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  2. Modifying a Plumbing System

    I agree as plumbing is the chore that I dislike most.
  3. Tesla Battery

    No disagreement here at all. What I was commenting on is the really large systems designed to run your a/c and all of the things you would have in a stick house, compared to the power conserving systems that are more common. I don't see the demand for is the huge systems like that Newmar one. I used to be in the "get off where nobody else is" group when I was younger and I somewhat envy some of the systems that are becoming more common. It used to be that the only way to remote places was with a tent. I'd buy that Newmar if I could afford it but I can't. What I wrote was taken wrong as my point was that I laugh when the owner of one of those rigs talks about saving money. The justification is in getting away, not saving money.
  4. Tow vehicle concern

    So many variables. Determine your specs and do the math particularity pin weight which is part of Carry capacity. Yes the dually can be a pain in the butt but we have one because we needed one.
  5. Texas Class A road test with one ton and fifthwheel?

    Steve, in Texas an air brake endorsement is a CDL thing. On a Class A DL (not CDL) there is no air brake restriction added. Spencer, you will be fine in your pick-up and trailer combination as long as (previously mentioned) your combination has an ACTUAL weight or a gvwr of 26,001 lbs or greater AND the trailer has a ACTUAL weight or gvwr of 10,000lbs or more. Registered weight has no bearing on DL's. I could register my smart car for 80,000lbs but wouldn't need a Class A to drive it.
  6. Sizing battery banks

    Mornin Al, for the record I HATE BROCOLI lol but support those who do like it SUCH AS MY FIRST WIFE Keep warm its been a bit nippy here in central Florida brrrrrrrrrrrrr John T Not a fan of spinach either lol and my own "personal choice" (while respecting other choices) is that batteries be located in places OTHER THEN living space air/environment, but feel free to put them any darn place is fine by me...........Heck just because I wouldn't "choose" to put house batteries (any type) under my bed don't mean that may not be the absolute safest place (which I doubt) possible ?????????
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  8. residential fridge install question

    Your first sentence is the key. My wife uses the water in the door at our S&B all the time. I never do. The ice maker for the S&B broke years ago, but I'm not getting a new fridge just for that. The residential unit in the 5er has an ice maker and we use it all the time. She is very happy with the residential unit in lieu of an RV fridge. I like it, too. Fewer trips to the grocery store now, and it works/cools much better than the rv fridge. Not to mention, a residential fridge can be a lot than an rv fridge. The pain seems to be fitting one in the rv fridge space. I do not believe in "happy wife, happy life", but I do believe you both will be satisfied with a residential fridge.
  9. Sizing battery banks

    OK. Not good. Not bad. To have your lithium battery bank under your bed. Under the dinette seat, in the bottom of the closet, perhaps? Just a thought, it is kind of like saying I don't eat broccoli. Not good or bad I just don't eat broccoli. Others do, but I don't.
  10. PM cost these days

    We have 6 trucks. 4 commercial 2 farm. We never ever go to the dealer unless its absolutely necessary. Always use smaller independent shops. For example. It cost $700 to replace a $5 relay at freightliner. They worked on it for about an hour and a half. Yesterday I got a flat tire. I limped it in to a small independent tire shop. Less than $40 bucks and took 20 minutes. I hate to see what freightliner would have charged. You are doing maintenance. Any smaller shop is probably just as good as another. I do all my own maintenance but if I had to choose I would probably go to the guy with the little shack.
  11. Tesla Battery

    VERY eloquently put! It's all in the perspective. Looking from the opposite side of the fence it's just as easy to say, "look at how many years of CG fees I had to pay in advance just so I don't have to stay in one... and I can't even camp-host the bill down!"
  12. California CDL

    It really is a bummer that my home state of CA is such a pain about all this. But I do agree that everyone should at least have a none commercial (class A ) if for no other reason because I’m sure you’ll learn something positive in the process. On a side note the CA DMV just pulled my RV plates again for the 2nd time. I guess a CHP officer with out stopping me suggested to the DMV he thought it was titled wrong. I really don’t want to re title it commercial, but looks like it’s my only option.
  13. Thousand Trails, discounts?

    Thanks Scott, and everyone for responding! I kind of remember checking some of this out the prior to our first go around at this full time thing. I think I have a good basic understanding of it now though. We may wait a year and revisit it again. Currently we are set up in a CG up north for 2 or 3 months that will average $13 per day with full hook ups. One more we think we can get in for a month in the spring and a month in the fall for $10 per day plus electric, so between these two places we are working toward our goal of keeping our fees down.
  14. source for Intl Rubber floor/carpet kit?

    https://www.dextruckparts.com/search.php Call them
  15. Tow vehicle concern

    I've driven that road (178) several times but it's been 40 years or more. I was in a VW bus and there were a couple times I actually cut the ignition and just let the engine compression, sans spark. Never did have to use the runaway ramp. This is where standard transmission earn their keep, engine slowing.
  16. Our European RV Adventure

    Awesome trip. Nice blog content, keep 'em coming.
  17. Texas Class A road test with one ton and fifthwheel?

    For a class A license, not testing in an air braked vehicle puts a restriction on the license, there is NO air brake endorsement. To remove the restriction would require you to demonstrate air brake inspection and operations to license authorities. Steve
  18. HDT air leaks

    I was using the list from a previous post here: 1/4 O-ring 85108484 price $0.48 (each) come in a bag of 10 1/4 brass collet 85108476 price $ 2.86 (each) 3/8 O-ring 85108485 price & 0.56 (each) come in a bag of 10 3/8 brass collet 85108477 price $ 3.10 ( each) 1/2 O ring 85108486 1/2 brass collet 85108475
  19. California CDL

    You know Cory, you just might be on to something with your CDL fetish...........Ya you just might be on to something..... So Cory you Single offhandedly may have solved the Kalifornia-Extinct-HDT-RV.......AND.......Made EVERY STATE in U S requirements for HDT-RV IDENTICAL........ Cory you go to the principals office and Demand a BIG raise in pay........ Here is how it works.........pay attention everyone...... First , I have never met Chad but he seems like a real nice fellow and he has a Kenworth so he has to have class.......now I can sense that Big5er is NOT as nice as Chad but with a few Dr Peppers he tends to mellow out OK.........so these two chaps seem to know a fair amount about commercial truck rules and regs ........BUT.........they are so "OLD SCHOOL" ..........now Cory you obviously know a fair amount "School" being a teacher with various degrees and certifications (Sorta CDL related to kids)......... Now being a current teacher we might tend to think that you might be sorta........."NEW SCHOOL"....... So Cory maybe "OLD SCHOOL" Chad & B5er know a few things about CDL but they tend to think stone age and from each states point of view..........pretty narrow views. Now Cory you tending to be more "NEW SCHOOL"....... have a more expansive and inclusive view and take to wide view...... Now listen up ..........because I have had at times ........"TOO MUCH SCHOOL"......."OLD SCHOOL"........"KNOT-ENOUGH-SCHOOL"......"GROUND-SCHOOL"......."FLIGHT-SCHOOL".......and "SKIPPED-SCHOOL"..... so Cory I am needing to catch up a bit to grasp your "NEW SCHOOL" concepts but being a fast learner I and catching on faster than many of the "OLD SCHOOL" geezers that pontificate at you at times here on the forum.......... So perhaps WE ALL here on the forum should..........FULLY EMBRACE the CDL and take a hint from your example and if we "OLD SCHOOL" geezers would widen our view we could SOLVE all this state by state confusion by...........by.........ALL of us DEMAND that our insurance companies REQUIRE EVERY HDT-RV owner / operator obtain AND maintain a current CDL in order to operate our HDT-RV units................SO SIMPLE...... OK "OLD SCHOOL" geezers....drop your flame throwers.......Stand Down...........the CDL will solve all of your problems and then some. Think about it...........With a CDL: 1) we could get some of those DOT number thingyies that we could paste on our doors 2) we could charge wives big $$$ to truck their trailer down the road. 3) we could stop at scales 4) we could have Big5er check our slack adjusters 5) we could pay WAY more for commercial insurance 6) we could get in way more trouble for whatever traffic rules we break or bend. 7) we don't need to register the HDT as a private truck or motorhome to tow a trailer we own. 8) we could get placed out-of-service so easy. 9) we could get a med card and keep it valid. 10) we could tow our RV with a HDT in Kalifornia registered as a commercial truck. 11) we could be expected to drive to a higher level of skill. 12) we could impress chicks at truck stops Come on folks join here we need a complete list before we call the insurance companies and DEMAND that we all drive with a CDL. Forget the state by state mish-mash of regs about driver licenses and truck registrations........as I seem to recall every state requires vehicles be covered by insurance AND if ALL insurance companies REQUIRED that the owner / operator of ALL HDT-RV units have to have a current CDL then the state requirements are a moot point since a true CDL exceed state requirements.......... OK Flame me.........now Drive on........(if you have a CDL.........)
  20. HDT air leaks

    What part numbers did you use for the correct o- rings and collets? thx
  21. HDT air leaks

    I took this air switch apart. There seems to have no repairable part. The airline push connector was one piece type. There is a small circuit board inside and 4 pins electric connection to the instrument panel. Have anyone work on this type of air switch? Do the electric circuit board function more than lights? My concern of this kind of special switch when they are not available/out of production in the future, can I use any air switch to replace it?
  22. Government shutdown: Are BLM Land Boondockers kicked out?

    The entry stations are staffed by volunteers. At the Quartzsite LTVAs, the water and dump stations are a mile and a half inland from the entry and another volunteer monitors them, checking that users have valid permits. Trash pickup is a valid concern, it depends on whether the vendor believes he will be paid for service during any shutdown. The Trump administration is saying they don't want the parks to shut down this time, and has directed the agencies to come up with contingency plans. That carries some weight since the NPS and BLM are part of the Executive branch. We'll see how that plays out. Trump Officials Weigh Keeping National Parks Open Even If Government Shuts Down All of this is just speculation unless there's someone on scene who has the true scoop. I was planning to be in Quartzsite by now but I've have been delayed due to a busted transmission in my toad.
  23. Texas Class A road test with one ton and fifthwheel?

    The determining factor for your test is that you show up with a combination of vehicles that can legally be loaded greater than 26,000 pounds, with the trailer being capable of more than 10,000 pounds. Have never heard of an examiner requiring you to fully load the vehicles for the exam.
  24. HDT air leaks

    We just bought a small stockpile of the various size o-rings and collets from the local Volvo dealer. When we first inquired, they said that we could get the o-rings but they could not order the collets. When we gave them the part numbers from the other thread, the parts guy was amazed, though said that on all the part numbers, they had never stocked them or sold them. We had to put them on a special order and they were definitely not cheap, though we were able to order them. We are going to make up a small spares kit to keep on hand for the inevitable leaks.
  25. PM cost these days

    JPL nice to know you in Virgina. We are in Dulles airport area. Recent retired, taking the rig to Yuma. But many truck works need to be done before the long trip, the weather is not helping. Right now, fixing the air leaks, then fluid/oil change and then tires replacement. There is only one small Volvo dealer close by. I-95 area should have more shop support. Which shop is your favorite?
  26. Modifying a Plumbing System

    When I've modified plumbing in my MH I've use Sharkbite (or equivalent) fittings. Sure they're expensive, but usually I don't need more than a couple for any specific job. And I like the ability to easily take them apart and redo, if necessary.
  27. I was trying real hard not to think about that.
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