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  2. leavingsoon

    Need help finding Sailun tires for my 5th wheel

    Ok now after reading a little more about the current Goodyears installed and replacing with the Sailuns of the exact same size (235/85R16) I am being told the Sailuns are actually about 1" taller?? I'm not sure my trailer setup will tolerate a taller tire. There is only 2 1/4" gap between each of the three tires (at two spots) as it is now. With a 1" taller tire I will be closing the gap down to potentially 1 1/4" correct? That seems awful close to me?? Should I use the 235/80R16's instead? My current Goodyear weight capacity is 3,750 per tire.... the Sailun 235/80R16's are still greater than that at 4,080. I did like the 85's more at 4,400
  3. I’m currently stationed in Texas but will be heading to my new duty station in west Florida at the end of May. Due to being in the military I’m not required to register vehicles, get a new drivers license, etc while I’m in that state. I will be in Florida for the next 9 months or so training. My drivers license has my parents old address in California. I think the issue with Progressive was that state I’d be keeping the trailer in(Florida and/or Texas). I will check out those other companies thanks!
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  5. TomNGina

    New gear ratio

    Took my initial trip 304 miles combination of 55 and 65 MPH roads truck by itself. Burned around 21 gal on primarily river grade to and from the city and through small town driving. 14 MPG verse 12.5 I am very happy so far.. This week time to hook up and head for home, 950 miles will be the true test. If I can get 11-12 on my return towing it will be as expected and couldn't be happier.
  6. Chalkie

    Rand McNally Atlas

    I agree! There is a GPS in the pilot position and an atlas in the copilot position. I will look at what the GPS is wanting us to do and toss the question to the copilot for confirmation.
  7. Kirk Wood

    Average age of a trailer

    There are very few dealers who will put anything over 10 years old on their lots and some stop at 5 years. But that has more to do with profit margin after sales commission than on condition or usability. In addition, it is very difficult to find financing for an RV that is 10 or more years old, no matter who made it or the condition of it. That tends to make them harder to sell and lower the prices but it still does not mean that at least some of them are still very usable. We once bought a 5-year-old Mallard travel trailer and we kept if for 7 years and then sold it for about half of what we had paid. It was still in use at least 3 years later when we moved away. While a travel trailer can be worn out the amount of care that they are given plays a major role in the time it takes. The retail prices do fall with increasing age and the price is based mostly on the typical RV that the specific one that you are looking at, which means that when you do find the one owner RV that has been carefully maintained and well cared for, that RV won't bring a lot more than the poorer quality ones and so can be a great bargain. When in constant use most RV appliances have a life of about 10 years, but if only in occasional use they may well last for 30 years or the entire useful life of the RV. Another factor is that each time an RV changes hands there is a better chance that it will not be well cared for as the new owner has a smaller investment in it. That isn't always true but it is most of the time. People who pay less usually care less.
  8. 2gypsies

    Slide topper

    We had slide toppers on our last two RVs and wouldn't be without them. Ours were tight enough that they didn't flap around. You can adjust them.
  9. Alie&Jim's Carrilite

    Air Horns

    Or this https://www.kahlenberg.com/ That way you can honestly say "No Sir" I do not have train horns on my truck....
  10. 2gypsies

    Rand McNally Atlas

    We are fans of both - a GPS and a road atlas. We would never give up the atlas. It gives the whole picture of what's miles ahead or states ahead. You zoom out with a GPS and you loose detail. We always planned our route via Delorme's computer mapping. You don't need internet to plan with this program of an extensive route. We didn't drive direct from A to B. We liked to wander the secondary roads and we didn't care if we went out of our way to get somewhere if there was something of interest along the route. Unfortunately, Delorme is not doing updates anymore but that still doesn't mean you can't use it successfully along with a GPS. Once our route was planned we transferred it to the GPS which then took us the way WE wanted to go; not the way the GPS thought we should go. Both are valuable. We especially love the Benchmark series of atlases which devotes one book for each western state. By doing this the detail is awesome including non-paved roads which we used for Jeeping. You can also see over a wide area when BLM or forest service lands begin/ends and they put the public parks on the map. I recall once we were just using a GPS along Hwy 395 in California. It told us to turn and it was a dirt road going up the eastern Sierras. . . not a good idea with the 40' motorhome when there was a good paved road to get us to the same place.
  11. Check your PM file - sent you some info.

    Paul & Paula


  12. sandsys

    Rand McNally Atlas

    x2 Linda
  13. bobsallyh

    Recommendations for Trustworthy Mobile RV Techs in AZ?

    WKNRVER, Vern. You will usually find him on the HDT forum.
  14. Dbl0svn

    Air Horns

    I you really want to be heard with a train horn, then you should look at the real train horn. The NATHAN AIRCHIME K5LA TRAIN HORN. This horn is illegal for road use and has a 5 mile range. You feel this horn when it blows.
  15. bobsallyh

    Slide topper

    Slide covers are a personal choice so no need for convincing. I really don't understand why you bothered to sweep off the slide as the hail would dissipate anyway. Did you also sweep the stones off the main roof?
  16. Jack Mayer

    Weigh Stations

    OK, enough of this. No one is going to change their mind on this "discussion". Let's just let it go. Big5er (Phil) IS EXACTLY what he represents himself to be. As described. I know this to be true personally. Lets END that discussion.
  17. Hello, could you tell me the milage, any more pictures would be appreciated. What part off the country is,the truck located ? Looks,interesting.
  18. sandsys

    Solar charging in shade

    We have solar powered flashlights that sit on our windowsills just waiting for an emergency. Linda
  19. Chalkie

    Rand McNally Atlas

    Well it was a semi-interesting article although there were things that the author claims a GPS can not do that in fact they can. So either the author has never owned a quality GPS or he never learned to actually use it properly.
  20. Mark and Dale Bruss

    Navigation App.

    The Truck version has a higher weight class and a longer length settings. Also I think it has HaxMat. I would not change if you already have Truck.
  21. Dollytrolley

    Weigh Stations

    OK......Now this thread is getting PERSONAL............... Flo-Joe being a olde-copper but a newbe here you have several diss-un-advantages here since you do NOT know thye pecking-order-here........ SO...........EVERYONE............Listen UP!!! By a larger margin than the last Presidential-Landslide ............I HAVE..........been put in charge of .........."ALTER-NATIVE-FACTS".......SO HERE IS THE LAW ACCORDING TO ......DOLLYTROLLEY.............I book NO appeal(z) or too much whining since it's obvious that the "Crown-Royal-Treatment" was NOT properly .....abused so now I have to JUDGE-JURY-AND-FIRING-SQUAID this Pi$$'n match to THE kiss-&-Makeup-Stage........... So....... "ALTER-NATIVE-FACT #1: Dolly-DECLARES; you are BOTH grumpy-old-cops.....PERIOD.......Hell no DO NOT send me ANY image who has the BIGGER .....uh BIGGE....uh.........uh....Badge...........I Know Grumpy-Old-Cops ......so BE IT........PERIOD!! "ALTER-NATIVE-FACT #2; Dolly-DECLARES; you are BOTH grumpy-old-cops........and as such............YOUR BOTH .........'Right"...........grumpy-old-cops are always.....Right........get over it.......Period.....(grumpy-old-cops often use "ALTER-NATIVE-FACTssss"). "ALTER-NATIVE-FACT #2a; Dolly-DECLARES; you are BOTH grumpy-old-cops.......and as grumpy-old-cops you have VAST Powers......sorta.........but NO ONE here has the Powers to horn-in-on-tha-Dollytrolley's powers of ........"Fact-miss-management"............as a "Dick-tator" I will not yeld this position even if I were waterboarded in a tub full of Crown Royal...........You TWO can have a few "Facts" BUT NEVER step on any of MY "FACTS".......... "ALTER-NATIVE-FACT #3; Dolly-DECLARES; you are BOTH grumpy-old-cops...........and grumpy-old-cops...........often need to have their noses rubbed together ........to start a ..........relationship...........Wild-Man-Warren NEVER broke up any fight between his Blu-Tick-Hounds.........he would sit back and smile and say ........."Yep they will rip each ears into ragged edges and then........the next day they will be life long friends....." OK boy(s) have you ripped each others ears enough.............rub your noses together........ya Dolly-DECLARES; you are BOTH grumpy-old-cops.......but you COULD be friends........ Drive on.............(Final ......solution........Don't get .........Dollymamma involved)
  22. hemsteadc

    Solar charging in shade

    Most solar users I talk to don't even know if their panels are in series or parallel. Or even know what that means. Guess that's why I didn't have to rely on someone else to design and install my system.
  23. IamLadyPirate

    Jim and Valerie's Truck is now up for sale

    It is with a very heavy heart that I must put Jim's truck up for sale. I have placed an ad in the "RV's, Tows, and Toads for Sale" section of the Escapees forum. The main reason is that I find it very difficult for me to maintain the truck in the manor that Jim would have wanted it maintained. I only used the truck in the past two years to go south for the winter and to return north for the summer. The truck is considered old, but it is in very good condition. It doesn't have all the fancy stuff that you can find in the newer trucks, but it is mechanically sound. Please check out the ad. Thank you to all those that have supported me and gave me advise in the past two years since Jim's passing. I love all of you.
  24. Lance A Lott

    Solar Panel Height Above Roof

    I know there are different grades,of stainless but I have never had a problem. I bought my first all aluminum horse trailer in 1991 and have had two others since. All the factory bolts are stainless directly into aluminum. I have seen the damage galvanized screws and bolts can do, and They should not be used. I have seen aluminum bolts but never screws where do you get them? Are they strong enough to pull the material together?
  25. orca

    Does This Bottle Holder Work?

    It looks like a great way to secure bottles and saving room in the fridge but for the problem of the suction cups letting go and the bottle falling onto the shelf below with expensive concequences. Rather than sticking it to the underside of the shelf i would stick it to top side so if the suction cups let go it would not fall but it would still not roll around.
  26. Pat & Pete

    Slide topper

    Things would be awfully boring if it wasn't so .
  27. Brad NSW

    Short ratchet strap

    I crossed the rear ones and went straight back with the front ones. Found all 4 crossing in the middle looked like too much rubbing would happen. This way the all had pretty clear runs.
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