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  3. Tesla Semi live reveal in 11 minutes (8PM PST 11/16)

    500 mile range doesn't do well for an OTR driver who doesn't get paid for waiting for the truck to recharge. A driver can get 10 hours in and can have a couple hours to go at 500 miles.
  4. Place to stop half way to Austin?

    79 to 21 is a good route we travel it all the time. 21 to 290 right into Austin very little traffic if any.
  5. Flat Towing

    You can also go to Remco Towing, http://www.remcotowing.com/Towing/Store.php, and enter the information for your Pilot to see if it can be towed 4-down.
  6. google security

  7. Generator front cover on motorhome

    Look at this website: rotdoctor.com CPES, clear penetrating epoxy would be the first product. The wood cells absorb this thin clear liquid and once cured can't absorb water and can't rot further. Then fill with this Fill-It epoxy filler. Then drill a pilot hole and install new stainless screws. Done.
  8. Tesla Semi live reveal in 11 minutes (8PM PST 11/16)

    Read no mention of charging time and requirement
  9. Buying a cover

    I found the cover for our 40' Newmar Kountry Aire 5ver to be a real pain in the @#$ If the strap snaps are at all loose and they bang against the side, they will scratch the paint. It may come out of a small box, but you will never ever get it back into anything close to that size again. Waste of good money. Dennis
  10. Another Texas Co-op?

    In my home park here in Nevada I think we have over 20+ people on or waiting list. With the increase in people taking up this life-style it might be something to look into. After all that's how the co-op parks got built in the first place, by member willing to put up the money in a new park. Our park here in Nevada is now over 25+ years old now.
  11. lakewood, new mexico

    As an Escapee member I stayed there on a trip heading south. I was in my Casita trailer at the time. At some point my water pump got accidently turned on and once I got parked I noticed water under my trailer. I carry a small shop vac that I use to clean up on the inside of the trailer. This time I used it for sucking up water from the carpet. needless to say that my onboard water tank was now completely empty. The next thing I knew was people from inside the park came by tp see what the problem was. The president brought me a medium sized fan, and another member brought another one to help dry out my little trailer. If I was to leave my home co-op ;park in Nevada this is the park I'd try to get a lot in because of the friendless of the people within the park that I had encounter during my short stay.
  12. Tesla Semi live reveal in 11 minutes (8PM PST 11/16)

    Great looking truck. What I saw was interesting. Still missing some details. https://www.tesla.com/semi/
  13. google security

    A lot of times a security question can be compromised by what is called "social engineering" this is often done on Facebook as part of some "tell me what animal I am" or "who are my best friends" those things ask seemingly harmless questions which drive to "what street you grew up on" "name of your first grade teacher" etc. Giving them your phone numbers ensures that you have control of when/where your account is accessed from. two factor authentication is the future and we should all be glad.
  14. Need tax preparer/CPA recomendation

    Welcome to the Club as there is lots of knowledge on these pages so read between the lines because only you know all the detail and your plans. The best option will present its self. I don't know how you did your taxes before but I have continued to use my previous state CPA even after establishing my Texas residency. The transactions of Income, selling a home and hobby with possible gains would been frightful to me. So the first my Year was peace of mine, stay with the old. It is easy for someone outside of Texas to file for a Texas resident because no Texas income tax which could more troubling visa-versa. I questioned that a few years back and there are CPA's in Livingston area that welcome doing various state taxes. When you get to Polk county start looking for someone to do your 2018 taxes Clay
  15. google security

    Well, I am not sure why you do not want to provide a phone number, but I have my Google account set up to require the phone number so that if an attempt is made to log in from a device it does not know about it will send a verification code to the phone. You then have to enter that code along with your password. That makes it very difficult for someone to hijack your account.
  16. HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    West Texas starts at Junction on I-10 or Abilene on I-20. Lost Alaskan RV park in Alpine is a great park, but will be full the first week-end of March (Texas Cowboy Poets Gathering). ShortyO
  17. RV park digital cable

    Now with a model number in hand I found this tidbit buried in a very detailed review on Amazon for the SE32HY10. I will presume for the moment that the other TV will be the same. Other reviews mentioned this as well and one in fact said that the code needed is 31415. Hope this helps out.
  18. Tesla Semi live reveal in 11 minutes (8PM PST 11/16)

    Wonder if it could be ordered in a single rear axle configuration with the other 2 drive motors up front. Would be bad ass to have a 4wd tractor from time to time. Wish the website had more info
  19. RV park digital cable

    That is pretty much what my non-Seiki TV does but it took us a while to figure it out, no thanks to the owners manual. That is an absolute possibility! We all know that most RV manufacturers pay great attention to detail. I helped a friend, who fortunately had access to cable tester, track down a TV issue. In his case it was a defective splitter.
  20. RV park digital cable

    The campground where I am now, did check their end and found a good signal and reception. I also found another forum where it was relayed that SEIKI was one of several manufacturers that do not put a QAM tuner in all of their TVs. I wil continue my search. Thanks to everyone that replied! 👍
  21. RV park digital cable

    Or the wiring is messed up. You might be able to borrow a known working TV and hook it up and try it both directly off the campground TV connection to make sure it is working and then to one going to the built-in TV, if you can get to the back of the TV to remove the cable. There are some small TVs out there and some people have TV tuner cards for their computers.
  22. A little bit early

    We’re planning a trip there next year with the rig. When’s the best time of year to be in that area?
  23. Truck interiors

    They are all great ideas. I would never have thought of putting sound deadening material in. I'm still shopping. I let a pretty nice 06 Frightliner Columbia with a condo sleeper slip through my fingers yesterday. I budgeted $10,000. It sold for $10,250. At auction all it takes is one other guy with deeper pockets that wants it more than you.
  24. Generator front cover on motorhome

    Try "Git-Rot" on it 1st. It is a penetrating resin that will form a better bond to the wood than regular resin. Then fill.
  25. Buying a cover

    I hear about more damage done by tarps than I do by snow. I doubt I would tarp an RV. But the only one I parked in Minnesota in the winter was a Class B so what do I know? I do know wet snow is heavy when it comes removal time. But, when there was no snow my solar panels worked so I had power. Linda Sand
  26. Ordering a new truck

    I bought my truck in MD and they registered it in SD. I think my dealer used a service that registers vehicles nationally. I left with a temp tag and then they mailed me my SD tags when they received them.
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