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  2. mini split install

    Thanks Glen. Have had no further thoughts or have found any units that you thought were interesting? I am looking for an independent in Yuma.
  3. Windshield

    I had my windshield replaced yesterday. Even though there were not many big rock chips in it I thought it was time to change it. I was thinking on the way to the glass shop that it is not that bad and I could wait a while. I am so pleased with the new clear glass I wish I had done it sooner. Windshields get pitted slowly over time so unless there is a big rock hit it seems "OK". Cost was 198.00 CAD including tax.
  4. Want to add work lights

    Alan, you should be able to get switches at just about any auto parts store. You are only looking at about 3A or so load, so if you find any rated at 5A or above you will have plenty of reserve. If you want to see what is available take a look at this site: http://www.wiringproducts.com/rocker-switches
  5. Binkley Hitch Head

    My plate is locked when ever the trailer is hooked up. Takes me a whole 45 seconds to jump out and unlock when not in a hurry. Not very worried about the trailer being on fire.
  6. If you are looking for a very lightly used, perfect condition pickup with tons of power this is the one. 2015 F-150 Lariat, loaded with practically every option except sun roof, forward camera and vibrating seats. This Ford comes with the 3.5L Eco Boost engine with max trailer tow package. I have also added 5K LB Firestone airbags with built in compressor and gauge. Press a button and inflate or deflate. This system makes this truck ride like a dream when empty and takes any sway away when loaded. I have never pulled a trailer with this truck. It is set up as our vehicle we tow behind out motorhome and the I hauled a motorcycle in the bed. Truck has just over 20K miles, always serviced at Ford and I am the only owner. This is a hard to find 4x4, four door and 6.5' bed. Most are 5' beds and just don't give you much of a hauling capacity. It has a spray in bed liner as well as rubber mat, full soft Low Pro Tonneau cover and full Husky heavy weather floor mats front and back. I could go on and on about the options on this truck such as heated and cooled seats, 36 gal extended range full tank (full gets' you well over 600 miles on a tank), blind spot warning system, rear camera, led mirror and bed lights....etc take a look at the window sticker. Truck is also set up with Blue Ox tow equipment and extra rear lights so if you happen to have a motorhome it is ready to tow. Just hook it up and role. ONLY reason for selling is we decided to get a jeep as our tow vehicle. Truck is perfect. I also have currently installed a Mountain Master motorcycle lift that if interested I would be willing to sell with the truck. This lift is awesome, winch controlled and super easy to load a motorcycle of any size. I hauled a GL1800 Goldwing. Price of truck with the lift would be $43,000. This is a $3000 lift by itself and is less than a year old. I can't get picture small enough to post. If interested let me know and I can email you pictures. Brett Book retail is $48,050 so sell price is well below that.
  7. Researching Class C Motorhomes

    Doit2010: concerning your Minnie Winnie, does it have enclosed tanks heated by the MH heater or exposed tanks with heat pads?
  8. disc brake conversion

    Performance Trailer Braking (Titan disc brakes) and Mor/ryde both have excellent reputations for doing these conversions. Performance Trailer (you'll want to speak with Ron Russell) will come to you with one of his regional installation teams.
  9. disc brake conversion

    Hi Mark, I hope Glenn will see your post. I think he made this conversion on his trailer. His handle is, GlennWest. If you don't get enough replies here think about posting your question in the 5th wheel section. Best of luck with your project, Al
  10. Researching Class C Motorhomes

    We found a 2007 Bigfoot MH26Sl and purchased it in August. Our plans were to wait until after the first of the year BUT we got in a hurry. It had a little over 21,000 miles and appears to be in "near new" condition. We've made one overnight trip so far and have bought cables for winter driving. We're considering a grill guard as we live in Wyoming and there are a lot of animals on the highways...has anyone here installed a grill guard on their E450 class C MH?
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  12. Grey Water Dumping

    I don't know why we continue to have these discussions. Dumping from a RV holding tank, onto the ground is wrong. Emptying a wash basin of dish water is a different thing. Draining a holding tank into a bucket first does not make it ok.
  13. disc brake conversion

    This may have been discussed before but a search revealed nothing. I wish to upgrade my 7000# axles to disc brakes. Someone here must have done this, and I would like to learn from their experience rather than make all the mistakes myself. Are all avail. disc brakes hyd or are there some with air options? My electrics are shot and I dont feel like spending $ on something that doesn't work well if there is a better option Thanks for now, Mark
  14. Want to add work lights

    Hi NeverEasy, Thank you for posting the wiring diagram. This is going to be a big help. This is a rookie question. The SPDT ( single pole double throw) switches, can they be bought at the big auto part stores ? Is there an amperage that I need for the SPDT switches ? Will any rocker switch work ? Maybe I can get the parts together before the nationals. Please keep the help coming, Al
  15. mini split install

    You likely not going to find anyone to install a mini split in an RV. I did mine and used long enough lines that need additional freon. Several companies would not even consider it. Custom install on RV. Found an independent that would. He even commented positively on my install.
  16. Livingston Mail Service

    We getting mail fine now. Like Jack posted, during the storm, it stopped. But really no inconvenience to us. If mail little late, we don't care.
  17. Binkley Hitch Head

  18. Binkley Hitch Head

    Will take one when I get home tonight for you
  19. Livingston Mail Service

    My mail is operating normally. There was a brief delay/shutdown during the height of the hurricane, but a week later everything seemed to be "normal". I used UPS to get a letter pack to Livingston DURING the hurricane and that worked. Everything seems fine now - at least from my perspective.
  20. What is the real status of our USPS service. This is my first mail request in 4 weeks so since that time we have had Harvey and the Flood. Before the flooding, Mail would be picked up in Livingston and normally in a few hours be in N Houston for processing and soon be in transit for Wisconsin Regional Center The Aug delivery went to Chicago area distribution center and was lost ?? for a day or so before heading west. This is the current status of this delivery. September 20, 2017, 2:07 am Arrived at USPS Regional Origin Facility NORTH HOUSTON TX DISTRIBUTION CENTER September 20, 2017, 12:52 am Accepted at USPS Origin Facility LIVINGSTON, TX 77399 September 19, 2017, 2:39 pm Item Accepted/Picked Up for Initial Processing LIVINGSTON, TX 77351 Does Houston still having problems still after 3-4 years of troubles. Clay
  21. Water filter for drinking water only?

    We use an inline double sediment/charcoal filter for all water coming into the coach, and a secondary PUR filter attached to our kitchen faucet for drinking/coffee water, etc. We use PUR's "MineralClear" filters that reduce 71 contaminants per the NSF certification.
  22. We have a Haire 1600 combo model which does a good job, however we rarely use the dryer and instead hang dry the clothes inside or out depending on the weather. If our unit ever needs replacing, I would consider just getting a washer and doing without the dryer. Greg
  23. How many tools to keep?

  24. The Tire Doctor - Las Vegas - Mobile Tire Repair

    Yes please add all of the above to the guide - these are good people and they did not try to take advantage of me. They also loved my story about being a teacher and owning a semi for fun not for a living. Later, Vegas Teacher - Cory Ossana
  25. Bonk

    Automatic spelling correction?
  26. Bonk

    Dutch, Possibly but I haven't even thought of the word "Bonk" since, as Jeff says, the Adam West Batman days in the 60's (damn I'm getting old). Auto spell must have taken over. Also took another post on picture posting and inserted it. Interesting glitch. Has to be the Russians, lol. Wonder if I should write a book?😜
  27. The truth comes out .
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