will (for lack of knowing a better term) twist the bolts holding the hitch to the angle. The bolts would see less twist if the long horizontal pieces of angle was on the opposite side of the HSS from the frame bolts or there was a piece of angle on both side of the HSS at the connection (8 bolts instead of 4) to the frame.
  13. Taking all of the advice I get here and putting it to use. Haven't found washer sprayer yet but did find new head lights and parking lights to replace the ones that have turned yellow on RV now. Was able to replace both head lights and both parking lights for a little over $100.00.Found out they were the same as used on a Ford Explorer. Who would of thunk. LOL. I'll be able to see at night now.
  14. I had satellite installed just 3 months ago with Directv for fulltime traveling. My in motion antenna auto repositions as needed, but when settling down the the day, I often have to reboot the receiver to get any channels coming in. Is this normal?
  15. I would just add that you should get a CO detector with a digital readout. That will give you lots more information than just one that beeps. I would also consider adding another so you have two in the class C. Yes, I am a little paranoid when it come to CO. AND I even sleep with the windows open all year round!!! A trailer is a very small space. Get a digital readout meter and watch it during the day as various appliances come on and off. You will learn a LOT.
  16. Our second Mobley just caught up with us, and just validated it came activated and ready to go... All settings changed, and back in the box until it maybe needed. Mobley 1 sim is temporally in our Unite Explore for testing purposes. Sure hope Dutch is correct that noting in the small text prohibits the movement of sim from the Mobley to another MiFi only device. (And I have read others say this too, on other boards. At least two have reported they called and asked ATT Rep's if it was OK to shift it to a ATT Mifi, and were told yes. But, we've all had Rep's tell us stuff that may not be exactly so:)!) Just info sharing on the quick Speedtest numbers: Mobley 1 sim in Unite Explore MiFi, with roof top fed MobileMark MIMO antenna: 23 Mb/s Down and 8 Up with 73 ms Mobley 2 as a Mobley, inside the communication cabinet: 3.3 MB/s Down and 3.56 Up with 93 ms Tests done within two mins of each other, to the same test server. So, as Dutch mentioned, the MiFi devices do have better antennas, and no doubt in this test the MIMO antenna on the rooftop added to the difference in speeds. I will note, that at other times when I've tested between Mobley and the Unite Explore with it's own sim in it - the differences were not that dramatic. Double the speed in weak signal areas was the norm, and in areas with better signals, maybe 1/3 faster download speeds, and usually the same 50% faster upload speeds. Great plan the Mobley be:)! Best to all, Smitty
  17. David, I am ready as soon as you have them available!!! Glen, I prepped my Freightliner Century with new headlight bezels (old style in Chrome) and sealed headlights at last years ECR in preparation for David's headlights. I suggest in the mean time, get a set of his driving lights for the lower bumper they help out a lot. Dave
  18. GFI

    I bought another tester today and when I touch it to the ground it isn't hot. He touched it to a hot wire and the ground at the same time and said the ground was hot. I turned off the circuit breaker for that plug and all plugs associated with it. Do you think it's still a dangerous situation? There is only one wire going into the GFI that shows electricity. The other three do not read anything.
  19. Have you ever thought of using a Hollo-Bolt for the fastenings to the tubes? They are made for structural applications to tube steel. It would eliminate the sleeves in the tubes and only need holes in one side. I am not sure if they are available in the Grade 8 though. Dave
  20. I just got mine onine and told them if I liked the Mobley service my phone would be coming to them next. No problems
  21. GFI

    If you have a hot ground the potential for serious problems and death are a possibility. Hot grounds are nothing to fool with. I suggest you unplug your rv until it gets fixed.
  22. On an FL60 you probably need to place the hitch over the axle or close to it. Most hitch plates run 47-48" off the ground.
  23. Hey guys,Back with a couple more questions concerning proper measurements. I am getting closer to being ready to place/install the 5th wheel hitch on our Freightliner FL60. We are removing the old service body that is currently on the truck and will be either cutting the frame rails or adding to them at the rear of the truck....whichever is best or necessary. The two dimensions I am hoping to learn are....1. what is the measurement from the center of the kingpin to the rear of most typical truck bumpers? I want to cut (or add) to the rear of the frame rails and add a bumper set up of some sort with a receiver2. what is the height from the ground to the top of the typical 5th wheel plate? I am trying to determine where the hitch will be placed on the frame rails...whether we will need to shim up or install below the frame rails.I hope my questions make sense. Thanks again, Phil
  24. And therein lies the difference between a driver, and a steering wheel holder. I have a feeling you are the former.
  25. This is all that it tells you but gives no forms 1. Complete your “RV Weight Information Sheet” (please fill out two copies)   Your personal information   Your vehicle information, obtained from vehicle, manuals, and data plates   Your tire information, obtained from the sidewall of the tire 2. As sure that your RV is in the correct configuration for weighing!   Normal passenger load   Normal load of personal property (stuff)   Full fresh water   Full fuel and propane   No gray or black water   Towed vehicle in place 3 . If your RV is a travel trailer or 5 th wheel, please bring the tow vehicle to the scale first without the trailer attached, but with normal passenger and equipment load, so we can record its unloaded weights. Then, hitch up the trailer and return to the scale to complete the weighing process. If you are arriving from outside the area the morning of your weighing appointment, you may alternately bring the to w vehicle, with trailer attached, directly to the scale. After the initial weighing, we will direct you to a site where you may unhitch and temporarily park your trailer or 5 th wheel to allow us to weigh the tow vehicle by itself to complete the weighing p rocess. 4. Motorhomes towing vehicles 4 - down may weigh with the tow car attached or separate , as vehicles on towbars do not affect the motorhome's weight distribution (Towbars have essentially zero tongue weight). Motorhomes towing trailers must arrive at the scale with the trailer attached and loaded to ensure accurate weight analysi
  26. Kirk there are no forms on that website. The download for either Livingston or Congress just tells you to fill out the form but there is none that I can find
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